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Tom Cronin

In these 3 FREE videos you will discover:

  • How you can calm your mind no matter HOW busy it is
  • The TOP 4 meditations and how to pick the right one for you
  • How to remove stress, sadness and anxiety from your day so that you can function efficiently with ease and grace
  • How to reclaim your day with a secret method that gives you more control
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Faster Deeper Bliss

Are you feeling overwhelmed by life, and don’t know where to turn? Do you wake up anxious with the thought of everything that’s on your plate? Faster Deeper Bliss is a simple and effective meditation technique anyone can use.

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The Empowerment Series

The Empowerment Series will help you zone in on the three main areas of your life and shake things up. Listening to these one-hour audio recordings will set you on course to flourish in love, wealth and life purpose.

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The Inner Sanctum

Monthly encouragement, support and inspiration that will take your life to the next level. LIVE 1 HOUR coaching call each month with Tom! Inspiration, transformation and personal growth coming to you LIVE each month.

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Mindfulness Made Easy

There is one key thing that is missing from meditation and mindfulness training…and learning this could save you years of effort and frustration. The secret to meditation revealed in this free booklet.



Now you can invite stillness and ancient wisdom into your day to day with these powerful transformational books. Whether you are looking for wisdom on how to live your life with ease and grace or…

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Meditation & Yoga

From The Stillness Project’s signature 21 Step Faster Deeper Bliss meditation program to Tom’s personal yoga routine, a range of meditation & yoga programs to help calm your body and mind. Slow down the frantic pace of life and…

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In life you rarely get to meet someone who inspires, empowers and sees you for who you are and you for them. My good friend Tom Cronin is just that. He is committed to helping change the world…I absolutely love the The Stillness project and so will you. Get ready for a nothing short of phenomenal transformational experience. I am excited to be a part of it.

Paul Hoffman Chief Visionary at The Success Creation Institute


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