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Inner Peace isn't Found in a Thought or an Action, It's the

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Faster Deeper Bliss

Dissolve your stress and discover a deep calm and happiness in a worlds first meditation program using ancient sounds delivered straight to your inbox. This is meditation everyone can do!

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Love, abundance and a life with purpose will be yours after you immerse yourself in these powerful audios. The Empowerment Series will totally change the way you see the world!

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Imagine having someone by your side to assist you with life’s challenges and tricky questions. Now you can with LIVE coaching sessions with Tom Cronin for less than the price of 3 cups of coffee!

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Retreats / Events

On these luxurious replenishing retreats you will find deep inner peace, a vital healthy body and a clarity of mind like you could never imagine!

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Client Testimonials


Faster Deeper Bliss has helped me achieve an amazing sense of calmness and clarity; with my loved ones, in my career and more importantly in my relationship with myself

Aishah Sinclair, TV Presenter and Actor


Tom has taken some deep dives into the ocean of self. His wisdom and warmth inspires countless others, including myself, to do the same

Drew Heriot, Director of ‘The Secret’


In life you rarely get to meet someone who inspires, empowers and sees you for who you are and you for them. My good friend Tom Cronin is just that. He is committed to helping change the world…I absolutely love the The Stillness project and so will you. Get ready for a nothing short of phenomenal transformational experience. I am excited to be a part of it.

Paul Hoffman Chief Visionary at The Success Creation Institute


Learning to meditate with Tom has been amazing. It has changed my life!

Lisa Nichols, CEO Motivating the Masses, best-selling author and speaker