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An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat Loss, Incredible Sex and Becoming Superhuman

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The 4 Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss

Few books have had more of an impact on me than Timothy Ferriss’ first and wildly successful “The 4 Hour Work Week.”

In his latest New York Times Best Seller, Timothy turns to his true obsession… The Human Body.

Of course there are countless books on fitness, diets and nutrition but few are written by authors that have used themselves as a guinea pig to the tune of over $250,000. This is what captured my attention. True results from the author, 1000’s of tests recorded by scientists and over 100 other test subjects.

Luckily I bought this on my iPad so I couldn’t see and be daunted by the 600 pages, but again Timothy cuts to the chase by removing the authors ego and recommending not to read the entire book, but just the parts that appeal or are relevant to you. A good start.

If performing at an elite level interests you, then the sections, Getting Stronger, Running Faster and Further and Reversing Injuries are true gold.

For the majority, Subtracting Fat, Adding Muscle, Improving Sex (fellas, 15 minute female orgasms don’t happen without some patience) and Perfecting Sleep are all topics we can relate to.

Given the authors own challenges with getting a good nights rest, I would love to see how this would improve if he implemented Stillness Sessions into his daily routine. Tim, if you want to become one of our test subjects all you have to do is ask 🙂

Admittedly not all the ideas here are new, but never before, to my knowledge, have they been organised in such a consumable fashion. Don’t be fooled by the bulky content, the author does not present an endless book but more like many mini books which all maintain their own pace and flow.

Take The Slow Carb Diet as an example. The concept is basically a Paleo diet with legumes but through his research there are a few very important tweaks that switch your fat burners into turbo.

I have two words for you… junk day.

Excerpt… “That’s right: eating pure crap can help you lose fat. Welcome to Utopia.” You will have to read the book to uncover this little gem (although it doesn’t quite fit into my personal Paleo philosophy, it can however be done in a healthy way)!

There were, to my delight, lots of “ah ha” moments. Consider recurring injuries. One of the most common for guys who like to throw weights around is the seriously frustrating rotator cuff. This complex web of physiological ingenuity at times can seem impossible to heal.
Could boosting your testosterone levels naturally to promote sustained healing work? Or perhaps releasing any of 14-28 muscles that may be “stuck” to each other?

This lead me to another discovery… Active Release Technique (ART). In a few sessions my tight rotator cuff did exactly that. Released. 9 years I have been carrying this around and now… normal.

Plus never had I heard of the Egoscue method of postural alignment. Having recently been to a local specialist, I have Timothy to thank for making me more aware of the damage caused by growing up with a saxophone hanging off my neck (Mum and dad, I wish you had insisted on that ugly harness instead)!

Certainly the true genius of this author is his ability to connect, inspire and motivate. The 4 Hour Work Week is a virtual movement now which has changed many lives, and with 4HB forums and challenges popping up daily this will certainly follow a similar path to cult hood.

A brilliant book should have an impact on its reader. For me, this certainly fits that definition.

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