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4 Tips On How To Let Go Of 2016 And Soar Into 2017

2017How was 2016 for you?

Was it a year that you could look back on with pleasure or pain? Do you look back on it with smiles or sadness?

I know for some of our Tribe it was a very difficult year, and for others they had a highly successful year. Well regardless of what year you had, in today’s article I’m going to share some tips with you on how to make 2017 a wonderfully successful year!

Whether 2016 was a tough year or not for you, one thing is sure, that 2016 is coming to an end. It’s past, finished, history. DONE! Now what lies ahead is 2017. You have a year ahead of incredible possibilities. You have 365 days to wake up and live a remarkable life. Before you is a blank canvas and you get to create the life you intend.

To do this though you will need to have strategy. You need to have a plan. If 2016 wasn’t such a good year and you continue doing the same thing over and over again in 2017 will anything change? Or will it continue to be the same recurring experiences for the next 12 months? Einstein said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So what can you do to create a successful, healthy and vibrant 2017?

Here are some tips:

1. Gratitude: Spend some time to list as many things as possible that you are grateful for in 2016. If you really go deep into this you will be amazed at how many things you can find to be grateful for. For instance, loved ones who supported you, a body that carried you around, the sun that gave you warmth, rain that quenched your thirst, trees that supplied you with oxygen, a job that provided you with wealth etc etc. As you write this list you will notice how your body changes the way it feels. It will be lighter and you will feel more abundant.When you feel more abundant, you will attract more abundance.
2. Re-write history: Look back on 2016 and see where your pain points were. Where were there times that really challenged you and caused pain? Let’s not be afraid to look at those moments and see how we can find growth out of that experience. This won’t be easy to do, and it might not be something you are ready to do, and that’s ok. But if you ARE ready and willing, find courage to delve into that experience and ask how has this helped me grow and live a better life in 2017? Has it helped me discover compassion? Has it helped me cultivate Self-love? Has it helped me connect deeper to those that support me? Has it inspired me to learn to meditate, read books or attend courses that broadened my awareness about life? Can you find something to elevate you from that experience?
3. Revamp your health: Our body is a complex system that is completely interwoven. It’s designed to have numerous parts all working together efficiently and effectively. It’s amazing that it will do this for 60, 70, 80….120 years and more! AMAZING! But it does need the right fuel and maintenance to keep functioning optimally. It’s really simple though. This piece of equipment needs non-toxic living foods like fruit, vegetables and cultured foods that are packed with minerals and nutrients. It needs plenty of clean non-toxic water, good fats and oils, and proteins and carbohydrates (paleo’s would disagree about the carbs and that’s ok). Your body also needs to move and have good blood flow, so regular exercise which will also enhance muscle development and improve bone density. To counteract this it also needs to be stretched and be supple. (Did someone mention yoga?) As you can see, health is simple. Of course the body is fallible and has limitations, so perfect health is an ideal. I do all of these things and still have rotator cuff issues and a meniscus tear in my knee! It’s ok though, accepting the body has limits and fallibility is part of this process but my intention is to FEEL amazing in my body.
4. Upgrade your software: No doubt you have a smartphone. Yes? 🙂 How often are you asked to update the software by the makers of the phone? Every month? Possibly more often than that? What will you do in 2017 to update your software? In #3 we discuss the hardware, your body, well let’s now look at the software. Is it running with an old outdated operating system? Updating your software is critical to updating your life. Old thought patterns of self-doubt, fear, poverty-mindsets, unworthiness and limitation manifest into your health, relationships, wealth and spirituality. There is a sanskrit phrase ‘Yadbhavam Tat Bhavati’ which means what we think we become. To create a magnificent life we need to upgrade our thoughts and get clear on the life we intend to create. To do this you will really have to stretch your mind beyond the boundaries of what it’s conditioned to think. This will require regular attention on a daily basis and a daily meditation practice. In transcending style meditations your mind goes beyond the limitations of thought and dips into a field of infinite possibility. When the mind stabilises in this vast field you will be amazed at the thoughts that bubble up in your mind!
So the question is are you going to drift aimlessly into 2017 and ‘hope’ everything turns out ok or are you going to leap right in with clear direction and intention to create a sublime year. You are truly worthy of a magnificent life and it starts with this belief first and foremost. Make 2017 your year of transformation, growth and inner-love.

Happy New Year!

Love Tom

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