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7 Of The Most Important Things I Learned In 50 Years Living On This Planet

poumb4uepw1mutoI’ve been in this body and on this planet for 50 years today. It’s been an interesting journey, with many delights and some challenging times too. Through all those years I’ve learnt plenty of things and today I will share with you 7 of the biggest lessons that I have learnt:

1. Seeking pleasure from outcomes also leads to pain and finding pain in an outcome, also has within it some pleasure. There is a polarity in life of pain and pleasure, just as there are peaks and troughs on the surface of the ocean. Each experience in life we can find this polarity if we look hard enough. Only a few days ago we had our car broken into here in the USA. My crew member had their passport, wallet, laptop and camera stolen. She was understandably distraught. We sat down, calmed, and I showed her the polarity. She was surrounded by my love and support than ever before, she will receive an upgraded laptop and camera, which she was overdue. It was there when we stopped and looked for it.

2. Optimal health is an ongoing process that requires daily vigilance. At 50 I feel healthier and stronger than ever before. However that didn’t just happen. I am more committed and mindful of my body than ever before. The human body has limitations, however maintaining health is possible for most of us (yes there are some more challenging circumstances for others which I respect); it just requires commitment to it. Drinking lots of purified water, exercising, eating whole foods, stretching and having fun with what you eat will be a great basis for health. Its not really that complicated.

3. I will always be learning. I thought once when I started meditating that I will get to a point and hurrah, enlightenment appears. I now realise that learning and evolving is a constant process that will never stop. Each day I find lessons in life and I continue to peel back layers to go deeper into finding me, Truth, God, Love and Light.

4. Be humble. The ego is a pesky thing that rears its head and can control your life. It likes to be seen, it likes to be recognised and receive accolades. The ego is not me, nor you. It’s a false identity. When I dissolve that narcissistic ego, humility prevails.

5. Learn to live with the encouragement of discontentment. I’ve lived with a slight discontent most of my life. I have intentions to get to a particular point in my life, and then when I get there, I feel urged to go to another one. Yeh I know, this is not very Eckhart Tolle and in the NOW, it’s not very spiritual either. But it’s who I am. Many years ago I wanted to find a good job. I found one. Then I wanted to leave that job. I did that. Then I wanted a family. I did that. Then I wanted to become a teacher, then make a movie, then finish a movie…on and on. Now I see this as a force of the Universe that inspires change. I’m reconciled to it and it’s ok. It’s a source of inspiration and encouragement.

6. There is a force, an energy, a natural law, a God…what ever you want to call it that is never letting you get away with anything. Whatever energy I give out, it gives it back to me. When I am in service, and selflessly giving kindness, love and compassion, things flow beautifully. When I am seeking something selfishly to feed a needy ego, then whack, I get slapped in some way, somehow. It never fails. It is my constant guide for my many screw-ups and as painful as those lessons are, I have always needed them.

7. Love isn’t something I get or need; it’s the essence of who I am. For many years in my life I hungered to receive love. I sought it in places that love didn’t exist and it led to more darkness. Slowly, over time I am finding that love is my Truth, it’s my essence, and it’s the core of who I am. It’s very easy to get distracted from that, and look for it outside of us, and even when we find it within, sometimes we lose that connection again. Suffering is our disconnect from who we are….LOVE.

There are plenty more, I could go on…life is rich in wisdom and the journey is to find it. But these are some of the biggy’s. Perhaps you have some that you might like to add below in the comments? And here’s to the next remarkably joyous, loving and wonderful 50 years in a body on this incredibly beautiful, complex and diverse planet.


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