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There Is Good Reason To Be Optimistic

Think of them like civilisation engineers, system strategists and blueprint designers that come together to envision what life might be like on planet Earth in the future. On our own, we can have some minor impact, however when we pull together, then we start to see some real change. Daniel Schmachtenberger so eloquently described in The Portal film and book, how molecules on their own don’t, breath however when they come together in an ordered complexity, they create a cell which now breathes.

Someone recently asked me how they can be part of this shift and join in with these groups. They felt futile on their own, however when I mentioned some of these groups, they yearned to belong to them. They wanted to connect and contribute in away that would have greater impact, and so I said I would share them here for all of you.

If you felt compelled to reach out to any of these groups I’m sure they would open their arms with joy for you. There are plenty more to popping up around the world, these are just a handful that I’ve come across, so if you know of some that you’d like to share with us then please head to The Portal Facebook group and share them there.

Unity Earth
Vibe Up
Come Together
Wisdom house
Extinction Rebellion
The Portal Movement

It’s very exciting to know that there is a large group of people (and growing) committed to shifting the structures and systems that exist currently exits on the planet. Change is coming and it’s coming fast. We are in for a bumpy ride but we will get through this and something really beautiful is on the other side. Let’s keep holding the vision for that.

In peace


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