We are super grateful to you for helping our mission to spread Stillness across the globe, that is why we want to reward you handsomely with some juicy commissions that will pay you for a long time into the future.

You will receive 50% on ALL of the following products, including the monthly continuity program!

Commissions are paid the month after any sale was made. So for example, all your sales in April will be paid on May 30th and so on… The first payment will be for 80% with 20% withheld until after the refund period. Once we have determined the actual refunds, we will pay you the difference. Sweet 🙂

  • 21 Steps to Faster Deeper Bliss – $297 or special promotional price of $197 
  • The Empowerment Series – $197 or special promotional price of $97
  • Mentoring Program – $9.90 per month
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