My Son Stopped Me In My Tracks With This Comment

I returned home from yoga as you do on a Saturday morning and commented to my family as I walked in the front door that it was a glorious perfect day outside! To which my son replied, “No it’s not Dad, it would be perfect if it was raining!” He had a very valid point and he was thinking very differently to me. I was thinking about myself and how lucky we were to have such a beautiful day, where he was thinking about the needs of the planet where. Here we were one hand the middle of winter with clear blue skies, 25°C, and I was swimming in the ocean. What bliss! But on the other hand here we were in the middle of a drought, we have ice caps melting, and rainforests burning. For the rest of the day I had mixed emotions, I knew that this glorious day that I was experiencing here in Sydney was partly a result of the planet cooking and us humans were turning up the dial on the hotplate.

It’s completely undeniable now that things are deteriorating environmentally on our planet and the ability to correct this anomaly is getting slimmer and slimmer. I know many of us experience some level of futility and frustration at not knowing what we can do to bring about change but I also think if we all collectively made a number of minor changes in the way we live our life that we could have a huge impact and make things a whole lot better.

So I have outlined a few things that I feel that if we tweak our lives a little bit, the compounding effect of that could be quite substantial. Now admittedly some of these things go against the grain of how we’ve been programmed by deeply condition systems. The main one of these systems is the system built on spending more money. The entire economic and capitalistic system requires us to keep spending more money which means buying more things, so we have more successful businesses. Anyone in economics will agree that this is what’s required to keep the economic system flourishing. This is one of the systems that is deeply flawed because not only is it leading to environmental disaster is also keeping us completely trapped in a debt spiral that is seeing the banks make more money than they have ever made before and more of the world’s population chained to more debt than we’ve ever seen in the history of humankind.

So here are a few ways we can transcend the system and makes some minor changes that collectively will make huge differences:

1. Buy fewer clothes. Do we really need the copious amounts of clothes in our wardrobe that we need to change every season as a new style comes out? This is something I’ve been exploring a lot more lately, and I’m taking a bit more of a Steve Jobs approach by wearing the same clothes over and over again. I’ve even realised that as some of the fashions have changed I was able to take some of those clothes to a tailor and have them adjusted so they still would look wearable with the current trends. I’ve also got in the habit of repairing my clothes when they have holes in things in them. I was about to throw out some old jeans because they have holes in them and then recalled that when we were kids my mother would always stitch holes in our socks and jumpers to get a few more years out of them. I took them to a seamstress and she has patched them up and I reckon there’s another 5 years left in them!

2. Fly less. Now I’m going to be very hypocritical here because I’m about to go on a substantial tour flying across Australia, America and Europe for my film and book The Portal that is coming out soon. This does challenge me because I know the impact those flights have on the environment is quite significant. There are some ways to navigate this by offsetting my flights by buying carbon credits, which gives me a little bit of peace of mind. I can’t help but look at my Instagram feed this time of year and noticed how many people are posting photos of their holidays from Bali, Greece and the likes of Spain. Flying is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and I think we need to start thinking more about this extravagance of holidaying all over the world until we find a better solution for the impact that those flights are having on our environment. Hopefully in the future will have another form of travel that won’t be so impractical on the environment but in the meantime if we are flying, buying carbon credits might help?

3. Eat less red meat. One of the main causes of the burning of the Amazon rainforest is farmers needing more land to grow cows for meat. The meat consumption on the planet is higher than it’s ever been before which is leading to not only a rapid deterioration of rainforests but also huge increase in the methane gas emissions cause by cattle. If you are a meat eater perhaps consider eating more fish or chicken and reduce red meat intake.

4. Buy fewer products packed in plastic. Recently I noticed how many shampoo and conditioner containers we had in our bathroom. And I started to think about how many households will be in the same situation across the world. And this is just shampoo and conditioner! So I went down to my local wholesale grocer that sells bulk grains, legumes and herbs and spices, and noticed that they are now also supplying things like shampoos and conditioners in bulk. I was excited by this and realised that we can now just have one bottle for each and top them up regularly from large containers in the store. We’ve also resorted to buying as much produce as possible from our local growers market and find as many ways as possible to do grocery shopping that doesn’t include using things packaged in plastic. It’s become a bit of a playful game in which everyone wins.

5. Use solar energy for our houses and cars. I’m only renting currently and so our house doesn’t have solar panels even though we requested it with our landlord. But in our future house ideally it will be completely solar efficient and having spoken to some solar panel installers, I’ve been told that it costs less to install solar panels than the current energy costs of our house. My ideal situation would be to have a house that was 100% solar energy that also fuels my car. This is neither complex nor difficult, the technology and capability is available right now and it’s a direction we should all be moving in as fast as possible.

These aren’t massive changes but admittedly they do take time to implement and some of these I’m guilty for not following my suggestions entirely. But I realise that just these five changes alone, if everyone were to make them, it would have a huge effect on the planet. Of course there are so many other ways that we can make a positive impact, but these five stood out to me. Perhaps you have some suggestions? Please share them below. I just don’t think we’re going to be able to get governments, industry and the system itself to make the changes and it really is just going to come down to individuals like you and me to start making different decisions. Let’s hope we make these changes fast enough to see a light at the end of the tunnel.


To exlore some of these ideas further you might like to read my latest film and book The Portal that was created to inspire humankind into a new era and is about the ability for inner change to bring about a powerful planetary shift.

Exploring the role crisis plays in our evolution—and the mental programs we’re born into—this experiential film and book bring to life the stories of six people who have used stillness and mindfulness to move beyond trauma.

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Why These 4 Woo-Woo Phrases Are Causing Confusion

This article was inspired by a conversation with a friend of mine who recently commented on a situation by saying “Well Tom, everything is perfect”. I stopped to contemplate this for a moment noticing a misalignment with that comment of his. It was such a simple statement and one we see daily on Instagram posts but I couldn’t let this one pass. No, everything isn’t perfect! Then I started to think about all the other ‘spiritual, woo-woo’ comments that have started seeping into our mainstream language and felt it might be time to clear some things up about them.

A lot of what we say and do gets programmed into us and quite often we find ourselves being molded by a collective movement of thinking, speaking and acting in a particular way. Before long we just naturally use phrases and terms without even thinking about them as they become part of our psychology. Off-the-cuff phrases and terms start to get deeply embedded into our society without us really contemplating the meaning of them at a deeper level. Some of these phrases can cause conflict or confusion in people and for this reason, I thought it important to share with you four phrases that I’ve noticed seeping into our society that need to be cleared up and possibly even removed from our daily language.

1. There is only the now.
I was once approached by a company wanting me to promote a watch they made that just had ‘NOW’ written across it, with no time. Very cute yeh, but I’m not sure how this would work when needing to schedule my meetings and workshops 🙂 Yes in each and every moment there is the present, however, we also have the past and the future which are an integral part of the evolutionary process. When the universe exploded from the ball of energy the size of an acorn, in that instant, time, space and matter were all created. Time is an essential part of that because it allowed a sequence to unfold and the game of life could then be played. The past plays an integral role in the process of evolution. For instance, if I put my hand on the hotplate on the stove and burn it, my ability to remember the pain of that experience guides me and reminds me not to do it again. Thank goodness for the past and our ability to remember! We also have a future, and I have the ability in this moment to create intentions, plans, and a roadmap for me to manifest in that future space. Our future is molded by our present thoughts and actions and therefore is also part of our reality. All three, past, present and future, need to be integrated into life and play a relevant role in our existence.

2. Everything is perfect.
Once upon a time there was only perfection in the form of an acorn size ball of pure energy. However, the perfection sought an experience other than itself and broke the symmetry to create imperfection and the Universe was born. Everything within the Universe became the antithesis of that perfection. Everything had the quality of imperfection. The oceans are imperfect as fish consume huge amounts of plastic, there are children starving in the world right now, there are women being abused, there are child sex slaves being trafficked, there are tribes going to war and yes, my car is imperfect, (there is a rattle in the right-hand door). All of this is imperfect. To say that everything is perfect is a loose statement that ignores the fundamental nature of the universe being manifest in its imperfect state. And although we will never get it to perfection we’re in the process of ironing out those creases. This is the sequence of evolution.

3. You are limitless/You have limitless potential.
Although this is a beautiful and inspiring statement, and at the subtlest level yes, beyond all forms there is the limitlessness of Being, yet this gets confusing for many people because it’s conflicting with what really is true. As a human being, we aren’t limitless and we don’t have limitless potential. I see many conventions and coaches talk about ‘your limitless potential’. This can lead many people to become disheartened as they continuously get let down by the limitations of life. If I ask you to jump 10 feet in the air you won’t be able to do that, if I ask you to manifest $500,000 in front of me you also won’t be able to do that and if your parents get terminally sick, you won’t be able to heal them. What’s important is we get very clear on what this statement means. There is an aspect of limitlessness within the universe which you are a part of and it is beyond form and beyond phenomenon. However, within our mind and body dimensions, we are contained and face many limits. Learning how to function within those limits, and embrace those limits will help us to be more accepting of life.

4. It happened for a reason.
When certain challenging events happen in our lives I often hear people going into deep philosophical questioning as to why that experience happened. And although we can learn something from every experience, there are some events that happened randomly and by sheer accident, and how we deal with that event is up to us. Floating around in the universe are trillions of objects like suns, planets, meteorites, moons, cars, humans, animals, ants etc. Some of these will collide by accident. Every now and then while you’re walking on the footpath or driving your car, there’s a good chance you’ve have hit a moth or trodden on an ant, causing a cataclysmic event in that insect’s life. Most likely the family members of that insect won’t be dissecting the experience going into the deep discussion as to why this happened. It just happened. We’ve started to make life very complex by having to have a deep spiritual understanding as to why every event has occurred when we can simplify things by just simply looking at the event and going yes it happened.

A recent report was published by Gallop that revealed that we are becoming angrier, sadder and more anxious and some of this might be caused by our incredibly high expectations that we are putting on ourselves to be spiritually perfect and reach a level of affluence that is way beyond our capacity. Yes we do have potential, yes we do have the capacity to make a comfortable life for ourselves, but let’s also be grounded and grateful for the current experience and accepting of the limitations of life.

You might know of some other woo-woo phrases that have seeped into our daily language that are causing confusion in people. Please feel free to share them below as I’m sure there are heaps more out there!



Tom is the producer and co-writer of the film and book THE PORTAL, which is an experiential documentary created as part of a bold, global vision to shift humanity out of a state of crisis. To watch the trailer and find out more about this project click here.



How To Find Your Life Purpose

During a recent coaching call, one of our Zen Academy members had a perplexed look on her face.
“Why are you looking so confused? What’s troubling you?” I asked.
“I literally I have no idea what my life purpose is? I just don’t know what I am supposed to be doing,” she responded in an exasperated manner.

You may also feel that lost sense of not knowing where or ‘what’ you are meant to be doing right now. It’s a dilemma many of us face, one I have been through myself. So many people are on the treadmill, feeling lost, turning up to an uninspiring job each day then coming home to watch Netflix. It’s very rare to find someone that is truly passionate about what that are doing and are really clear about their life purpose.

There is a way through this stage though, and I find it’s about stripping back to simplicity, and not over thinking it. In fact, the solution I feel is completely opposite to thinking, it’s BEING. But we will get to that in a minute.

Finding your life purpose doesn’t mean you have to go and quit your job, join a charity or go live in an ashram. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, finding life purpose and Self-Realisation comes way after the base needs of financial security and shelter. So being broke and not having a home to live in isn’t a good base for finding your life purpose. So regardless if your job is fulfilling or not, foregoing financial stability to find a life purpose isn’t a path that I would recommend. Stay in your job for now because this isn’t about what work you are doing it’s about how awake and aware you are.

Our primary life purpose is to discover our inner being. Over everything else, this is our number one purpose. We go through life very distracted by and attracted to the outer world, the world of ‘getting things’ and ‘having experiences’. This outcome oriented source of fulfilment is so compelling and luring that we tend to ignore the inner world of Being, which is very subtle. Being is the inner silence, it’s the source of wisdom, it’s the source of love and it’s Light. It’s eternal, it’s unshaken and it’s divinely blissful. It is also ever-present, only it is easily overshadowed by a thinking mind and feeling body. So for most of us the state of our inner being is ignored and undiscovered.

There are many ways to connect to this state of Being and I find meditation to be the most accessible for me. In meditation, we transcend the limits of physical and mental form and connect to the quiet of Being. With regular daily practice this awareness of Being and Presence will stabilise more and more. Once this becomes more established in our experience of daily life, then you will start to get impulses or cognitions that will compel you to express that wisdom, love and light in some way shape or form. It won’t come as a desire, rather more of a creative impulse that you will spontaneously act on.

So if there is no clear direction for you to express yourself through a life purpose, then keep connecting to the inner being in your daily meditation, go about your day with your job or what other activities that you are doing, and in time the impulse will come. It might be to write a book, become a nurse, do yoga teacher training, make a film (think long and hard about this one, it was much harder than I thought!!!) or it might even be that you join an ashram and meditate all day. There’s no right or wrong and after a while of that you may get another impulse to express Being in some other way. It will be a natural flow.

This is the greatest gift that we can give to the world- for you to simply transform from a stressed anxious angry person to someone stabilised in Being and feeling light and loving. This is your number one purpose to start with. Upon sharing that with our Zen Academy member on the fortnightly call, I could see a huge weight lift off her and she smiled and felt much lighter. All the complexity had melted away and simplicity remained.


The Zen Academy For Transformational Leadership is a fortnightly coaching program for people who are ready to go out into the world and be a conscious leader. These sessions aren’t for everyone, they are for people who are open to diving deep into spiritual discussion regularly, are ready to take action when the impulse arises and are willing to make a financial commitment to be a part of this. To find out how you can join in on these fortnightly coaching calls click this link here and book in for a one on one call with Tom.

How To Have The Perfect 2019!

It seemed that for many people, myself included, 2018 was a pretty intense year. The challenges flowed thick and fast! There were times when I was like “Ok, I’m ready for a break now…please ease off for a while!” Was this the case for you?

Well, my feeling is that 2019 is going to be a good year, the question is: will it be free of challenges? In short, NO. Challenges never stop all through our life. Ask anyone you know what their current challenge is and I’m sure they will find something. Then you think, well the Dalai Lama must have it pretty good? He has plenty of money, has accommodation with no debt, as much food as he wants, over 1 million Instagram followers and all the purple robes he ever needs. And yet he is always surrounded by bodyguards with assassination a constant threat, and he faces health issues just like everybody else, having recently spent 4 weeks in the Mayo Clinic for prostate problems. You will see him here supported by two monks holding him up and some firm looking bodyguards behind him.

It’s the nature of reality. As Dr John Demartini, the great thought leader suggests, we will always experience equal measure of support and challenge. Life will have pleasure and life will have pain. Where we struggle is that we have an expectation that if we try harder, get more money, look better, have more followers or manifest that dream boat, then we will finally be free and find peace and happiness. But there is no arrival. We never ‘get there’. What we can do is get better at not expecting to ‘get there’ and deal with the challenges as they appear. I was once told by my coach (yes I coach and get coached) that the challenges never stop, we just stop seeing them as challenges.

I liken it to the analogy of lifting weights which I may have mentioned to you before. If there was no gravitational pull on the dumb bell then there would be no challenge to the arm and therefore there would be no development of the muscle. So I actually pay my gym membership and go to the gym FOR the challenge. So what has all this got to do with making 2019 a great year? By letting go of it being perfect and letting go of it not having challenges we can be in flow more and less resistant to what is. Most of our stresses and anxieties stem from holding on so rigidly to what we think it should be rather than seeing it for what it is- an opportunity to let go and be. The wise do not seeking perfection in places that perfection does not exist. When I am stressed and in a state of mild overwhelm it’s always my reminder to let go and stop trying to control life and create perfection. When you think you have arrived, and you get those 1 million follows on your Insta, or you find that soul mate, or you finally pay off your mortgage, something will pop up to present a challenge. So yes, let’s make 2019 a great year and realise our goals, knowing full well, that when we do, it won’t be perfect and I’m perfectly happy with that.

Someone once said to me: “a rishi observes the fluctuations of life with a mild fascination and slight smile”. I guess this is one thing you can say about the Dalai Lama, throughout all of his challenges, he seems to always have that sweet smile on his face regardless.

Have a beautiful and perfectly imperfect 2019.


Tom is a meditation teacher, author, corporate speaker and personal coach. He provides one on one coaching as well as group coaching in his Zen Academy for Transformational Leadership. To contact Tom about receiving his guidance or booking him to speak at your company click here.

7 Of The Most Important Things I Learned In 50 Years Living On This Planet

poumb4uepw1mutoI’ve been in this body and on this planet for 50 years today. It’s been an interesting journey, with many delights and some challenging times too. Through all those years I’ve learnt plenty of things and today I will share with you 7 of the biggest lessons that I have learnt:

1. Seeking pleasure from outcomes also leads to pain and finding pain in an outcome, also has within it some pleasure. There is a polarity in life of pain and pleasure, just as there are peaks and troughs on the surface of the ocean. Each experience in life we can find this polarity if we look hard enough. Only a few days ago we had our car broken into here in the USA. My crew member had their passport, wallet, laptop and camera stolen. She was understandably distraught. We sat down, calmed, and I showed her the polarity. She was surrounded by my love and support than ever before, she will receive an upgraded laptop and camera, which she was overdue. It was there when we stopped and looked for it.

2. Optimal health is an ongoing process that requires daily vigilance. At 50 I feel healthier and stronger than ever before. However that didn’t just happen. I am more committed and mindful of my body than ever before. The human body has limitations, however maintaining health is possible for most of us (yes there are some more challenging circumstances for others which I respect); it just requires commitment to it. Drinking lots of purified water, exercising, eating whole foods, stretching and having fun with what you eat will be a great basis for health. Its not really that complicated.

3. I will always be learning. I thought once when I started meditating that I will get to a point and hurrah, enlightenment appears. I now realise that learning and evolving is a constant process that will never stop. Each day I find lessons in life and I continue to peel back layers to go deeper into finding me, Truth, God, Love and Light.

4. Be humble. The ego is a pesky thing that rears its head and can control your life. It likes to be seen, it likes to be recognised and receive accolades. The ego is not me, nor you. It’s a false identity. When I dissolve that narcissistic ego, humility prevails.

5. Learn to live with the encouragement of discontentment. I’ve lived with a slight discontent most of my life. I have intentions to get to a particular point in my life, and then when I get there, I feel urged to go to another one. Yeh I know, this is not very Eckhart Tolle and in the NOW, it’s not very spiritual either. But it’s who I am. Many years ago I wanted to find a good job. I found one. Then I wanted to leave that job. I did that. Then I wanted a family. I did that. Then I wanted to become a teacher, then make a movie, then finish a movie…on and on. Now I see this as a force of the Universe that inspires change. I’m reconciled to it and it’s ok. It’s a source of inspiration and encouragement.

6. There is a force, an energy, a natural law, a God…what ever you want to call it that is never letting you get away with anything. Whatever energy I give out, it gives it back to me. When I am in service, and selflessly giving kindness, love and compassion, things flow beautifully. When I am seeking something selfishly to feed a needy ego, then whack, I get slapped in some way, somehow. It never fails. It is my constant guide for my many screw-ups and as painful as those lessons are, I have always needed them.

7. Love isn’t something I get or need; it’s the essence of who I am. For many years in my life I hungered to receive love. I sought it in places that love didn’t exist and it led to more darkness. Slowly, over time I am finding that love is my Truth, it’s my essence, and it’s the core of who I am. It’s very easy to get distracted from that, and look for it outside of us, and even when we find it within, sometimes we lose that connection again. Suffering is our disconnect from who we are….LOVE.

There are plenty more, I could go on…life is rich in wisdom and the journey is to find it. But these are some of the biggy’s. Perhaps you have some that you might like to add below in the comments? And here’s to the next remarkably joyous, loving and wonderful 50 years in a body on this incredibly beautiful, complex and diverse planet.

This Man’s Life Changed Dramatically When He Decided To Do One Simple Thing

freedomIf you are facing a series of challenges in life and feel the Universe is going against you, then this story is one you will want to read. My mate Tony is a really good guy. He runs a burger joint in Bondi called Tony’s Burgers and is a very popular dude. I bumped into him down at the beach the other night and we got chatting about the challenging times he’d been going through.

See recently his life changed dramatically. There was a series of events, rather unpleasant, that triggered a flow on effect of mishaps and mayhem. It was an intense time and everything seemed to be going against him. As he said, even when he would go to sit and meditate, EVERY TIME a blow fly would come and start buzzing around him!

“GEEZ COME ON!! Give me a break!!” he yelled to the Universe.

He was progressively becoming more and more angry with the world. It seemed the more angry he would become, the more the world went against him. Finally one day he got to breaking point. He stopped one morning and said “Ok, I give up!” He threw his hands in the air and let go. He let go of his anger. He surrendered, softened and yielded. He decided he would stop the struggle and just accept everything that was unfolding around him.

Then something interesting happened. Once he let go of the need to control any outcomes, seek revenge or force different results, things started to flow more smoothly. The tension subsided, the anger dissolved and he was greeted with a series of successful and positive outcomes. He slipped into the Flow Zone. In the Flow Zone you move effortlessly through life, in tune with the subtle impulses of intelligence that guide you. You emit a needless energy that exudes a frequency of abundance, gratitude and fulfilment. When you are in the Flow Zone, because the Universe reciprocates what you send out, you will start to notice life unfolds very smoothly.

The Universe is always sending us tests. It is checking in with us to see how attached we are to our ego and if we are still caught in the illusion of needing life to ‘work out’ for our ego to feel satisfied. These tests aren’t easy, if it was it wouldn’t be a test. How would we ever learn if we weren’t challenged? There’s a beautiful sanskrit word called ‘nivartartvum’ which means to transcend where you are. Transcend implies to go beyond, beyond the ego, out of the duality of you and ‘other’. The ego thrives in the realm of duality. This duality gives the ego identity. “WHAT ABOUT ME” It cries out! The ego NEEDS life to work out. It NEEDS to seek revenge, to win arguments and have victory in battles. The ego NEEDS all of your expectations met to feel fulfilled.

The Universe is there to let you know you aren’t your ego. To do this it will challenge you, prod you, push and pull you, to see if you are getting it yet. These challenges are a guidance mechanism, as unpleasant as they are, to let go of our attachment to the ego. This is an intense process, as the ego will vehemently fight for its identity. It will scream out for recognition. Our journey is to transcend this ego, to leap into the Unboundedness of Self. Here we enter the Flow Zone and observe life with a cheeky grin and mild fascination. “I SEE! I have an ego but it’s not me.”

Some tips to enter the Flow Zone are:

1. Meditate. Transcending in meditation is a big part of the process. It frees you from the bondage of the Ego. It enables you to connect with that independent observer known as your Higher Self.
2. Observe. Take time to check in with yourself and see where and how you are being ‘charged’ emotionally by events around you. Simply observing this is an important step in the process of being free of the charge.
3. Ask. Ask yourself do you really NEED to win that argument, fight or situation just for the sake of winning it, or is your ultimate goal in life to feel love, kindness, gentleness and joy?
4. Breathe. Yes you are always breathing, but are you aware you are breathing? Stop, pause, and check in with your breath. Be present to the now.
5. Gratitude. This will be a tough one, but can you be grateful for the cause of your charge? Yes that annoying person or experience that has pissed you off? Why be grateful for that? Because they or it is your greatest lesson. What a gift! Thank you!

See how you go. Its not easy, but this is our journey. Please share with me below any thoughts that you might have on this. I’d love to hear from you.

If you need some support with learning to meditate then you might like to try my deep 21day meditation program Faster Deeper Bliss. Deep transcending meditations take you beyond the ego into a field known as Pure Consciousness. This is a wakeful awareness that the ego dissolves into like when a small block of ice melts into the ocean. If you are facing many challenges in life and feel your ego is yelling and screaming at you and you would like to feel it ‘melt into the ocean’ then try this 21 day meditation program by clicking below.



4 Tips On How To Let Go Of 2016 And Soar Into 2017

2017How was 2016 for you?

Was it a year that you could look back on with pleasure or pain? Do you look back on it with smiles or sadness?

I know for some of our Tribe it was a very difficult year, and for others they had a highly successful year. Well regardless of what year you had, in today’s article I’m going to share some tips with you on how to make 2017 a wonderfully successful year!

Whether 2016 was a tough year or not for you, one thing is sure, that 2016 is coming to an end. It’s past, finished, history. DONE! Now what lies ahead is 2017. You have a year ahead of incredible possibilities. You have 365 days to wake up and live a remarkable life. Before you is a blank canvas and you get to create the life you intend.

To do this though you will need to have strategy. You need to have a plan. If 2016 wasn’t such a good year and you continue doing the same thing over and over again in 2017 will anything change? Or will it continue to be the same recurring experiences for the next 12 months? Einstein said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So what can you do to create a successful, healthy and vibrant 2017?

Here are some tips:

1. Gratitude: Spend some time to list as many things as possible that you are grateful for in 2016. If you really go deep into this you will be amazed at how many things you can find to be grateful for. For instance, loved ones who supported you, a body that carried you around, the sun that gave you warmth, rain that quenched your thirst, trees that supplied you with oxygen, a job that provided you with wealth etc etc. As you write this list you will notice how your body changes the way it feels. It will be lighter and you will feel more abundant.When you feel more abundant, you will attract more abundance.
2. Re-write history: Look back on 2016 and see where your pain points were. Where were there times that really challenged you and caused pain? Let’s not be afraid to look at those moments and see how we can find growth out of that experience. This won’t be easy to do, and it might not be something you are ready to do, and that’s ok. But if you ARE ready and willing, find courage to delve into that experience and ask how has this helped me grow and live a better life in 2017? Has it helped me discover compassion? Has it helped me cultivate Self-love? Has it helped me connect deeper to those that support me? Has it inspired me to learn to meditate, read books or attend courses that broadened my awareness about life? Can you find something to elevate you from that experience?
3. Revamp your health: Our body is a complex system that is completely interwoven. It’s designed to have numerous parts all working together efficiently and effectively. It’s amazing that it will do this for 60, 70, 80….120 years and more! AMAZING! But it does need the right fuel and maintenance to keep functioning optimally. It’s really simple though. This piece of equipment needs non-toxic living foods like fruit, vegetables and cultured foods that are packed with minerals and nutrients. It needs plenty of clean non-toxic water, good fats and oils, and proteins and carbohydrates (paleo’s would disagree about the carbs and that’s ok). Your body also needs to move and have good blood flow, so regular exercise which will also enhance muscle development and improve bone density. To counteract this it also needs to be stretched and be supple. (Did someone mention yoga?) As you can see, health is simple. Of course the body is fallible and has limitations, so perfect health is an ideal. I do all of these things and still have rotator cuff issues and a meniscus tear in my knee! It’s ok though, accepting the body has limits and fallibility is part of this process but my intention is to FEEL amazing in my body.
4. Upgrade your software: No doubt you have a smartphone. Yes? 🙂 How often are you asked to update the software by the makers of the phone? Every month? Possibly more often than that? What will you do in 2017 to update your software? In #3 we discuss the hardware, your body, well let’s now look at the software. Is it running with an old outdated operating system? Updating your software is critical to updating your life. Old thought patterns of self-doubt, fear, poverty-mindsets, unworthiness and limitation manifest into your health, relationships, wealth and spirituality. There is a sanskrit phrase ‘Yadbhavam Tat Bhavati’ which means what we think we become. To create a magnificent life we need to upgrade our thoughts and get clear on the life we intend to create. To do this you will really have to stretch your mind beyond the boundaries of what it’s conditioned to think. This will require regular attention on a daily basis and a daily meditation practice. In transcending style meditations your mind goes beyond the limitations of thought and dips into a field of infinite possibility. When the mind stabilises in this vast field you will be amazed at the thoughts that bubble up in your mind!
So the question is are you going to drift aimlessly into 2017 and ‘hope’ everything turns out ok or are you going to leap right in with clear direction and intention to create a sublime year. You are truly worthy of a magnificent life and it starts with this belief first and foremost. Make 2017 your year of transformation, growth and inner-love.

Happy New Year!

Love Tom

PS. If you feel 2017 is your year to step up as a transformational leader then you might like to consider the Zen Academy For Transformational Leadership. This is a 12 month coaching program that will inspire and support you in fulfilling your life purpose. You will receive training on how to get clear on your goals, expand your consciousness, learn advanced Vedic practices and philosophy as well as the practical application of all this like how to write books, present talks, grow your social media and run a successful business as a transformational leader. If you feel this is for you fill in the application form below and make 2017 a massive year!

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When My 80 Year Old Father Said This, I Knew It Was Time To Speak Up

roseMy Dad is a great man. He is kind, caring and intelligent. He’s 80 years old. And last weekend, while we sat by the pool on his farm chatting, he said something that wasn’t unusual for him, because I grew up with him saying this most of my life, however when he said it this time, it made me realise something. This time, I realised that the viewpoint he was sharing was one that a lot of the world also shares. This is the reason why Donald trump was elected. It’s the reason why we read the newspapers and watch the news everyday on TV. It’s why we have talk back radio and READ post after post on social media of people ranting.
See my Dad believes the world is in a constant state of deterioration. He feels things are getting worse and worse. Often he will say things like “It wouldn’t happen back in my day.” Donald Trump’s successful election campaign was built on the idea that things are screwed and we need to fix them. The news is saturated with dire stories about how tragic the world is. Many people see the wars, starvation, famine, environmental disasters and feel the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

But is this the case? Or is this all that we are able to see or even WANT to see? Maybe there are remarkable things developing in this world but it just doesn’t make the newsstands, or, we don’t want to see it? Do we have a ‘fascination with the abomination’ like Marlow said in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness? Notice how much the traffic slows down to look at the car crash and yet we speedily drive by beautiful meadows, oceans and sunsets completely oblivious? It’s like the old guy that comes out of his home every morning to water his garden. He grabs the hose, turns it on, and then notices all the weeds over to the side. He stands there, bemoaning how these weeds are there and they just don’t seem to go away. All the while the water is pouring out nourishing them and the roses over in the garden are being deprived of the water.

So I suggested to my Father that we just look at unbiased data. (Stats are available if required)
We currently have more people in the world than ever before with access to education
We currently have more people in the world than ever before with access to fresh water
We currently have more people in the world than ever before with access to medical support
We currently have more people in the world than ever before with access to a democratic political structure
We have less terrorist attacks
We have less homosexual incarcerations
We have less domestic violence
We have less rape
We have fewer wars

Now this may charge you and it may cause you to go “But what about…?” Yes, there are still come seriously challenging situations on the planet that we need to work towards resolving. The environment, Syria, Israel/Palestine, Standing Rock, fracking, nuclear arms, human trafficking, drug and alcohol addiction being just a few of the global issues that are very pressing. This is not about burying our head in the sand. Let’s acknowledge these issues and be pro-active together to resolve them. If we can come together more like the planet is often doing, then over time, if this progressive pattern continues, we may only hope that more of these issues become resolved.

In the meantime, let’s also water the roses. Let’s celebrate the progress that humankind is making also. Let’s give recognition that we have come a long way and things will continue to evolve. Is it perfect? Nope…not even close. But the unbiased stats say things are so much better than it’s ever been and as for the future…WHERE OUR ATTENTION GOES, IT GROWS.
If you are seeking some help to think and see more positively, you might like to listen to The Empowerment Series. These are three 1 hour audios on Love, Abundance and Life Purpose. You also receive the ebook version plus the companion booklet as well. This is what some people had to say about The Empowerment Series:

“Your  empowerment series talked straight to my heart and inspired me to be love. So thank you,  thank you  for all your hard work and for putting all that knowledge in such a beautiful and simple way.” – Susana V.
“Just finished an audio from the Empowerment Series…..very impactful. Loved it!!” Melinda Batt
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This Couple Was Surprised By My Response When They Said They Didn’t Have Time For Yoga Or Meditation

yogaSometimes days will pass and you just can’t seem to get to your yoga class, sit in meditation or do your gratitude journaling right? I get it…I know how that feels. This gets even more so when there are young children to look after and full time jobs to go to. Life can get pretty jam-packed right?
Recently on my travels I met a lovely couple with two children. After the parents found out I was a meditation teacher they were sharing with me how they just haven’t been able to do their yoga or meditation as much as they would like. Days and even weeks would pass where their practice had subsided to non-existent. They felt a sense of guilt about this and lamented how they weren’t being able to do what they thought they ‘should’ be doing. Yet when I was in their presence I felt a gentleness and kindness and their eyes were still, clear and full of love.

I shared with them how our practice isn’t being on the mat or sitting in meditation. Yes, these are tools to help us achieve a state that enables us to be less attached to the past, kinder, gentler, more joyful and expressive of love. Ultimately though, it’s how we live our lives that matters. Our practice is how we move, how we speak, how we eat, how we sleep, how we work and how we raise our children. There are days when I don’t get to stretch or meditate. Let’s face it, getting to a yoga class can take up to 3 hours when you include travel time, changing and the class itself. That’s ok with me. It’s during those days that I need to be even more mindful of my words and actions…this becomes my practice. I will even talk to myself, “Tom, slow down, be present, where is your mind? Have you got love in your heart?” My practice will go all day long like this.

Recently I had just finished my meditation down at my favourite spot on Bondi Beach. There is a big concrete shelf where each day there are people doing yoga, qi gong, tai chi, meditation and even dancing. It has a beautiful energy. There was a woman there doing yoga. She had a beautiful practice. It was incredibly articulate, down to very precise hand and foot movements. It was some of the most amazing yoga I had seen before. Down by the shore was an older gentleman walking his dog. The dog was off the leash and came up to many of us like dogs do, sniffing our skin and saying hello. People would pat the dog and then it would move on the next person. When the dog came up to the woman doing the sublime yoga she stopped mid-asana, pushed the dog aggressively away and yelled at the man to “get his f—king dog off the f—king beach!! Don’t you know that dogs aren’t allowed on the beach???” But her yoga practice on the mat was very good ?

It’s also ok to accept your humanness. Yes we all get tired, we get overwhelmed, we are still affected by desires and conditioning. Our responses to situations can be distorted by the fatigue and stress where we get snappy, grumpy, and impatient. (Yep, even meditation teachers!!) So acknowledge the imperfection of our humanity. We aren’t perfect and we will often get reminded in some way shape or form that there is more to do.

I said to this couple, “You are doing your practice everyday. I see you, I see how you live, you’re already doing it. Your children ARE your practice; your job IS your practice. Cooking dinner and cleaning the house IS your practice.” They felt a great sense of relief and that yes, everything is ok and there is no need to entertain guilt about not getting to the mat or seat.

Sure, make every effort to get to your mat or sit in stillness each day. But also be adaptable, fluid and detached from the need to do this. Creating stress around not being able to do a practice that removes stress kinda defeats the purpose right? ?

If you’d like to find out more about how to find stillness in your life, then you might like to explore this meditation program I created called Faster Deeper Bliss.

This has over 20 years of my experience studying meditation, all condensed into an easy, simple and effective daily program that guarantees to have you experiencing the deep and proven benefits of meditation within just 21 days … in fact you’ll notice the benefits much sooner.

We’ve helped thousands of people and I’m sure that we can help you too … check it out here … I believe it is the best meditation training available online.

“Tom Cronin! I just finished number 3 of the Stillness Project. I’m IN LOVE! I’ve tried meditation several times and gave up on it EVERY time. Each day, I CAN’T wait for my next meditation. THANK YOU for taking the mystery out of meditation.” – Leslie


See What Happens When This Woman Takes Off Her Clothes In New York…

Through my entire high school experience I had body issues. I was a skinny, freckly, pasty kid in an all boys agricultural college that specialised in rugby league. Needless to say, the majority of the students were big strapping farmhands or huge footballers built like sides of buses.

I would get teased about how skinny I was with comments like:
“Cronin, you look like a matchstick with the wood carved off it!”
“Cronin, do you run around in the shower to get wet?”

Tapeworm was one that also stuck.

I did everything I could to put on weight, and probably ate twice as much as most kids but all to no avail. And so, I had to live with being the skinny, freckly, pasty kid at school. It was a struggle I dealt with for most of my youth. It’s ok now, Im over that issue and moved on 🙂

Body image is a HUGE issue in our world today. Studies reveal that 10% of teenagers suffer from some form of eating disorder and a study done at the Council of Size and Weight found that 90% of teenagers want a different shaped body.

We struggle so much to accept this amazing vehicle we have been given. For 70, 80, 90 or even 100 years your soul will be carrying around this human space suit so that you can exist here on this planet. It’s a remarkable piece of equipment. It digests food, has a heart that beats, has blood pulsing through it, lungs that pump air, eyes that can see, fingers that can feel, ears that can hear. It can scream, and laugh, and cry and orgasm…wow! Isn’t it amazing? And there is not one of them in all the 7 billion of them on this planet that is exactly the same…amazing right?

How comfortable are you with your human space suit? Check out this powerful clip of an experiment a young woman did, stripped down to her underwear on a busy corner in the middle of New York. Watch what happens next…


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