What To Do When You Are Not Where You Want To Be

Sometimes you might feel like you could be so much further along your path than where you are right now. Is this you? I certainly recall the inner angst of wanting to be beyond suffering and reach some fantastical nirvana that I had pictured in my mind. I pushed myself so hard doing course after course and devouring book after book to try to ‘get there’. Well in today’s clip I share with you some insights around how to make the process a little more enjoyable and ease off the frustration.

Enjoy and I’d love to hear your thoughts below 🙂

Peace and light,


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Why Your Set-Backs Are AWESOME For You!

resilienceHave you felt that life is a bit of a challenge lately?

Have things just not gone your way or turned out how you expected it to?

Some days you feel you have been knocked down and it’s just hard to get back up again.

I know, I’ve been there before. So you get glum, you think “Yeh typical this has happened to me.” You think life sucks and spiral down into a deep malaise. Next thing you are making decisions that support your new predicament and the self-sabotage process starts all over again. You’re not alone.

The other night I asked the 80 people that turned up at my weekly meditation session if anyone was stressed or struggling lately…guess how many put up their hand? About 78 of them!

A big theme popping up for me lately is resilience. It’s really fascinating me that if we have the ability to look at our challenges and setbacks in a different light then it could completely change our life! I’ve played around with this lately and it’s remarkable how it affects your mood.

I’ve even applied this to my clients during their mentoring sessions in the Inner Sanctum and it’s like a huge light was turned on in their head. For instance, one client came to me with all sorts of health issues and addictions. He was beating himself up about that fact that his life had become this way. He had been spiralling into a deeper mess until he decided to come and see me. So I said “AWESOME! I’m so glad that your life finally became uncomfortable enough for you to go and do something about it. And now here you are. Isn’t that great?!” At first he gave me the weirdest look but when I explained it he started to see the value in it.

This idea has presented itself three times to me through three different people lately, which means to me that it is very relevant. First I was given a book by one of the leading brand specialists in Australia, Glen Campbell called Thick Face, Black Heart. This book discusses things like you’ve never seen before…it deals with resilience, how to have thick skin in the face of criticism, and how to keep firm with your vision and get back up when you get knocked down.

Then I was discussing with a very good mate of mine, Avnesh Ratnanesan, who is the Founder of Energesse, a book he was reading called Anti-Fragile that I mentioned the other day here. This book is all about not being so fragile, and realising that the process of 3 steps forward, two steps back then three steps forward is actually the sequence of life and when you realise this and embrace it, you’ll move through the steps back with great resilience and come out the other side with a whole new level of growth.

Then finally, I went to a great 1-day seminar held by Sam Cawthorn. This guy is a dude! He died in a head on car crash 6 years ago. He was revived; he lost his right arm and severely damaged his right leg, spent weeks in a coma, then a year in a wheel chair. Sam is an incredibly resilient guy, and saw this incident as a gift that enabled him to find an inner strength that he may not have known was there without this experience. He became a motivational speaker and was awarded Australian Youth of the Year. Now he travels the world presenting motivational talks on resilience at some of the largest business conferences on the planet.

Think of it being like those blow-up clowns that are filled with sand in the bottom. No matter how hard you hit them they just keep popping back up again!

So here’s the opportunity to test this. Find an area of your life that is, let’s say, a current challenge. Now this might not be the easiest thing to do, but try feeling some gratitude that you are feeling uncomfortable. Say to yourself, “This is such a blessing that I am being guided to tap into my resilience and discover my strength.” There is nothing that you can’t handle. You can get through anything life throws at you, and people like Sam Cawthorn are a testament to that. Unleash your resilience and surge forward. Then if you feel compelled, please share with us below how you’ve overcome an obstacle lately. It will be inspiring for us to hear about it.

And if you’d like some support working through this then please consider our mentoring sessions here. These will support you, inspire you and help you break free of those self sabotaging ways of thinking.

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How To Make Your Problems Seem Really Really Small

I was chatting with my son this morning about a problem he was facing and our conversation inspired this article.

You see I was sharing with my son something that I do when I feel life is a little tough and I’m feeling challenged by something.

I told him how I go out onto the balcony of our house at night and I look up into the night sky at the stars. I told him how in the night sky there are shimmering stars and static stars. The stars that don’t shimmer are planets reflecting the light of our sun. However the shimmering ones are other suns in our galaxy just like ours. Yep, tiny little balls of fire that are all burning themselves out.

There are estimates that within our galaxy alone, there are over 200 billion suns just like ours. Some of them have little balls of dust floating around them just like ours does (Yes, I’m talking about planet Earth). Now on one of those little balls of dust, floating around one of those 200 billion tiny sparks in our galaxy, is you and me.

Here’s the amazing thing with this, there are estimated to be over 100 billion galaxies in our Universe.  So 100 billion galaxies, with each of them possibly 200 billion suns. How many tiny balls of dust called a planet does that make?

It gets even more fascinating. Some of those suns, by the time their light from the flames gets within our eye sight, have already burnt out and don’t exist any more.  Just like a spark that jumps out of the log fire burns out in due time as the energy has been expended. The light is still travelling, and yet the source of the light is not longer there.


He looked at me with fascination and it dawned on him how small and how short-lived all this is. I said to him that out of all the dust balls we have been able to observe with our Hubble Space telescope, we haven’t seen one yet that has butterflies, trees, waterfalls, birds, beaches, art work, movies, animals and human beings like ours yet. Out of billions of them, not one has this rich beauty.

Isn’t that amazing???

I told him how its such a gift to be here right now, in this moment. It won’t last, our sun will burn out and our dust ball will be sucked into the vacuum of the black hole. This is the golden jackpot that we are here now, in the billions of human years, me and you son, are here right now.

What a gift.

Interestingly enough, after that his problem didn’t seem to be as big an issue any more.

If you’d like a visual of this then check out this video and go on journey out there through the cosmos. You’ll love it! Then share with us below how you feel about being part of this amazing Universe. I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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7 Things That Happen When You Increase Your Brain Usage


lucy-scarlett-johansson-picture1 You know those times when you see a film and you just can’t stop talking about it? It moves you in a way that you want to share it  with someone? Well I’m having one of those moments. Why? Because this film is all about what happens when you use more of your  brain. To think most of humanity after the thousands of years of evolution is still only using less than 10% of our brain. What would  happen if you used 20% or 40%? Find out!

Introducing the film Lucy.

Sure the film has guns, car chases and drugs, but that’s just the packaging to get people to the cinema. Think of that as the wrapping  paper, once your gift is unwrapped, you discard the paper and the box it came in. It’s what’s in the box that’s important.

Brief storyline first: Synthetic drugs are made that when ingested increase your ability to use more of your brain. Girl ingests huge quantity of the drug and the use of her brain increases as the film proceeds. We then see what happens to a human when they increase the use of their brain. (Fill in blanks with good guys, bad guys, car chases, gunfights and Scarlett Johansson being very cool calm and collected!)

Is this all science fiction or actually, not only something that other people are currently experiencing, but something that you can also experience without the drugs? Read on and find out more.

According to Lucy, here are 7 things that happened when she increased her brains potential:

1. Obstacles start dissolving.
– Obstacles are those circumstances where we feel stuck, trapped, impaired and can’t flow forward in life. As we increase our brains potential, we don’t have problems, we just have creative solutions. You spontaneously attract things like abundance, car parks, and harmonious relationships and effortlessly find solutions to all your problems.

2. Desire begins to fade.
– Desire is what drives us to seek fulfilment. It’s the base motive for most of our actions. It’s the idea that I’m separate to that thing or experience and if I get it, I’ll be more fulfilled. As our brain usage increases the experience of the separation between you (subject) and the experience (object) fades, and an internal fulfilment flourishes, dissolving desire.

3. Fear starts to fade.
– Like desire, fear is the experience of subject (you) and object (something other than you) and the separation between the two. It’s the experience that the object could threaten you the subject and that your survival is finite. With increased brain usage, one acquires awareness that they are more than physical limitations, in fact, there are NO limitations. I.e. they had no beginning, and no end, just as the wave regardless of its time frame, is always the ocean. As Lucy says in the film, “You don’t actually die.”

4. Control over your body.
– No longer at the mercy of the responses in the body, living as a slave to it, one now is aware of the powerful intelligence within body and is now the conductor orchestrating how it functions. This ranges from not only healing oneself but also having mastery over the seeming physical limitations and controlling the cells.

5. Reduced emotions.
– Emotions are responses to circumstance indicating a binding affect that person or event had on our experience of life. We feel happy, sad, and angry in response to situations. The Sanskrit word moksha is liberation from the effect those events have on us. We are now free from the ups and downs of the emotional state responding to life around you. Some would say it’s a blissful fascination that one retains throughout.

6. Empathy.
– Lucy said: “I’ve access to 28% of my cerebral capacity. I can feel every living thing.” Admittedly this wasn’t conveyed very well in the film as she shot dead a number of people (ok, I didn’t say the film was perfect!), however as we do open up regions of the brain and dissolve the experience of separation with other entities, one actually feels how they would feel, because they are connected through the field of Oneness. So just as you have a finger, a hand, an ear, a toe, and they all look different and have different functions, if you hit your toe, your entire body feels it.

7. Oneness
– Professor: “Lucy, where are you?  Lucy: “I’m everywhere.” At 100% brain capacity separation dissolves, one merges with the Unified Field. (Ok, I’m not saying much more on this one…it’s up to you to decipher :))

So there you go, 7 great reasons to increase your brain’s potential. Now in the film this was all done by taking some weird looking blue crystals but its actually been proven that you increase your brain’s potential through meditation. Simply google EEG-brain-meditation and you’ll find numerous studies and images that validate this.

If you want to increase your brain’s potential, meditate. Meditation is an easy simple process and anyone can do it.

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I Went To Byron Bay For A Holiday, And Didn’t Expect This!



Ok, so the 4 days of lying on pristine beaches didn’t quite unfold as I’d expected. I paid a premium for flights at the last minute to take my family away for a holiday to one of my favourite destinations in the last weekend of school holidays.

Byron Bay!

A multitude of glorious beaches, rolling lush green mountains, organic cafes, meditation and yoga centres and an energy that is incredibly blissful and healing.

Hmm, although I didn’t quite plan on the cyclone that rolled in on our first day, the fallen power lines, the flooded rivers, the black outs and the cancelled top dollar flights!

  •                Have you ever had that experience where things just didn’t go according to plan?
  •                Was there a time when your expectations weren’t met?
  •                How do you cope with life’s randomness?
  •                Are you tossed and turned and thrown about emotionally by unexpected events?

Life is a variable, it’s like the surface of the ocean, it has crests and troughs. Every day within each moment there is the potential for it to be a crest or a trough. 

Most of us live life in that thin layer of relativity, that surface of the ocean, where our entire experience is based upon the outcomes of the ebb and flow of life’s randomness. This is why we are so subjected to the ups and downs, those peaks and troughs, and get thrown about by the constant change and unexpected events that keep popping up.

How do we live in a state of calm and consistency when there is so much chaos and inconsistency in life?

One word…’transcendence’.

What is transcendence?


There exists deeper layers of awareness for us to dive into that take us beyond the realm of subjectivity.

This place is called Pure Consciousness.

This is a field of being awake and aware yet not in the future or the past, the black or the white, the good or the bad. It’s a place of Stillness, of Silence, of non-change. Each day when you sit in Stillness Sessions you are connecting to that deeper level of the life. It’s like a deeper layer of the ocean that isn’t subjected to the relativity on the surface.

Over time, through regular contact with this deeper layer, it becomes part of our waking state. Whilst one is in amongst all the chaos and randomness of life on the surface, they simultaneously experience a non-changing bliss at a deeper level.

So amid cyclones, fallen power lines, black outs, floods and cancelled flights, there is a silent observer that moves through it all with a mild fascination, unperturbed, unflustered and in blissful awareness.


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