Tips on How to Boost Your Creativity


Have you ever told yourself that you’re just not a creative person? Have you experienced mental blocks, or periods where you just didn’t feel creative? If you’re wondering how to boost creativity, the following tips can help you.

1. Change your definition of creativity.
Creativity is the process that leads to the development of something totally new. That thing could be a novel, a work of art, an idea, an invention – it could be almost anything really! There are no limits on where and how you can exercise your creativity. Boosting creativity also requires that you change up your process from time to time. For instance, if you’re trying to think of an innovative solution to a business problem, spending time reading about mathematical theory or going to an art gallery might help your cause. Although these things may seem unrelated, you never know where you’ll take inspiration from.

2. Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm.
No idea is a bad idea! If you’re trying to approach something creatively, try a brainstorming exercise where you write down anything and everything that comes to your mind. You’ll find that when you turn off your mind’s natural filter, you open yourself up to new possibilities and out-of-the-box thinking. You might see some of the items on your list as impossible, but being creative means not being afraid to take risks.

3. Open and clear your mind.
Meditation and creativity go hand in hand. By making your mind Still through meditation, you give yourself the opportunity to move beyond your normal boundaries. Filtering your thoughts allows you to put an end to limiting thought patterns and open yourself up to pure creativity. When you practise meditation on a regular basis you sharpen your mind by learning how to focus your thoughts on one thing. You eliminate distractions and you open yourself up to receiving inspiration from different sources.

4. Fight negativity.
Studies have shown that a positive mood can help you think more creatively. Finding innovation solutions to your problems and coming up with new ideas requires a certain amount of optimism. If you want to increase your creativity, you should try to eliminate negative self-talk, criticism, or defeating thoughts. Surrounding yourself with positive people is also a good idea. Smiles are contagious, and you’ll feel more ready to tackle problems and projects when you have a positive outlook on the future.

5. Don’t be afraid to take risks.
Being creative is about doing things that have never been done before. It’s about pioneering a new way or seeing things in a new light. And whenever you break off on your own, it takes a lot of trust in yourself and an ability to take risks in order to see your dreams fulfilled. Risks are a by-product of creativity – people who are creative are used to forging forward on their own and standing tall in the face of adversity, obstacles, or struggles. If innovation was easy, everyone would be doing it.

6. Immerse yourself.
Surrounding yourself with books, art, music or other examples of creative thinking is a great way to “soak up” creativity. You can also try to surround yourself with creative people, and attend workshops, lectures, festivals, and fairs to help yourself step into a creative frame of mind. Sharing your ideas and looking for feedback from other creative people is also a great way to refine your ideas. Remember that seeing other creative things and hearing other creative people isn’t going to take away from your potential to be creative.

7. Access the universal creative potential!
When you use Stillness to quiet your mind, you give yourself the power to dip into a source of universal creative potential. We all have the power to access this source, but not all of us make use of it. When you practice quieting your mind and forcing yourself to be Still, you open yourself up to the truly limitless creative power within the universe. You don’t need to learn how to boost your creativity because it comes naturally. To find out more about how to learn to meditate, please enjoy these three free videos from Founder of The Stillness Project by clicking below:




5 Top Tips in Manifesting Your Dreams


Vision boards, goal setting, manifesting mantras, mind movies and more, are becoming ever more popular, and for very good reason.

The possibility for change, great change, amazing change is born through positive thought manifesting. When you manifest in a positive way you shift away from thought patterns focused on ‘what you don’t want’ (thoughts that are no longer serving you). Instead you invite in ‘what you do want’ a shift that can bring real and noticeable change.

Of course, there is a level of commitment and growth involved when it comes to manifesting. What a world it would be if we could quickly jot down all the things we want in life and suddenly they came true! Our beliefs about life and about ourselves greatly impact our ability to manifest our hopes and dreams. For example if we choose to manifest a new job that fulfills us creatively and rewards us financially yet are holding onto a belief that ‘Well paid work is never enjoyable’ this kind of belief can counterbalance your manifestation work. A huge part to successfully manifesting is a true belief that things can and will change.

Many years ago I was taught by my meditation teacher to ‘follow the charm’ in life and just let it flow. I did just that and manifested my dreams and followed those charms, yet as time went by with my daily practice I discovered that following that ooze of charm kept taking me off track. I became distracted by my ego that was searching down other pathways for fulfillment that weren’t necessarily doing my Higher Self a favour.

I since then discovered that as well as observing my beliefs, some will power is also required to keep me aligned and on focus to manifest those dreams. This means resisting some of those niggling desires that pull you into the decisions that have negative karmic consequences.

Life seems to be speeding up, the pace of life is increasing, the information flow is beyond anything we have ever seen before and many people are trying to keep up with it all. If you find ‘staying on track’ with your manifestations challenging and you get pulled of course, you aren’t alone.

Revisiting your goals and your dreams can help to keep you on your chosen pathway. Your ego can distract you at times, so if this has happened to you, without judgment, simply go back to stillness and remind yourself where you were heading.

If you are new to manifesting, you don’t need to wait until next January to start. You can begin to manifest your future at any time.

Here are my top 5 tips:

1. Create a vision board and place it in your bedroom or desk at work. (Somewhere you will see it everyday).

On your board stick words and images that will represent what you’d like to create, i.e. your hopes and your dreams.

2. Write a list of 5-10 inspirational books that you would like to read.

I recommend Philosophers Notes where they condense some of the most inspiring books! Look at areas in your life you feel you could use some extra guidance and seek out knowledge in this area through reading.

3. Keep a manifesting journal or write a list of areas you wish to manifest great change.

A good friend of mine, Melissa Ambrosini suggests writing a letter to yourself today and then open it in December before the new year. Mel suggests starting the letter something like this:

Hi, Gorgeous,

WOW! Wasn’t this a kick ass year? Your book was published. It was an instant, massive hit, becoming a New York Times bestseller.

Then Melissa says…

Your letter can be one page long or ten. It really doesn’t matter. Get as specific and creative as you want. GO nuts! Dream big and do NOT hold back, beautiful. The idea is to paint a BIG picture of how you want 2014 to pan out.

4. Take some time to sit quietly, and be totally honest with yourself about where your pathway has lead you and where you had wanted to be at this time in life.

Observe if any unpleasant sensations come up? Use those feelings to inspire some change. Often we can do things we don’t like for long periods of time without really being honest with ourselves. You are worthy of living an amazing life. Step up and embrace the change to do something incredible!

5. Make a commitment to yourself to put aside time each day to nourish yourself in stillness.

Opening life up ‘to the possibility of change’ really speeds that change up. Can you feel it already? To help you through this create spaces in your day for stillness in meditation. Take time out to BE and to feel. If meditation and stillness is on your to-do-list, make a commitment to put this to action.

So it’s time to pause, re-assess, check in with yourself and ask if are you still aligned with your hopes and dreams. And if you haven’t moved towards them, it’s not too late. There’s plenty of time to set your visions and create something truly beautiful for yourself. Why? Because simply you can, and you’re worth it!

If you need assistance with this then come and join our monthly live global meditation sessions and training. here you will be uplifted and re-inspired each month to stay on track with those visions and all for less than around 2 cups of coffee a month! Find out more below or click here.

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Elizabeth Gilbert – How to Find Success and Drive Towards Creativity

The first time I heard of the book Eat, Pray, Love I found myself intrigued by how the book became such a success. Then when I read the book I immediately realized that the author Elizabeth Gilbert had only one mission when she wrote this book – to write a story with her heart and soul poured into it. In fact, it was not success that she was after but merely to pursue her passion in writing because that’s where she felt most at home.

It’s amazing that this was her case as I saw the same thing occur to myself when I was on a journey to discover where I felt most at home. And for me, it was helping others achieve stillness. Elizabeth Gilbert has definitely inspired me to continue pursuing my passion – and this TED video I’m sharing with you will tell you why. Enjoy!

And if you’re seeking some support on your path to success, we have created The Empowerment Series! This powerful three part series on LOVE, ABUNDANCE & LIFE PURPOSE will bring you clarity, strength and support so that you thrive in these three key areas of life. You’ll receive three 1 hour audios, 3 books of the audio and 3 Companion books to write in. After you have experienced The Empowerment Series your life will soar to a new level of excitement and magnificence! Find out more here.

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How To Break Writer’s Block And Become More Creative


Creativity1Do you have writer’s block?

Are you struggling for inspiration?

Are you having difficulty with your job or wealth creation?

Do you find your life boring and dull?

How would you like direct access to the source of infinite creative potential?

I recently asked people to share their experiences with their meditation sessions and I received a number of responses where the meditators had experienced bursts of creativity.

– ” Jumping with ideas and great thoughts. Sometimes I want to stop the sessions to write them down.”

– “Other times there is a rain of thoughts and ideas, but it amazes me because I can stand there just watching them come and go while I focus on my stillness sound. It’s amazing.”

– “I have experienced countless bursts of creativity like geyser springing forth from me lately!”

The big question is why do people have these creative impulses when they are meditating? Isn’t the goal Stillness? Isn’t meditation about NOT having thoughts? Why, if you are meant to be quietening your mind do you have all these creative thoughts?

During the deeper transcending style meditation sessions, the mind is lured with the repetition of a mantra away from the surface level of thought to deeper and deeper states of awareness. As the mind quietens down it moves towards the ‘Source of Creativity’.

This is an infinite reservoir of ‘creative potential’ that the mind dips into when you transcend.

This is an immeasurable field that lies beyond the structured realm of thought. The mind soaks in this creative ocean and will bring the student out of the deeper state with bursts of amazing ideas!

I say immeasurable because of it’s infinite nature, however what is measurable is the thinking process of the mind during meditation and after. There was a recent study completed by cognitive psychologist Lorenza Colzato and her fellow researchers at Leiden University. The results of this study proved that certain meditation techniques had advantages far beyond simple relaxation. The study supported the idea that meditation can have a long-term positive influence on human cognition and creativity.

So there is tangible evidence beyond a few students personal experiences to prove that sitting in meditation can improve your creative thinking. So if you’re looking to remove writer’s block, overcome relationship or wealth creation blocks or have a more dynamic life, then your solution may lie in the simplicity of stillness.

There are many forms of meditation from guided, concentration, chanting and the deeper transcending style meditation techniques. If you haven’t learnt these deeper styles of meditation you may like to learn more about the weekend workshops I hold in Sydney by emailing me here. Otherwise you may like to try our online 21 day meditation program called Faster Deeper Bliss by clicking here.

Then once you start meditating on a daily basis one of your next challenges will be how to handle the flood of creative ideas that flow into your life and to not get too distracted by them all! It’s a good problem to have though.