How To Avoid Being Dumbed Down And Stay Light

There’s a saying ‘where your attention goes it grows’. The question is, where is your attention lately?

Each moment of each day our attention goes somewhere, and where it goes, it leaves a residual effect on you for better or for worse. If you move you attention to a scary film, your body will resonate with fear; if you watch a sad news story, your body will resonate with sadness; if you listen to an aggressive song with violent lyrics it will leave aggression and a comedy film, then lightness. The question is, are we being dumbed down by society?

These feelings have a measurable vibration to them as you can see in this scale chart here. It’s easy to not notice how affected we are by the world around us and most of the time we are on autopilot reading tragic stories in the newspaper, engaging in negative gossip, or scrolling through other people’s posts on our news feed on Facebook. A lot of this mainstream content is in the lower end of the this chart.

Recently my family attended a chanting night at the Hare Krishna centre in Sydney. Ok, don’t freak out, we haven’t converted and become part of some weird cult. The Hare Krishna centre is a beautiful place open to everyone, and each week they put on a night of chanting and dinner for $10 which is a bargain night out! For an hour you chant some elevating chants about God Consciousness and then usually engage in some inspiring conversation with the community while eating healthy food. We left the event feeling high and blissed out. When got into the car to drive home, the radio immediately came on and the DJ’s were inviting callers the ring in if they have a name similar to genitalia. “Hi I’m Dick Wood.” “Hi my name is Mulva” and “Hi, I’m Eric Shun.” Yeh, enthralling mainstream radio. Immediately we could feel our attention being pulled, almost ‘dumbed down’ and it was changing how we felt. We turned the radio off, but it was interesting to note how quickly our minds attention shifted and also how we felt.
If we were to do an audit of our thoughts on a daily basis and then assess them we would most probably find they are not of a very high level. Think about what you thought about yesterday. Maybe pause and just right down some of the 50,000 thoughts that you had, remembering most of those thoughts were influenced by the place that your mind had been pulled into like the media, a Facebook post, or a conversation you were engaged in, ie. other people’s thoughts.
So the question is, how often did we think about God, the Divine, our Higher Self, Egolessness or Pure Love? Or…how often did we NOT think? Did we just sit in Being? Did we sit in Stillness? Did we spend time immersing in no thought and feeling lightness? There is a natural inclination for the mind to be drawn to the lowest common denominator. Joseph Conrad once wrote in his book Heart of Darkness that we have a ‘fascination with the abomination’. I’ve noticed that throughout my life my mind tends to go gravitate towards fear and worry. I have to practice moving it higher. It’s not a natural tendency for it to do this. It’s not like I wake up and voila, my mind is on The Higher Self or spirituality. This is our work and there are ways to avoid the mind being dumbed down.

  1. Avoid or reduce watching or reading the daily news
  2. Avoid gossip and negative talk about people
  3. Minimise social media
  4. Be selective about the songs that you listen to
  5. Be mindful of the podcasts or radio that you listen to
  6. Pause each day, re-adjust your thinking away from negativity
  7. Meditate on being light
  8. Read spiritual texts
  9. Attend satsang or spiritual talks
  10. Receive regular coaching or guidance

This is why I created the Zen Academy For Transformational Leadership, to support people to elevate their mind regularly from the menial daily thought tracks and come together as a community and engage in more uplifting discussions together. This takes place through fortnightly calls and a private Facebook group. We have people join us from all over the world come onto these live sessions.

A beautiful shift takes place when we move our awareness to the Divine, spirituality or the Higher Self…we feel lighter, joyful and love. The more we do this the more natural it becomes for the mind to go there. What a gorgeous way to spend more of our day in that space!


Tom is a meditation teacher, author, corporate speaker and personal coach. He provides group coaching through his Zen Academy for Transformational Leadership. To find out more about joining this global community click here.

How To Deal With Fear And Sadness

No doubt you have had times, or currently right now, you feel the emotions of fear and sadness. These emotions bubble up often in our lives however we feel incredibly uncomfortable when they do. So much so they we do all sorts of things to remove that feeling. Often we numb ourselves with alcohol, drugs and addictions or we find things to do to distract us from feeling it. Yet ironically at the same time, people all over the world our doing things to inspire that feeling in them like scary fun park rides or sad movies.  In this video I discuss the phenomenon and offer some thoughts on how you might be able to deal with this emotion in a healthy way.


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How To Dissolve FEAR From Your Life

I have something that I have to tell you. I recently experienced F.E.A.R. Yes, it’s true! Now for many of you of this may not seem that unusual. I mean everyone experiences fear at some point in their life right? But you see, I am a meditation teacher, and I’ve been practicing meditation twice a day for 17 years. What I teach is a technique that reduces F.E.A.R. And yet after all these years, I recently came down with a case of it. It wasn’t fun.

What is F.E.A.R.? Future Events Appearing Real. It is a removal from the present. It’s a mental projection into the future, into an imaginary event. So there I was, in sunny Fiji with my lovely family having a wonderful holiday. The fresh warm air rustling among palm trees, warm sun on my skin, the pacific ocean lapping at my toes, delicious food, lots of lightness and love. I was present; there was nothing but the now. Nothing but the sheer simplicity of being there, right there, in sunny peaceful Fiji. My world was bliss.

And then it happened. I was removed from the present and projected into the future. That’s when the F.E.A.R. arrived. You see it was triggered by three events in the space of about 2 hours all revolving around my future career prospects. To let you in on the situation there is some vulnerability about my day job, as many other people are experiencing in the world today. While I was in Fiji I received some phone calls and messages from friends that have had their world turned upside down as their careers and financial stability were removed from them. This triggered my mind to suddenly run rampant with all these imaginary scenarios and then wham! That was it; I was removed from the present and propelled into some un-real future!

What then happened? My entire holiday changed, well for a few hours anyway as I to grappled that mind of mine back from its very creative thinking process. I felt heavy, I felt scared, I felt withdrawn and low on energy. I lost that spark and fun playfulness with my family. I was no longer present and reveling in the deliciousness of what was all around me. This is the power of F.E.A.R. It has such a strong vortex that it will totally distort your present situation. How many times have you been lying in bed at night, all snug and cozy under the doona, your head on a soft pillow, your present moment totally safe, warm and nurturing, and yet you are off in some future event that totally removes you from the now? Your whole physiology shifts. You can’t sleep, your heart races, your skin crawls, you get hot, uncomfortable and you are deprived of sleep? Sound familiar?

Unless you are being attacked by a sabre tooth tiger or a marauding tribe, there is a good chance that your present moment, that is, what your senses have to offer you, is absolutely fine and beautiful. Most of our fear-filled scenarios never actually happen and yet we spend so much of our time in our mind projecting into the future.

So how did I deal with this F.E.A.R.? Firstly, meditation. This technique holds the key to being present. The simple repetition of your a mantra will quieten that busy mind and settle it back into the present. Secondly, outside of my meditation, I brought more attention to what my senses were detecting. What was I hearing right now? What was I seeing right now? What was I tasting right now? What was I smelling right now? What was I feeling right now? By bringing my attention to my senses it brought me back to the present. I went from these imaginary scenarios in the future that were totally unreal, back to Fiji, back to the paradise around me.

Aaah, the simplicity and lightness of right now. Out of the mind and in the senses, in the NOW. Free from F.E.A.R. I was in heaven again. Heaven on Earth.

If you’d like to receive monthly coaching to keep you on track with life then join us at the Inner Sanctum. These 1 hour coaching and global meditation sessions will elevate and inspire you. This is what others had to say about their Inner Sanctum experience:
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Bob Proctor On How To Break Free Of Fear

Did you know your subconscious mind cannot determined the difference between what you imagine and what is real. This opens us up to exciting possibilities however it also can create huge limitations in our life. Fear can hold us back from living a life of magnificence and yet most of the time we don’t even realise this is happening. We are programmed to live how we are living.

But it’s ok, you can break free of this and live fearlessly and dynamically. This clip from Bob Proctor will help you see life in a whole new dimension! If you want to alter your paradigm then check out this brief clip. If you are struggling to break free of fear and negativity and do need some support then come and join our Inner Sanctum membership. Here you will join our global tribe for monthly LIVE meditations and coaching with me. You will feel supported, inspired and nurtured after being part of this session. Find out more by clicking here.


Are you ready to break free of fear? Share with us below, and in doing so, you are sending a message to the Universe that yes, now is the time to soar!

How To Confront The Fear Of Ageing

Do you have a fear of ageing? Well, you’re not alone. We live in a society that is completely and totally obsessed with beauty and youth. Everywhere we turn, we face airbrushed models and people trying to sell us products to help us feel or look younger.

Instead of welcoming the wisdom and sense of acceptance that comes naturally with age, we are taught to look for superficial “quick-fixes” to stop the ageing process in its tracks. Women are instructed to turn to methods such as Botox plastic surgery, crash diets, and wrinkle creams in order to appear younger than they really are. And men try to combat mid-life crises with fast sports cars and younger women. Although often these things don’t fool anybody, we cling to them for comfort, as if to prove to ourselves that our best years aren’t behind us.

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that you should fight the ageing process as much as possible. Unfortunately, that kind of response is only going to hurt you the older you get. If you can’t change your outlook, you might even find yourself facing depression as you get older. Instead of looking on the ageing process as a misfortune, why not embrace the natural benefits of ageing? The following tips will be useful to you if you are trying to confront a fear of ageing.

Tip #1: Embrace love.
The older you get, the more you will desire to share your life with others. When it comes to a spouse or life partner, you will naturally start to value that relationship more with age, and to place more emphasis on that connection. As you move through life with that person and you encounter both good times and struggles, you should start to feel less attached to superficial things, such as the way you look. Instead, you’ll begin to feel more concerned about how you act, and you should begin to naturally feel less selfish. The sense of peace, value, and contentment that you get from your relationships with friends, loved ones, and family becomes more important.

Tip #2: Cultivate your sense of spirituality.
We’re all spiritual beings, but in our youth we often fail to acknowledge this aspect of our existence. With age comes experience and maturity, and a lot of the time a deeper desire to feel spiritually connected to God and to others. The ageing process is a hint that the body won’t last forever; eventually it will expire and the spirit will live on. It’s natural to want to seek refuge in spiritual activities such as prayer or meditation. If you would like to learn more about how Stillness-centered meditation can help you overcome a fear of ageing, simply click on the link below:

Tip #3: Give your time to others.
As you get older, you get a clearer picture of what is really important. When you pass away, you will leave behind all of your material possessions – so what is the use in focusing on obtaining those things. The satisfaction you will get will be short-lived. Instead, why not leave a lasting impression by serving others? There are more than enough ways to help people, animals, and the environment, and you will get satisfaction in the knowledge that you’re leaving behind a legacy.

Tip #4: Promote your own wellness.
Just as an old car needs maintenance more frequently than a new one, so will you as you get older. But it’s nothing to worry about – you simply need to make sure that you give yourself a little bit more attention. Taking the time to get back on track when it comes to healthy habits becomes more and more important as you age. You should focus on eating healthy, getting a moderate amount of exercise on a regular basis, and stimulating your mind to keep it sharp. If you want to learn more about health tips that can help you to overcome your fear of ageing, simply click on the link below:

Is ageing on your mind? It’s been proven that meditation can increase telomerase in the body which reduce the ageing process. If you’d like to find out more about meditation sign up for these three free videos on meditation by clicking here.

Overcoming a Fear of Confrontation


Do you have a fear of confrontation? Would you like to learn how to overcome your fear? Would you like to find out how to address conflicts in a healthy way?

Life would be a piece of cake if we never had to fight with anyone, right? Wrong! Unfortunately, arguments, disagreements, and clashes of opinion are normal, and you should expect them to happen from time to time. Healthy confrontations can help you to resolve your problems and move forward with your life. Imagine you’re in a relationship with someone. You’ve been with that person for a year or two but you’ve stopped feeling as though you are growing; your relationship has become unfulfilling and it lacks passion. You wonder whether you are actually in love, or just comfortable. When you confront your partner honestly and openly, you will undoubtedly come to a conclusion – to stay together and try to fix the things that might be broken in the relationship, or to go your separate ways. In both cases you are taking a step forward that will bring about some sort of solution.

When someone is frustrating you at work you should behave in a similar way. Let that person know their behavior is bothering you, discuss reasons for the behavior and possible solutions, and try to move forward. If you go about it the right way, using confrontation to address your problems can be beneficial for everyone involved.

People who have a fear of confrontation aren’t able to assert themselves. The idea of discussing a problem you have with someone makes you uncomfortable, anxious, or avoidant. However, this inability to face problems and people that trouble you also has an impact on your life. You are susceptible to being undermined by people, going along with things you don’t want to do or don’t believe in, and having trouble standing up for yourself and your ideas. In the end, it is impossible to lead the life you would like to with a fear of confrontation.

However, you must keep in mind that somewhere along the line, you were conditioned to feel fear in response to confrontation. Perhaps speaking up got you into trouble as a child. Or perhaps you had a bad experience when you stood up for yourself. When these kinds of experiences accumulate, it can cause you to believe that confrontation is something to be feared. So how can you overcome that conditioning? When you practise Stillness, you can actually clear your mind of the worries, anxieties, and defeating thoughts that you have gathered over the years. You progress to a state of inner peace, where your mind expresses your ultimate reality. Practising Stillness is a healthy way to overcome a fear of confrontation on your own. All you have to do is take the time to find out more.

Tips for Confronting Others
Once you’ve gotten over your fear of confrontation, the next step is to find out how to actually confront other people in a healthy manner. Let’s face it: if you don’t learn how to correctly talk about your issues with other people, you might end up back at square one by approaching that person in an aggressive or combative manner. The following tips can help you when you’re actually trying to take up a concern you have with someone else:

  • Approach conflict like a riddle that you want to solve. When you discuss the issue with the other person, be sure to identify all of the stakeholders and how they are affected. Assert that you are trying to find a solution that works for everyone and ask that person what they would do in that particular situation.
  • Maintain a good rapport with people. If you are on good terms with everyone, you’ll be less likely to face problems when you bring up your grievances. If you are cooperative and agreeable most of the time, people will be more likely to take your problem seriously and cooperate with you to find a solution.
  • Watch your language. Use language that is constructive. Don’t attack the person – that will only make them defensive. Instead, describe the actions or situations that are contributing to the problem.

If you would you like to learn more about healthy conflict resolution and overcoming your fear of confrontation, take some time to understand how cultivating Stillness can help.

Let Stillness help you overcome your fear of confrontation.
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