Should You Drink Caffeine?

I often get asked if I drink coffee, and the answer is no. But that doesn’t mean that you should or shouldn’t. In this video I share very briefly why I don’t drink caffeine and whether it is something for you to consume or not. Enjoy and any comments please drop them below.


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My 9 Tips To Bring Calm And Success To Your Life

If you have lots of stress and friction in your life then this video is for you! I was recently reminded that ‘trying’ and ‘forcing’ myself to succeed in life results in tension and disorder. It’s such a challenge to do the opposite to what we are conditioned to do which is push, force and try to create outcomes in life. I have many students that come to me for coaching with lives in turmoil and yet they are ‘trying’ so hard to make it work out.

Well today I share 9 tips to help remove some of that stress from your life. Some of these will sound really simple, but when applied, you’ll be amazed at the results!

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My 7 Top Travel Tips To Get You There Replenished and Revitalised!


So I’m writing this on the plane and felt inspired to share with you some of my travel tips so that you can arrive at your destination after a long haul flight feeling as fresh and energised as possible! Being on a plane in small spaces, breathing in recycled air for a long period of time can take its toll on your mind and body.

So here are some of my tools and tips for getting through those flights blissfully and healthily. The key to this is in the preparation, and for me, the process begins well before I even leave my home.

Here we go:

1. Abhyanaga: No this is not an Italian pasta. This is an Ayurvedic oil massage that I do at home before I leave the house to go to the airport. My body type is vata, which is a lean build, and the appropriate oil for my body type is organic sesame oil. If you have a strong athletic build use organic coconut oil and if you are prone to being heavy set, use sesame oil. So for abhyanga, I massage the oil into my skin all over my body, including face, then have a warm bath or shower. This creates a protective layer from the harsh air-conditioning of the plane and also soothes your nervous system during the long flight. Flying, changing times zones, and checking in and out of the airports can all be an intense time on your nervous system and this is a great starting point to soothe your body through this process.

2. Before boarding be sure to stock up on your water. Two large 1.5L bottles for flights over 8 hours would be recommended. Rehydrating your body through the flight is critical to arriving refreshed. Even if you don’t feel like drinking any more water, just keep drinking! (Some airports like Kuala Lumpur and Bali don’t allow you to buy water after customs and take it on the plane which makes this not possible unfortunately.)

3. Stock up on your healthy snacks. Lets face it, most meals on the plane are not going to be the healthiest. You’ll get a little tub of sweet orange juice, a tub of yoghurt, some crackers and cheese, a hot dish of something, to be washed down with coffee or tea. So if you avoid gluten, dairy, sugar and caffeine, things might be little tight for you. Pack things like tinned tuna or wild salmon, bags of vegetables like carrots, celery and cucumber, avocados and nuts.

4. Multi-vitamins and supplements. I might look like a chemist when I go through bag check however these bags of goodies are one of my essentials when it comes to flying. One bag has fish oils, vitamin C + B, zinc, probiotics and the other has my raw green powder from my good mates at Amazonia. Both help keep my body highly efficient through the long haul flights and thereafter.

5. When you finally get to your seat on the plane, the very first thing I do is meditate. Let’s face it, from the time everyone boards to the time the plane is up in the sky and you are able to access technology or drop back your seat to rest, it’s going to be a good 30- 45 minutes. No movies, no using computer, no music on your phone, so the best option here is to meditate. If you are on a long haul flight I would recommend meditating a number of times. This will help keep mind and body aligned and reduce symptoms of jet lag.

6. Noise cancelling headphones, eye patches and earplugs. Once you fly with noise cancelling headphones you’ll never want to fly without them. A good pair that covers your whole ear will cost between $200-$400 however it is a worthwhile investment. They reduce white noise in the plane and reduce the constant over-stimulation of the nervous system. When it comes to sleeping, I use a full eye and ear patch from The Sleep Master . These are heavenly and it feels like your whole face is in a cosy sleeping bag. I love them! molded earplugs that are like blu-tak that block out a lot of the sound when sleeping.

7. Set a schedule. Ok, I know this is going to sound very specific and structured but I found that setting a schedule and following it for the flight has made a huge difference to my flying. This may sound strange, but there have been many flights where I have had flight attendants tell me to put my things away as we are about to land and I would be not only surprised but disappointed that I didn’t get everything done that I intended to on the flight. So my flight schedule would be in blocks of 1-2 hours with things like reading my book, cleaning up my computer and phone (i.e. desktop, documents folder, unwanted photos and old emails), writing a blog or upcoming book, movie and of course sleep. Give it a try and you’ll see how productive those hours can be!

Flying can be a real drain on your body or it can be a productive and relaxing time without internet to take time out for yourself. A little bit of planning and structure to it and you’ll relish sitting in that confined cabin for many hours. If you have any other tips please feel free to share them below as we’d love to hear more suggestions!

One thing that has also helped enormously on flights is meditation. Let’s face it, you will be confined to a chair for a considerable amount of time and one great healthy way to use that time is to meditate. It has been proven that meditation has numerous positive effects on the mind and body from lowering high blood pressure, improving sleep to increasing serotonin and oxytocin. If you would like to learn how to meditate then try our meditation program called Faster Deeper Bliss. This program will have you meditating deeply anywhere anytime.

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Confessions Of An Addict

Hi, my name is Tom Cronin, and I’m an addict.

There you go, I have said it. I put it out there, and it’s true- I’m an addict. I’m addicted to my Iphone, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, emails, texts, Voxer and Viber. I’m addicted to social media. I’m addicted to social interaction.

Last week I took this photo. It was a line of people queuing up for the bus at Bondi Junction. All twenty of them had their head down engaged in their smart phones. I thought to myself “Wow, look at all those people addicted to technology; addicted to their phones. I’m going to take a photo of that and post it on Instagram!”

And that’s when I had the epiphany. That’s when the light went on and I realised- “Holy smoke! Hang on a second, I’m one of those people too (as I typed away on my phone adding the photo to IG!!)”

It was there and then that I made a decision. I had to make some changes. I needed to some how cut back on my addiction and deal with this. I can’t go on at this rate of checking my phone every few minutes. So I decided the first thing I would do is dedicate one day a week to being Iphone and laptop free. The best day I felt for this was Sunday. This made sense as it was always meant to be a day of rest.

Well that day has now passed and I have to say, it was AMAZING!! I loved it. There was a real shift. I tell you it was a very tangible difference to my day with the phone off and hidden in a cupboard. I felt more connected with nature, more present, more engaged with the moment. No one could contact me and I couldn’t contact anyone else. I have to tell you it was weird driving and not checking my phone at the traffic lights. I felt liberated!

Here’s the interesting thing, the world was still there when I came back. Nothing had changed. Billions of data bits were still swirling around in the virtual world with or without me. All I’d done was step off the merry go round for a day and had a rest from it. Like an information holiday! I had an amazing day. I went to yoga class, then meditated after that on the beach, had a big family breakfast, then a lunch for Father-in-Laws birthday. I rode skateboards, jumped on a pogo stick and shot hoops with my kids, then we all meditated and had dinner and read books. Pure, wholesome, simple, and darn good fun!

So I’ve decided that one day a week I am going to go technology free. No phone, no laptop, no media (newspapers included). I feel we are at a tipping point. We have only had Iphones since 2005. So in 7 years in the entire history of mankind we have become totally addicted to this information absorption! Where does it go from here? How far into this hunger for information can we go? If this is where we are now, where will we be in another 7 years? Or even 20 years? Can we cope with that much information? Or will we see more people like myself start to pull back, and return to basics?

The big question is, are you an addict also? Do you need to start addressing this problem? Here are some questions for you.

  • Do you check your phone at traffic lights in your car (or worse, while you are driving!)?
  • Do you take your phone with you to the toilet?
  • Do you check your phone during meals?
  • Are you sneaking out of meetings, functions or dinners to check your phone?
  • Do you leave your phone on at night and answer any texts or calls that wake you up?

If you answer yes to 1 or 2 of them you may want to start to assess your situation. Is your phone ruling your life? Are you being distracted from the immediate world around you? Do you want to join me in the information revolution? Give it a try, just for one day a week and see how different it feels. I dare you!

Best way to take time out from the online world is to meditate. If you have never meditated before and would like to learn then my 21 day meditation program is for you. In this program you will be guided by me each day how to go deep in meditation. You will also receive a few special bonuses as well along the way. This is what some others had to say about this powerful meditation course:

“Tom Cronin! I just finished number 3 of the Stillness Project. I’m IN LOVE! I’ve tried meditation several times and gave up on  it EVERY time. Each day I CAN’T wait for my next meditation. THANK YOU for taking the mystery out of meditation.” – Leslie E. B

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This One Word Will Help You Through Your Next Challenging Experience


There is a word that has been hiding under rock for quite a while now. It’s a word that describes an essential part of our make up however this word has gone missing of late.

This was highlighted last week when my son mentioned that if they didn’t want to do sport at school they could just sit it out during that session and not participate. This was compounded when my daughter came home from the school swimming carnival and I asked her how she went in her races and she said, “Dad, I didn’t have any races. We just watched.”

“Eh??? You mean you don’t have compulsory races for everyone??”

“No Dad, it’s only for those that choose to”, was the response.

What happened to those days of compulsory sitting in your team line in your swimmers on cold wet grass for hours as you push through race after race on swimming carnival day?

Then a question popped into my head…is our society collectively making life soft and easy, as we constantly seek the most pleasurable, easy experience? Are we avoiding challenges and toil for the sake of an easier life? Of course why wouldn’t we, but is this coming with a price? I liken it to going to the gym and having someone lift your weights for you so you don’t have to strain. It’s an easier path in the beginning, but we reap no long-term rewards as a result. When we are finally confronted by a challenging experience, we are weak and soft and unable to persevere through it.

I’m just as guilty as anyone. I grew up forgoing daily treats during the 40 days of Catholic lent. Every weekend we had early Sunday mass in either a freezing church in winter at 7am or at times a humid hot mass in summer. We had daily chores to be fulfilled on the farm and then Saturdays it was no play until lunchtime after all the farm work was completed. We just got down and did the work, knowing this was part of life. Yet now, there’s no list of jobs on the fridge door for my children to fulfil before they can go out and have their play.

Times have changed, as they do, and knuckling down and doing the ‘hard stuff’ seems to be a thing of the past for many of us around the world, especially children. As soon as things get a little bit challenging we move on to the next job, relationship, or glossy thing that will grab our attention. We have filled our lives up with glamour and gloss and our attention will shift quickly looking for the next pleasurable thing to elevate us. We feel deprived easily and fall into a depression when the pleasure is unable to be found. There are currently 30 millions Americans on anti-depressants.

Is this partly a result of the ‘spiritual movement’? We are often told to take the path of least resistance and to flow through life with ease. All wise words for sure, but can it be taken too literally? Which brings me to the word of the week: GUMPTION

I asked some students if they’d even heard of this word and they thought it was a cleaning product! (Well they were technically correct, as it is a cleaning product, but that’s not the gumption I was speaking of.)

Gumption is grit, guts, and strength. The ability to overcome obstacles, put your head down and push on through the difficult challenges. This is where we find our resolve. It’s in those times that we tap into resourcefulness and inner strength. It’s in these times we embrace stoicism. Another rare word in today’s world.
Lebanese-American scholar and author of the Black Swan, Nassim Taleb, once said:
“A Stoic is someone who transforms fear into prudence, pain into transformation, mistakes into initiation, and desire into undertaking.”
Stoic: Strength Through Overwhelming Incidents of Challenge

An axe gets sharpened through the friction of grinding it against the stone. Diamonds are formed out of heat and pressure. An athlete achieves success through grit and toil.

We have a mighty strength within us that grows in those challenging times, just as your muscles grow under the duress of lifting the weights. Gumption is your teeth gritting, roaring lion of courage within you that will carry you through your next challenging experience and see you stronger and more powerful on the other side.

Are you ready to embrace the next challenge with a roar?

If you would like some assistance with gumption then the Empowerment Series is for you! Here you will receive 3 x 1 hour audios on living a life of purpose, manifesting abundance, and finding love. This is what a previous listener had to say about the Empowerment Series:
Your empowerment series talked straight to my heart and inspired me to be love.
So thank you, thank you, thank you for all your hard work and for putting all that knowledge in such a beautiful and simple way.” – Susana V.
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Why Social Media Has You Addicted


Do you check your social media at traffic lights?

Do you take your phone to the toilet?

Do you feel compelled to share an image of your meals on Instagram?

The reason you can’t help but post your feelings and photos on social media could go deeper than you think.

I was at the beach this morning and went for a walk on the rocks with my family when we came across these amazing rock formations.

It was really quite beautiful and I went to grab my phone to take a photo and share it on Instagram and realised I didn’t have my phone with me as I was in swimmers.

I was quite surprised at how disappointed I felt when I realised I wasn’t able to share it with you all.

Then it got me thinking. Why was I so compelled to share something as simple as a rock feature with you?

It wasn’t that exciting, I mean it was rocks! But I saw something beautiful and felt compelled to share it not just with my family, but with all of you also. This phenomenon is spreading like wildfire across the globe.

There seems to be a planetary shift where the world is drawn to sharing many of their experiences with as many people as possible.

Each day on Instagram I scroll through photos of green smoothies, cappuccinos, glasses of wine, fireworks, feet in the sand, flowers, clouds … it goes on and on. Is this the WE era Michael Drew talks about in Pendulum? In this book, Michael proposes that these cycles from ME to WE swing back and forth every 30 or so years. He suggests we entered a WE era in the early 2000’s and the creation of social media is part of this process. In the WE period, you will see the growth of communities, collaborations and sharing. There will be a sense of Unity, that we are all in this together.

Portals like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Kik and Voxer are they manifestations of this energetic force of cohesiveness?

It’s impossible to deny that humanity is more technologically connected and than ever before. I have friends in remote regions of Bali, Burma, India, Albania and Kenya among many other countries. They are able to send me photos and thoughts daily through social media.

We can resist as much as we like but the shift is here and it’s going to continue to evolve. Cultures, religions, and traditions- all barriers of separation are slowly breaking down.

It just so happens that social media is one of the vehicles that is driving this process. Another one that is a big part of the WE period is meditation. In meditation we dissolve the boundaries of separation, whether they are ideological or physical. In meditation we transcend our separation and individuality and merge into the field of Oneness. We are also seeing the formation of large groups of people meditating together more often. These large group sittings of stillness such as Med Mobs and Stillness In The City are spreading across the globe as nearly as fast as social media!

If you have yet to start a meditation practice and would like to learn it’s really simple. Try our 21 Steps to Faster Deeper Bliss Program with a 60 day trial period.

You’ll receive daily guidance from me PLUS receive 37 support videos, ebooks,  and a yoga video! By the end of this course you will be totally trained in the art of meditation and living a more peaceful happier life. We receive testimonials like this below every day from all over the world.

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