The One Thing You Need To Do To Feel Fully Alive!

Norman Doidge, author of the Brain That Changed itself once said: “We must be learning if we are to feel fully alive.”

Our plasticity and changeability is one of our greatest gifts. We have this ability to grow and transform into something new all the time. Yet adding to this, Tim ferris once said: “People will choose unhappiness over uncertainty.” I know this feeling well! For 26 years I stayed in a job where I felt like a square peg in a round hole. The fear of leaving that certainty was greater than the quest to be happy. As the years went by I was becoming more disenchanted with my life and the work that I was doing. It showed up in my work as I became sloppy and made many mistakes. Management weren’t happy, I wasn’t happy and a spiral started to happen.

I felt trapped and didn’t know how to get out of there. We create these perceptions of who we are based upon our life experiences. I’d been a broker for more than half my life, what else could I possibly do?! I felt an inkling of what I wanted to do but certainly didn’t feel qualified or capable of doing it. You know when you get that mental loop going round and round in your head that is sabotaging your life? This was me! I kept hitting a glass ceiling then sabotaging everything by making poor choices that hurt me and other people. Years went by with these patterns until the discomfort became so great, that I knew it was time I had to do something about this. I wasn’t feeling alive, and as Doidge says, if I wanted to feel alive, I needed to learn more!

In today’s world, technology is a blessing and a curse. We are now saturated in data, we have access to an unlimited flow of information available to us in the tiny gadget that fits in our palm. Yet on the flip side, we can learn anything, anywhere and anytime. I have coaching clients now on remote islands north of Finland, Venezuela, Mexico and South Africa! There is no limit to what we can learn- from advanced spiritual practices, entrepreneurial skills, computer programming, macrame and animal husbandry! Vishen Lakhiani said in one of his recent articles that: “the trend is clearly showing that more and more people are leaning towards becoming transformational consumers, and are more likely to invest a lot more of their time improving themselves.”

This is the time to give birth to a new you. Here at The Stillness Project we put transformation at the forefront of what we do. As you can see by our new website! We felt it was time for growth, for change and for the new site to really embody more of what we are. We hope you like it! When we resist growth we will stagnate. Dr John De Martini once said “If you are green you grow, if you are ripe you rot.” Keep growing. Grow in your relationships, grow in your health, grow in your knowledge, and grow in your spiritual development.


Tom is a meditation teacher, author, corporate speaker and personal coach. He provides one on one coaching as well as group coaching in his Zen Academy for Transformational Leadership. To contact Tom about receiving his guidance or booking him to speak at your company click here.

Why Did This Facebook Post About Not Posting Have More Likes Than Any Other Post?

It’s ironic isn’t it? I post about how I didn’t feel like posting on Instagram and Facebook and I get more likes and comments on that post than any other post I’d put out. Life is such a polarity yeh?! Why did this post get so much traction?

In the post I explained that I had experienced a number of events and experiences that were confronting and challenging, and this inspired me to go inward, to pull back, and be introspective. As a meditation teacher there is often a preconceived idea that you are blissed out and exuding love and light all day every day. Well not only is this not the case for me, it seems it is not the case for any teacher, leader or sage that I had come across in my travels and research. Even great enlightened Masters like Paramahansa Yoganada, Ram Dass, Jesus Christ, Buddha and Osho revealed their own inner conflict at times on their path.

For this reason I felt compelled to put the post out there. I grappled with it for a couple of days before posting it. Did I really want to show my vulnerability? Did I really want to expose myself like that? Did I want to pull everyone else into my story? Well interestingly what this post inspired was a huge opening of discussion and heart felt support. Support not just for my own current situation but also support for being open, raw, real and vulnerable.

It felt to me that the one thing people are appreciating more is realness and authenticity. It’s all too easy to share our joyous moments drinking turmeric chai lattes at sunrise on a beach, some awesome yoga pose on the edge of a forest at sunset or drinking champagne in your business class seat on your way to Maui! How do we manage social media and the realness of life? I’ve grappled with this for a while. How do I find balance in what I share? Obviously we don’t want to be posting our drab days sulking around the house in our worn out tracksuit pants and t-shirt (I.e. read pyjamas) navel-gazing about the meaning of life. It seems by default that social media will only reveal one aspect of our polarised existence, and that’s our happy, successful side.

I haven’t seen too many (any at all!) selfies in the bathroom mirror at 6am with bags under your eyes, hair like a birds nest, spots on your face and bloodshot eyes after a restless nights sleep grappling with a busy mind and a bombardment of EMF’s into your brain all night supported by ensuing hashtags #lovemylife #feelawesome. What you will get is a cheeky snap of someone in the mirror of their apartment block lift dressed to the nines, made up like a supermodel and on their way to the opening of a new restaurant. #rockstar #glamourlife

Up until now on the days that I don’t feel completely blissed out and eternally grateful for life I simply don’t post. But then this is extreme filtering and not really representing my true life. Do you want to hear about the mundane dull days where nothing much is going on and I am just getting through it as best I can? I doubt it. So how do we proceed into this new frontier of documenting all aspects of our life? I know some friends that post 1 photo a day and 6-10 story videos each and every day! And in each one they are doing epic things and they look like they are living a perfect life. In reality I know this isn’t the case and what it has the potential to do is make other people feel like their life is substandard in relative terms.

I don’t have the answer…. I’m simply asking questions. Perhaps you have more insight into this? Please share, as I’d love to open up a discussion below on the role of social media and how it might be causing an undercurrent of discontent and disconnect.

7 Of The Most Important Things I Learned In 50 Years Living On This Planet

poumb4uepw1mutoI’ve been in this body and on this planet for 50 years today. It’s been an interesting journey, with many delights and some challenging times too. Through all those years I’ve learnt plenty of things and today I will share with you 7 of the biggest lessons that I have learnt:

1. Seeking pleasure from outcomes also leads to pain and finding pain in an outcome, also has within it some pleasure. There is a polarity in life of pain and pleasure, just as there are peaks and troughs on the surface of the ocean. Each experience in life we can find this polarity if we look hard enough. Only a few days ago we had our car broken into here in the USA. My crew member had their passport, wallet, laptop and camera stolen. She was understandably distraught. We sat down, calmed, and I showed her the polarity. She was surrounded by my love and support than ever before, she will receive an upgraded laptop and camera, which she was overdue. It was there when we stopped and looked for it.

2. Optimal health is an ongoing process that requires daily vigilance. At 50 I feel healthier and stronger than ever before. However that didn’t just happen. I am more committed and mindful of my body than ever before. The human body has limitations, however maintaining health is possible for most of us (yes there are some more challenging circumstances for others which I respect); it just requires commitment to it. Drinking lots of purified water, exercising, eating whole foods, stretching and having fun with what you eat will be a great basis for health. Its not really that complicated.

3. I will always be learning. I thought once when I started meditating that I will get to a point and hurrah, enlightenment appears. I now realise that learning and evolving is a constant process that will never stop. Each day I find lessons in life and I continue to peel back layers to go deeper into finding me, Truth, God, Love and Light.

4. Be humble. The ego is a pesky thing that rears its head and can control your life. It likes to be seen, it likes to be recognised and receive accolades. The ego is not me, nor you. It’s a false identity. When I dissolve that narcissistic ego, humility prevails.

5. Learn to live with the encouragement of discontentment. I’ve lived with a slight discontent most of my life. I have intentions to get to a particular point in my life, and then when I get there, I feel urged to go to another one. Yeh I know, this is not very Eckhart Tolle and in the NOW, it’s not very spiritual either. But it’s who I am. Many years ago I wanted to find a good job. I found one. Then I wanted to leave that job. I did that. Then I wanted a family. I did that. Then I wanted to become a teacher, then make a movie, then finish a movie…on and on. Now I see this as a force of the Universe that inspires change. I’m reconciled to it and it’s ok. It’s a source of inspiration and encouragement.

6. There is a force, an energy, a natural law, a God…what ever you want to call it that is never letting you get away with anything. Whatever energy I give out, it gives it back to me. When I am in service, and selflessly giving kindness, love and compassion, things flow beautifully. When I am seeking something selfishly to feed a needy ego, then whack, I get slapped in some way, somehow. It never fails. It is my constant guide for my many screw-ups and as painful as those lessons are, I have always needed them.

7. Love isn’t something I get or need; it’s the essence of who I am. For many years in my life I hungered to receive love. I sought it in places that love didn’t exist and it led to more darkness. Slowly, over time I am finding that love is my Truth, it’s my essence, and it’s the core of who I am. It’s very easy to get distracted from that, and look for it outside of us, and even when we find it within, sometimes we lose that connection again. Suffering is our disconnect from who we are….LOVE.

There are plenty more, I could go on…life is rich in wisdom and the journey is to find it. But these are some of the biggy’s. Perhaps you have some that you might like to add below in the comments? And here’s to the next remarkably joyous, loving and wonderful 50 years in a body on this incredibly beautiful, complex and diverse planet.

The One Thing You Need To Do To Find Happiness

happinessYou want happiness right? Isn’t this what drives us in all of our actions? Well you’re about to find out the one thing that you need to do to find happiness and why for most people it’s incredibly hard to find.
It’s deeply programmed into our psyche that getting happiness comes from getting ‘things’. If we aren’t happy, then we need to get more ‘things’. If you have the ‘things’ you thought would bring you happiness and you still don’t have happiness, then you simply go out and get MORE ‘things’. This is what they called ‘shopping therapy ‘ right?

A while ago we surveyed our audience to ask them what they were looking for most. We had a huge response and what we received astonished us. Our audience mostly wanted to manifest more wealth, then after that they wanted to have healthy, loving relationships, then the next highest, in third place, was to find their life purpose and a successful career. In fourth place was happiness. WHAT??? FOURTH!??? Seriously?

Then we delved deeper into the psychology of this and we realised that those surveyed most probably felt that if they had 1, 2 or 3 then they would find happiness anyway. They no doubt thought getting those ‘things’ would lead to happiness, which is why happiness was further down the list.

The challenge with trying to get those things is that it can exhaust us. More and more in today’s world we are trying harder and faster to get those ‘things’ and in the process we are getting highly stressed. I presented a talk the other day in front of 220 people and I asked them to be very honest with me and put up your hand if you were stressed, tired, anxious, or depressed. Guess how many put up their hand? About 90% of the room!

Here’s the catch, in the process of trying to get the ‘things’ we have become exhausted and stressed, which ironically prevents us form feeling happy when and IF we do get the ‘things’. The greatest barrier to you feeling happy isn’t whether or not you get the things, its STRESS. Recently I had a stress response in my body because of some circumstance that I was facing. Immediately I noticed that my whole body shifted. The feeling of lightness and happiness dissolved and fear and anxiety kicked in as my body was flooded with biochemical’s of adrenalin and cortisol. It’s a beautiful design by our body to protect us from danger. Your body will shut down happy biochemical’s like serotonin and produce fight-flight biochemical’s like cortisol. WHOOSHKA…. there goes happiness. The two cannot co-exist. Nup, not possible. Unlike Abott and Costello stress and happiness don’t go together.

So if you are struggling to find happiness in your life, the first step would be to eliminate the stress response. Please note, I didn’t say eliminate the thing that you feel might be causing the stress. This doesn’t mean get rid of your partner, your job or your latest wardrobe, it means getting rid of the response that your body is having to the circumstance, whether it is the past, present OR future. Stress is a response in your body and it’s something that with mindfulness, strategies and vigilance, you can eliminate.

Here are some strategies that can help you eliminate the stress response in your body so that you can coherently and non reactively make smarter choices about the direction of your life.

1. Reduce the amount of screen time on your smart phone. (How can a smart phone create stress? Its constantly overstimulation your nervous system making it less resilient and more reactive to when situations arise that are challenging.)

2. Take time out each day to pause, and let your mind, body and nervous system recalibrate. This can involve sitting in the sun, lying on grass, being in Nature and just pausing

3. Being physically active. Burning up that adrenalin through a big work out, run, swim, or bike ride is a great way to eliminate stress. We are living very sedentary lives by sitting at computers all day and then going home and sitting on the sofa. This is a sure fire way to build up cortisol and adrenalin and increase stress. Daily physical exertion is a great antidote to stress.

4. Sleep. LOTS and LOTS of sleep! Yep we are so sleep deprived it’s just not funny. Most of my students fall asleep in their first few meditations because their bodies are SO tired. 7-8 hours a night minus and if possibly naps in the day or weekends plays a big part in eliminating stress. Ideally shut off all technology and get to bed by 10pm at latest for a good nights sleep.

5. Stretch. Stress tightens the body and this compounds the stress response in the body. It’s like a snowball effect. Stretching and yoga play a big part in opening up the body, releasing tension and overriding that fight flight response in the body.

6. Meditation. Whatever your practice of meditation is, doing something is better than nothing. Even if it’s for a few minutes throughout the day. Ideally if you can find a deep transcending style meditation with a mantra that will take your mind and body into profoundly deep states of rest will be very effective in eliminating stress from your life.

Happiness is available to you, however stress will be the greatest barrier to you finding it. You can have all the ‘things’ you ever wanted, but if you are stressed, forget being happy about it! It just won’t happen. Get rid of the stress response in your body and watch how much better you will feel in life. Small things like the warm sun on your cheek, a hot shower, a cup of tea or a hug from your kids will bring you sheer delight when there is no stress to impede it. Why? Because your happiness is inside you and those simple things remind you of it.


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Why Awareness About Mental Health Simply Isn’t Enough

smilingIn the last few years in Australia we’ve seen a rapid increase in organisations specialising in mental health awareness. Some are privately run through sponsorship funding and some governmentally funded. What’s inspired this growth is the dramatic increase in poor mental health in our society. These bodies are reportedly seeing huge increases in anxiety and depression across the population.

On one hand it is great that we are bringing awareness to this issue, but on the other hand, the question is….What are they doing about resolving the issue? Have we seen a decrease since these organisations have appeared on the scene or has the issue continued to balloon?

I applied as a speaker at one of the organisations a while ago, offering my services to support those who may have suffered with anxiety or depression. In the interview process, they asked me what sort of topics I would be discussing in my presentations, to which I replied:
“Effective strategies to overcome the debilitating effects of anxiety, panic and depression.”

“Oh No. We don’t like to discuss strategies, we are about awareness.” They replied.

I was a bit confused.

What does awareness alone do to help people recover from a lack of mental health? Don’t these people need strategies and a process to go through to help them recover and regain their mental health back? Apparently this was not what this incredibly well funded organisation was about.

Needless to say, they declined my application.

If someone sat down in front of you and they said they were physically unhealthy, would you talk about it or propose some steps they take to improve their health? No doubt, you might suggest they exercise 3 times a week, make veggie juices, go to bed before 10pm, stretch 2-3 times a week, drink 2 litres of filtered water a day, avoid drinking too much alcohol, decrease their sugar, gluten and processed foods.

It wouldn’t be a complex process but one that once applied would certainly bring about an improvement in someone’s physical health. It shouldn’t require huge amounts of discussion and awareness, just being proactive and empowered in making choices and presenting an option. Once they take that option and embark on those steps, invariably we see their physical health improve.

The very same goes for mental health. Being mentally healthy is a process. It requires action. It requires processes. It’s not complicated to get the basics of mental health. The foundation of being mentally healthy is quite simple and presenting the options to those suffering is the key to improving someone’s state of mind.

I once had very poor mental health. It’s certainly better these days than where it was. Is it perfect? No, I’m not sure we can reach perfect mental health. Are we ever going to feel happy all the time? (Maybe the Dalai Lama?? Even there I’d be surprised.) But by taking a series of steps and continuing with them daily I found that my mental health improved dramatically. So if someone does have a lack of mental health, what steps could they take to improve the health of their mind?

1. Read self-help books daily: There’s a Sanskrit phrase, yad bhavam tat bhavati which means what we think we become. By reading positive self-help books we continuously over-ride those negative conditioned thoughts in our mind.

2. Meditate daily or ideally twice a day: Meditation is like going to the gym for your body. It’s a work out and will help develop the mind into more positive space. Science has revealed that meditation increases grey matter, and the biochemical’s of serotonin and oxytocin that help you feel happy and calm. Meditation also helps move the body out of sympathetic nervous system state and into parasympathetic nervous system where it restores balance.

3. See naturopath and get your gut health checked: The gut is considered the second brain and if we have poor gut health this can affect our moods, leading to anxiety and depression. Issues like low healthy gut flora, inflammation and lack of nutrients all influence our mental health.

4. Avoid negative media and as much as possible, negative people: As per point #1, constantly being around people and reading media that is filled with negativity will affect your thoughts and your mental health. This isn’t always as easy to do, however where possible, make mindful choices about engaging in negative gossip, discussions and watching only the negative aspects of global news. There is a lot of good going on out there as well, only it doesn’t sell as well as negative news!

5. Gratitude daily: When we feel gratitude for the good things in our life it immediately changes how we feel. It’s much easier to see the negative things in our life than the good things, so it will require a structured process. I have gratitude journal by my bedside that I write 10 things I’m grateful for that day. It can be a small as having a hot shower, the warmth and light from the sun, the oxygen provided by the trees or your family.

6. Avoiding technology and going to sleep by 10pm: A good night sleep is crucial for mental health. The mind is a muscle and if it gets overworked it gets worn out and tired. Providing sufficient time each day for the mind and body to repair is key to good mental health.

7. Eating more organic healthy wholefoods: The brain needs to be fed nutrients and minerals to be healthy. If it’s starved it will suffer. I don’t subscribe to diets, but I do like to eat nutritious whole foods preferably locally sourced from my weekly growers market. Another way to feed the brain is with the powerful micro-nutrients found in Q96 Empowerplus. The vitamins and minerals feed the brain helping to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and panic.

8. Exercise: Yes this is a physical practice that will help physical health but it has been proven to also help mental health. When we exercise we release healthy endorphins into our body, increases serotonin, and reduces inflammation by detoxing through sweating.

Mental health means just that, a healthy state of mind. To achieve physical health, requires a regular regime or process, and the same too for mental health. We need to be proactive and embrace daily actions that constantly improve our state of mind. Bringing awareness about the poor state of mental health in our society, I’m all for that, but can we also offer options and strategies to help us all continuously achieve good mental health?


If you would like to learn to meditate and have yet to find a technique that you can truly go deep and find inner calm, then try our 21 day meditation program called Faster Deeper Bliss. This program has been changing lives all over the world with people like Clare saying:

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Then a gentleman called Thomas emailed me to say:
“Your meditation program with Tom is an answer to years of prayers.  Thank you!”
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What To Do When You Are Not Where You Want To Be

Sometimes you might feel like you could be so much further along your path than where you are right now. Is this you? I certainly recall the inner angst of wanting to be beyond suffering and reach some fantastical nirvana that I had pictured in my mind. I pushed myself so hard doing course after course and devouring book after book to try to ‘get there’. Well in today’s clip I share with you some insights around how to make the process a little more enjoyable and ease off the frustration.

Enjoy and I’d love to hear your thoughts below 🙂

Peace and light,


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How To Deal With Fear And Sadness

No doubt you have had times, or currently right now, you feel the emotions of fear and sadness. These emotions bubble up often in our lives however we feel incredibly uncomfortable when they do. So much so they we do all sorts of things to remove that feeling. Often we numb ourselves with alcohol, drugs and addictions or we find things to do to distract us from feeling it. Yet ironically at the same time, people all over the world our doing things to inspire that feeling in them like scary fun park rides or sad movies.  In this video I discuss the phenomenon and offer some thoughts on how you might be able to deal with this emotion in a healthy way.


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7 Super Sonic Tips For Overcoming the Cold and Flu

healthyYou might remember years ago how a cold or flu would last a few days and then it was gone? (Admittedly I’m going waaaay back when I was a kid here.) Well I’ve noticed these days’ colds and flu’s seem to last weeks! We recently had a big spate of colds and flu go through Sydney and it didn’t skip past me either and one thing that amazed me was when I asked people how they were treating it I received 1 of three responses:
1. Nothing
2. Taking Coldral or Sudafed
3. Eating an orange
So today I’m going to share with you my supersonic tips for knocking a cold or flu out within a matter of a few days (Just like the old days!) Oh and these tips will be more effective the sooner you act with the onset of any cold and flu like symptoms.
1. Rest: The reason your body is sick is because it’s run down and it’s your body’s way of saying “You need to pause and rest.” It makes me laugh to see a recent advertisement for Codral cold and flu tablets where one woman is shown to have obvious signs of a cold, then she takes a Codral and with the jingle of “Soldier on with Codral, soldier on” she then proceeds to go swimming in a pool doing laps! With a cold and flu?? Seriously??? Get some rest, you’re body will love you for it.
2. High Doses of Vitamin C: One orange contains about 70mg of vitamin C in it. To really boost your immune system when it is at its low point during a cold or flu you are going to need to give your body a high dose of vitamin C. Some sources suggest 1000mg to maintain daily well-being and between 2000 and 6000mg a day to defend an existing cold or flu is recommended. The thing with vitamin C is that if your body doesn’t need the excess, it will simply flush it out when you go to the toilet.
3. Herbal Tonic: If you are in local distance to a naturopath or good pharmacist, you could do yourself a favour and get a tonic made up to store in your home for times like this. A powerful immune boosting tonic that I use is one comprised of Echinacea, olive leaf and andrographis. These three herbs combine to make a potent booster to your immune system to ward off the cold and flu.
4. Garlic: This simple spice will do wonders for your immune system! The respected research organisation Cochrane Database revealed in a study that those who took garlic daily had fewer symptoms of colds than those on placebo and when they did get colds they lasted for a shorter period of time. You might not smell so good however you will feel better quickly!
5. Water: When you feel sick you tend to not get as thirsty, usually because you are doing less activity and exercise. However it’s during this time that you really want to hydrate your body and help it flush out those toxins. There are mixed opinions as to how much water you should drink a day however in my research I have found that 2-3 litres a day will help you feel better.
6. Meditate: Deep restful meditations like Vedic Meditation or my Faster Deeper Bliss meditation will take the body into a restorative state of relaxation. This deep rest in meditation is a powerful healer during times of sickness. Usually it is recommended to meditate twice a day, however during times of sickness you could meditate as often as you like. This will lengthen your telomerase; increase your oxytocin and serotonin levels boosting your immune system.
7. Visualisation: Usually when we start getting sick people will say things like “I’m coming down with the cold or flu.” There is a Sanskrit saying ‘yadbhavam tat bhavati’ which means what we thing we become. So if you think this and wallow in it then you will become it. To shorten the length of the cold and flu, trying imagining yourself being healthy and vibrant. Really hold that vision long and hard after your deep meditation session. Of course you won’t feel healthy initially this but if you really focus hard on visualising and feeling it, then you will change direction you are travelling in and come out of the sickness more quickly. I’ve used this many times and been astonished at the results!
So there you have 7 tips to help you move through a cold and flu quickly! Give these a try and let me know how you go. And if you have any other tips to help recover quickly, please share them below, we’d love to hear them.



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Diets & Detoxes for The Mind


istock_000013485370smallYou’ve probably heard of the Atkins diet, the South Beach diet, the raw diet, the juice diet, the low carb diet and hundreds of other diets.

Then there’s the juice detox, the cabbage soup detox, the raw detox, the 3 day detox the 15 day detox and hundred of other detoxes.

These days there is a big shift towards dieting and detoxing our bodies, and rightfully so, as they hoard toxins and pollutants which need to be eliminated.

But what about the mind?

Have you noticed that the mind also is a storage house for unwanted material? Do we ever consider doing a detox of the mind and clearing out the clutter and junk?

Think of it like going through your in box and removing all the spam, junk and unwanted emails.

We have between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts a day and 85% of them are recurring thoughts from the day before. We are constantly regurgitating the same thoughts over and over again. A lot of those thoughts are negative , self doubting and limiting thoughts that create tight restrictions around the life we are able to create.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do a daily detox to purify the mind and create some space to allow more creative positive thoughts to come through?

I do a detox of the mind twice a day. Once in the morning for 20 minutes and once in the afternoon for 20 minutes. During this detox I sit comfortably, in a quiet place where I won’t be disturbed, close my eyes, and for 20 minutes I repeat a very subtle primordial sound quietly inside my head.

The repetition of this sound quietens the mind and removes the clutter and chatter that clogs up the mind.

In that stillness of the mind, my consciousness connects with a deeper more profound level of awareness, one would say, the Source of thought… Pure Consciousness.

That subtle connection with that field is like dipping a cloth in some dye,  and the mind returns to the surface levels of active thought etched in the colour of that unlimited creative potential.

After this detox I feel refreshed, my mind is clear and I feel more aware and conscious. Its like I’ve deleted all the unwanted emails in my inbox.

This might help you upgrade your mind. Here you can get our free book of inspiring quotes from The Dalai Lama, Buddha and Lao Tzu to elevate your day! Click below and we will send you the book immediately.

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Struggling To Forgive Someone? Try This Shortcut…


If you have pain in your heart, and feel you need to forgive someone so that you can move on but can’t, then you might like to read this.

First though, I’d like to ask you a question…why do you want to forgive this person? What is your real objective if you were able to forgive them? Are you clear about what you really want? Is it to forgive, or is there something deeper that you are seeking?

I recently had a student in a state of confusion and disharmony come to me looking for guidance. They felt so much hurt and wanted to move on, but couldn’t get over the hurdle of not being able to forgive this person for the pain they caused in them.

“Why do you want to forgive them? Tell me what you really want.” I asked.
“I don’t want to cry any more.” They said
“Well that’s not what you want, that’s what you don’t want. Try again…What do you really want?”
“I don’t want to feel sad anymore.”
“You’re doing it again” I said. “Tell me what you really want”
“I don’t want to feel the burden.”
“Doing it again…”
“I don’t want…umm….”

Yes this actually went on for a while!

Notice how hard it was for them to actually be really clear about what they want, when it was so easy for them to put their attention on what they DON’T want?

If you feel you need to forgive someone, then the question is….why? What is the real reason you want to forgive someone? Often the reason we can’t forgive is because we feel we are letting them off without any punishment. Feeling angry towards someone is our way of punishing them and letting them know they did something wrong to us. The catch is if we feel angry, the person who is truly being punished is the person feeling the anger. This is usually why forgiving someone is so hard. We become attached to the anger, not willing to let it go, in case the other person will think they got away with something. Yet all the while we are poisoning our own body with the toxic low grade energy of anger. The entire body is changing its energetic state with this anger. This leads to all sorts of dis-ease and abnormalities in the body. Which brings us to the question….what do you really want to feel? Is your priority making them feel bad, or you feeling amazing?

Jerry Seinfeld once said “the best revenge was to be happy.” Admittedly he said this in a stand up comedy routine however there is a lot of merit in it. Not that we are out for revenge, but one thing we are here to do is to live life in the most joyful, loving and blissful way possible. Feeling anger, hurt and resentment for years is not an inspiring life.

“What do you really want to feel?”

I asked them again and again and finally the answer dropped.


YES!!! You want to feel love! Why? Because you want to feel YOU. You want to feel your essence. You want to feel your Truth. You want to feel the very core of who you are. Anita Moorjani, Author of Dying to Be Me says:
“I knew that was really the only purpose of life: to be our self, live our truth, and be the love that we are.”

You don’t really want to forgive, what you are yearning at your deepest level is to feel LOVE. So let go of the attachment to need to forgive and go straight to the source. FEEL LOVE. At this point, the need for forgiveness dissolves, because you have found what you were ultimately looking for anyway.

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