Why Did This Facebook Post About Not Posting Have More Likes Than Any Other Post?

It’s ironic isn’t it? I post about how I didn’t feel like posting on Instagram and Facebook and I get more likes and comments on that post than any other post I’d put out. Life is such a polarity yeh?! Why did this post get so much traction?

In the post I explained that I had experienced a number of events and experiences that were confronting and challenging, and this inspired me to go inward, to pull back, and be introspective. As a meditation teacher there is often a preconceived idea that you are blissed out and exuding love and light all day every day. Well not only is this not the case for me, it seems it is not the case for any teacher, leader or sage that I had come across in my travels and research. Even great enlightened Masters like Paramahansa Yoganada, Ram Dass, Jesus Christ, Buddha and Osho revealed their own inner conflict at times on their path.

For this reason I felt compelled to put the post out there. I grappled with it for a couple of days before posting it. Did I really want to show my vulnerability? Did I really want to expose myself like that? Did I want to pull everyone else into my story? Well interestingly what this post inspired was a huge opening of discussion and heart felt support. Support not just for my own current situation but also support for being open, raw, real and vulnerable.

It felt to me that the one thing people are appreciating more is realness and authenticity. It’s all too easy to share our joyous moments drinking turmeric chai lattes at sunrise on a beach, some awesome yoga pose on the edge of a forest at sunset or drinking champagne in your business class seat on your way to Maui! How do we manage social media and the realness of life? I’ve grappled with this for a while. How do I find balance in what I share? Obviously we don’t want to be posting our drab days sulking around the house in our worn out tracksuit pants and t-shirt (I.e. read pyjamas) navel-gazing about the meaning of life. It seems by default that social media will only reveal one aspect of our polarised existence, and that’s our happy, successful side.

I haven’t seen too many (any at all!) selfies in the bathroom mirror at 6am with bags under your eyes, hair like a birds nest, spots on your face and bloodshot eyes after a restless nights sleep grappling with a busy mind and a bombardment of EMF’s into your brain all night supported by ensuing hashtags #lovemylife #feelawesome. What you will get is a cheeky snap of someone in the mirror of their apartment block lift dressed to the nines, made up like a supermodel and on their way to the opening of a new restaurant. #rockstar #glamourlife

Up until now on the days that I don’t feel completely blissed out and eternally grateful for life I simply don’t post. But then this is extreme filtering and not really representing my true life. Do you want to hear about the mundane dull days where nothing much is going on and I am just getting through it as best I can? I doubt it. So how do we proceed into this new frontier of documenting all aspects of our life? I know some friends that post 1 photo a day and 6-10 story videos each and every day! And in each one they are doing epic things and they look like they are living a perfect life. In reality I know this isn’t the case and what it has the potential to do is make other people feel like their life is substandard in relative terms.

I don’t have the answer…. I’m simply asking questions. Perhaps you have more insight into this? Please share, as I’d love to open up a discussion below on the role of social media and how it might be causing an undercurrent of discontent and disconnect.

7 Tips To Make 2018 A Cracking Year!!!

2018Now we are on the cusp of 2018 it’s time to sit down and ask yourself, how can I make this coming year a hugely successful year on ALL levels? Do you just let it unravel and ‘see what happens’ or map it out and be the creator of it. I’ve mentioned before the Sanskrit phrase yad bhavam tat bhavati which means what we think we become. It all starts here, with the thought, the intention and the vision. Then the manifestation of that thought into reality is what follows next.

Making 2018 a great year is going to require some planning AND action. I like to put aside a morning or afternoon to dedicate some time solely to laying out my vision for the year ahead and getting clear on how I would like that year to unfold. It’s a process that requires a few stages so I have outlined 7 tips on how to create a magnificent 2018.

1. OBSERVE. Observe 2017 and ask what would you have changed about it? Einstein once said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. So if there are things that you didn’t like in 2017, and you don’t assess them and use that information to create change, then it could well be that similar experiences will re-ocurr in 2018. So scan back through the year and pin point the experiences or results that you would like to address or change so that they don’t reappear in the following year. Now I need to make a point here that this is not to look back with regret, pain, shame or suffering, rather look back from a place of learning, growth and possibility.

2. GOALS. Write down what your BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL is for 2018. This is the one big thing that you would like to see happen by the end of 2018. It will be the one thing that in December 2018 you will be able to say, “YES! I did it!!” and possibly even do a fist pump at the same time having known you really stepped up and achieved something that was a great accomplishment! Think BIG!

3. FEEL IT. Feel like it’s already happened. Say what? Yes, to attract what you want, you need to be energetically aligned to the thing that you are attracting. So if you want to attract abundance, you will need to stop feeling poor. If you want to be in a loving relationship, then start by being loving. Your feelings are like a wifi signal that emit out into the ether and it draws into you similar energies or vibrations. This is one of the more challenging aspects of this process because generally our feelings are a result of our past experiences and if we haven’t had the experience then how do we know what it feels like? This is where your imagination will have to come in. I had a client who wanted to buy a house in a beach side town. They loved the idea but never imagined it would ever come true. I had them everyday imagine they walked from their home to the beach each morning and felt the sand between their toes and the sun on their skin and the sea breeze in their face. And within a year they had bought their home by the sea and were living that reality. We were given an imagination for a reason!

4. PLAN. Time can fly by and before you know it very little has been done to manifest your new reality. Each week you will have to carve out some time to make sure that your vision actually goes from a thought to a reality. I like to print off a weekly calendar and highlight the times that I will be dedicating to enhance certain areas of my life and also to assess my goals and check they are still on track. This can look like blocking out 3 mornings a week for a gym workout or yoga class. Sunday nights might be a 1-hour vision assessment session. Monday evening could be dedicated to going through your banking, bills and finances. Once you segment and allocate the time for these things it takes the stress out of having to get around to doing them and also brings more order to your process of achieving your goals.

5. READ. There are thousands of great self help books to help you continue to expand your thinking and keep it positive and productive. Where your attention goes it grows. So if your mind is engaged in a positive self-help book it will be upgrading your thoughts a whole lot more than a trashy Netflix series. You could pick 12 books that you want to read that year and aim for one a month. Some suggestions to get you started are: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra and The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles.

6. MEDITATE. One of the most important things I feel you could do if you aren’t already doing it is meditate everyday. Meditation contributes to every area of your life from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. But when it comes to expanding your perspective of who you are and what’s possible for in 2018, then meditation will play a big part. When you meditate your mind liberates itself from deep conditioning of old patterns of thinking that can hold you back with self-doubt and unworthiness. In meditation you may experience impulses of creativity and bursts of ideas that flow through you. Things like writing a book, a business idea or an impulse for an investment. Meditation isn’t about renouncing the world and having nothing, it’s a tool to help you tap into your creative potential and live a full life.

7. ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER. Find yourself an accountability partner who will check in with you regularly to make sure you are on track. It’s very easy to start on January 1st, 2018 with all the best intentions. Ideas are easy. Action, that’s another thing altogether. Action takes time and effort. To create a great successful life we will have to do things that you simply won’t feel compelled to do which means that often you will naturally take the easiest option which won’t always be the best option. An accountability partner is someone that you could meet once a month and assess each other’s progress. This might sound laborious however it does have huge benefits to it. Another option is to find a good coach that will do this job for you.

So here we are, farewelling 2017 and embracing a new year. A year that will have twists and turns, unmet expectations, highs and lows. It won’t be perfect and it will present challenges. There will also be magical moments of such beauty, simplicity and joy. I wish you a wonderful year ahead. Thanks for being with us on this journey through 2017. Here’s to making the planet a better place to live for all species in 2018.

How To Create A Life Of Purpose

Crawling out of bed each day to face another day at work feeling bored, lacking vitality and meaning in your life is not the greatest way to start your day. If this is you, then it’s time to discover your purpose in life. Anthony Robbins says that humans have 6 major needs.
1. Certainty
2. Uncertainty
3. Love/Connection
4. Growth
5. Significance
And lastly, one that often left out, is Contribution. When we feel we are contributing in some way to the world being a better place, we feel more energised, motivated and inspired in our lives. I know this all too well having spent many years in finance with the sole goal of making a shit load of money. It wasn’t until I felt completely unmotivated, depressed and stressed in the process of trying to do this that I discovered this wasn’t the way to live my life.

For many people it can be daunting trying to take those first steps to finding a purpose in life. They have such big goals that can take many years to realise and so often will give up. In this short clip I share some simple ways to add more purpose in your life and make this a fun and simpler process.

Check it out here…


The Empowerment Series consists of 3 one hour power-packed audios on Finding Love, Manifesting Abundance and Discovering Your Life Purpose. You will not only receive the three downloadable audios, but also get the ebook versions and a companion book to capture those big nuggets of gold that will transform your life.

The Empowerment Series has been empowering and elevating people all over the world with comments like Susana who said:

“I wanted to express my gratitude to you as you have open a door to something I have been trying to reach for a long time: Myself, my inner strength. Your empowerment series talked straight to my heart and inspired me to be love. So thank you, thank you, thank you for all your hard work and for putting all that knowledge in such a beautiful and simple way.”

And then Joseph D said “The possibility of loving yourself unconditionally, creating abundance and understanding your life purpose has been brought to life through the empowerment series. Congratulations Tom, the world needs to hear this.”
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How To Have Your Own Easter Resurrection

Jesus-Resurrection-Walking-out-of-Tomb-900It’s a pretty remarkable story isn’t it? That someone was killed by being nailed to wood and stabbed in the heart then three days later he was seen again walking around the streets? I mean seriously, this is some pretty out there stuff! Really, without the ‘seen again walking around the streets’ part to the story after his death, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be celebrating 4 days holiday and a bunch of chocolate eggs would we? It would be just some guy that said things that the Roman Government didn’t like, they decided to quieten this troublemaker, and then no one would have heard of him again.

Although I was always curious as to why we didn’t hear much more about this person three days later while he was walking around after his death? Like what happened to him 2 weeks, a month, or years later after he resurrected from the dead? Didn’t the Romans want to kill him again? How did he die again after that, or where did he go? If he appeared to the disciples why did he not appear to the Romans? Was he ascended as a soul and no longer physical at all? So many questions…

But in essence, do we need to answer them or can we simply take what valuable insights there are from this Easter story and apply it to our own lives in a way that will add immense value not only to us but those around us? The gist of the story is that there was a resurrection, a return to life from a seemingly dead position. What if we can go through our own metaphoric resurrection when we transform from a dark space of tragedy to a realm of light and love? Can this be our own resurrection of sorts? Perhaps you have already had one, where you had been in a dark tragic circumstance then rose out of the darkness and rebuilt your life with a new awareness and way of living, one based on compassion and love, one on empowerment and vision.

Recently I have met many people who are suffering. I know many of you are facing challenging times. What lies beyond this moment of that dark night of the soul for you? What can you do to have your own resurrection? I always see a big shift in my coaching clients when they shift their awareness from the past of being a victim to the future, where they are empowered with their own choices and change how they feel. It’s often easier to keep looking back at what was, and be influenced by those past circumstances. These situations are very affecting on us, leaving what is called in Sanskrit samscaras. These are deep wounds that leave an imprint that binds and can continue to affect us for many years, if not our entire life when they go unchecked.

Samscaras don’t have to be for life though. Each day our body is replacing cells and our mind is a malleable software that is upgradable. Which means our software and hardware, (ie, our mind and body)  is changeable. We are adaptable and where we are today doesn’t have to be where we will be tomorrow. Something amazing happens when we redirect our attention to what will be. Ask yourself deeply, what would you like to feel? Then take the progressive steps to make this become your new reality. Are you choosing health? Are you choosing love? Are you choosing kindness? Are you choosing compassion?

Beyond our stories and busy mind is a deep sweet serenity of stillness. A calm that heals and nurtures our body. It’s restorative. Of course, the ego doesn’t enjoy this, it’s like a death of sorts for the ego when the mind enters the silent void. And the ego will fight for its existence, it will throw everything at you to stop this silence occurring. “Don’t dare ignore me” it will scream at you in various ways. Yet when you dive into the bliss of Being, the ego surrenders and you are left with your Unbounded Glory of Divine Self. It takes time, have patience, and this Easter, pause, take time out and let go. We have a four day celebration, not for religion, but to celebrate life, rebirth, and transformation. Make this one yours. To me, that is a resurrection worth talking about.


If you feel you would like some support with your transformation, then our Inner Sanctum monthly meditation coaching sessions might be for you. These monthly coaching sessions are becoming a huge hit around the world! Find out more below. Our last session had a big response with attendees saying:
“Your description of deep transcendence brings me to tears.”
“Wow, Magnificent! Thank you Tom.”
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“I always feel so invigorated after these sessions, thank you Tom!”


This Buddhist Saying Changed My Life!

No doubt you are, or have been, through some difficult times in your life. Often when we pass through these times a common question is “Why me??” and we slip into a deep malaise and heaviness in life.

Well I can certainly relate. However when I came across a Buddhist saying all of that changed. I started to see my difficult times in a different light. I could see a  pattern forming where I would be in a difficult period of my life and I would seek more answers, I would go deeper with my meditation (in fact it was a difficult time that even lead me to meditation!), I would read more spiritual and self-help books, and I would seek guidance from teachers. Once I was able to recognise this pattern and see how it aligned to this Buddhist saying I related to those challenges very differently. Watch this video and I’ll explain it further…


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My Top 10 Recommended Films

A while ago I shared with you my top 10 books, and since then I have been asked numerous times to share any recommended films. So today I’ve got a list of 10 films that had a significant impact on my life. Of course, just like books, it’s subjective so I’d love to hear from you if you have any other films that you could recommend by listing them at the bottom.


Here we go, and not in any particular order:


Baraka1. Baraka: A deeply meditative look into life here on the planet. There is no speaking in this film so let yourself go and immerse in the beautiful meditation.

American_Beauty_poster2. American Beauty: A dark humorous insight into American life. One scene to keep your eye out for is the flying plastic bag scene where he says: “that’s the day I realised there was this entire life behind things, a benevolent force that wanted me to know that there was no reason to be afraid….ever!”

Samsara_film3. Samsara: There are two Samsara’s. One by the team who did Baraka, but it’s not that one, even though that Samsara is beautiful. The other Samsara is a difficult to find Tibetan film about a monk who struggles with desire and monk life. He withdraws from the monastery to live a householder life, only to be faced with further challenges. The opening scene of him meditating in the cave is amazing!!

The_Matrix_Poster4. The Matrix: A supreme film about the relative field of life and how much it pulls us in to believing it is all of reality. As Morpheus will ask Neo: “Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?” Loved this film!

the-secret-2006-film5. The Secret: Wonderfully directed by my good friend Drew heriot, who brings the esoteric concept of the laws of attraction into the mainstream. One quote from the film says it all “Whatever is going on in your mind is what you are attracting.”

bleep6. What The Bleep Do We Know: In short, it will expand your mind about what’s real. It will challenge your perspective of Reality. Joe Dispenza was brilliant.

Lucy_(2014_film)_poster7. Lucy: This film can be perceived on many levels. Yes there are attractive women in tight white t-shirts, car chases, drugs and guns. However on a deeper level it explores the advanced states of consciousness and what’s possible when we use more of our brain.

Zeitgeist-themovie8. Zeitgeist: A three film series that challenges ideas around religion, September 11, and the banking system. The latter of the two films look at proposals for social and economic change. Not for everyone, but worth exploring.

truth9. An Inconvenient Truth: Al Gore finds his calling after politics to help us wake up and realise that there is an environmental issue unfolding here on the planet. “Future generations may well have occasion to ask themselves, “What were our parents thinking? Why didn’t they wake up when they had a chance?” We have to hear that question from them, now.” Essential viewing.

FM10. Foodmatters: James and Laurentine Colquhoun produce a powerful film about our diet and how our food is our medicine. This film should be in the school curriculum!

There you have it. Of course there are plenty more amazing films out there, so please share with us what others you feel could be added to this list. We’d love to hear from you.


How A Mother Of 4 Changed Thousands Of Lives In Africa With One Thought

It never ceases to amaze me the power of the mind and manifestation!

Today I share with you a beautiful story of a good friend of mine, Cassandra Treadwell, a mother of 4 children, who with one single thought, decided one sunny day here in Sydney Australia, that she would like to go to Africa and help relieve the situation of poverty there.

From that fleeting impulse of intelligence that travelled across her brain, the lives of thousands of children and families in Kenya are changed for the better!

Click the video to be inspired by this woman and realise the power of our thoughts and actions that can change the world.

Please, feel free to share with us any other amazing stories of inspiration below…we’d love to hear more of these stories! One thing about Cassandra is her huge open heart of compassion. She exudes love and light from her heart space as you will see in this video. Our heart space becomes very closed off in today’s world which is why I created this Golden Heart Meditation for you.

This meditation will help you re-connect to your heart space and open you up to unconditional loving. After listening to this meditation a few times you’ll feel a flow of love inside you that is warm and ever present. Find out more by clicking here.


Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 11.12.39 am


How This One Instagram Post Changed My Life!

universe-mindI have to share with you that lately I was feeling some resistance and friction in my life. Not what you’d expect from a meditation teacher but yep, I became attached to outcomes and the more I forced things to happen, not only did I move further away from it happening, but I actually found there was more turmoil and friction occurring in my life. Interestingly enough this caused me to TRY even harder to make things ‘work out’ and of course what happens? Even more craziness! I was getting tired, frustrated, and yep, even sick!

Then one day as I scrolled through my Instagram feed looking at plenty of wings of planes with fluffy clouds in the background, sunrise shots of Bondi Beach (Oh wait, that was mine! :)), people performing yoga poses, and some organic, gluten free, dairy free, yeast free, sugar free salads they had made, I came across one that said “The Universe Has Your Back”. Hey I’ve seen this one numerous times before with very little impact, but today it spoke to me. BOOM!

It was what I needed to hear at that point in time.

How could I doubt that things aren’t working out?
How could I doubt that there isn’t a beautiful sequence unfolding that will continue to unfold that is serving my higher purpose?

How could I doubt that there isn’t perfection in this imperfection?

And so I paused and meditated.…..Tom, stop TRYING, stop CHASING, stop FORCING.

Let it come to you….

This Universe has been expanding and contracting and will expand and contract for infinite time. For a glimpse I am me, Tom, in this space to explore, learn and play, and yet, I’m part of this Universe, no, I AM the Universe simultaneously. How simple. I am part of that continuum. How beautiful.

Wow, the relief, the freedom, the ease that came after this.

There is an old Vedic saying:

“Take it as it comes, and as it comes, take it.”

Note it didn’t say “Go after it, and if you don’t get it, try harder?”

If you feel there is friction in your life, if you feel you are TRYING hard to make things work, then…




Let go of the attachment and watch how things unfold. You’ll find life will become lighter, smoother and you’ll be smiling a lot more 🙂

Have you had any moments where you let go of your attachment and things unfolded gracefully after that? I’d love to hear from you awesomeness!

To support you on your path we have created The Empowerment Series! This powerful three-part series on LOVE, ABUNDANCE & LIFE PURPOSE will bring you clarity, strength, and support so that you thrive in these three key areas of life.

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How To Dissolve An Argument In Minutes

pile of hands isolated on white, Caucasian, African American, Hispanic race.
Last week I had a disagreement with someone. It developed into a situation that you would describe as a heated argument. Yes again this may surprise you, that a meditation teacher would have an argument! Well, there you go, breaking down perceptions.

So to let you know more about the situation, this person had a viewpoint which I didn’t share. They wanted me to accept their viewpoint and I wanted them to accept mine. So we argued in the vain hope that one of us would switch sides and then we would be in agreement. It was one of those scenarios where each person seemed to think that the louder we voiced our opinion the more we believed it would convince the other person to agree with them. (Sound familiar??)

This loud heated exchange went on for a few minutes until I withdrew myself from the scene and the energy in it. I walked away, went into a quiet room, and took some deep breaths. I slowed everything down and was able to detach and observe. One quote came to my mind: “Suffering is resistance to change”, and I have to admit, it wasn’t the most joyful moment! So something had to change.

As a result of many years of meditation, I was able to detach from the ‘me’ who was involved in the situation and be consciously pro-active from an ego-less state rather than re-active. Once I removed the ego and the need to win the argument, I was able to cognise what was really occurring.

This person was having a relationship with me, and relationships flourish when there is unity.

When you are arguing there is dis-unity. There is separation.

I realised that they wanted me to be united with them. So from a clear calm state of mind I returned moments later equipped with 2 very important words: “I understand”. I told them that I understand their viewpoint, and that I totally understand why they felt that way. At that point the entire energy shifted. Rather than a hard collision and friction there was unity and harmony.

There was a softness and calmness that pervaded the room. Communication became gentle, and we were now having a shared experience. Within minutes we had turned around what was a heated argument into a gentle heartfelt dialogue. This also inspired them to understand my perspective and even though they were different perspectives, we were unified in that we both understood each other why we had them. I am not suggesting that you take the other person’s side of an argument each time, however sometimes when we understand and empathise why they see things from their perspective, it can change the entire energy in the room.

Arguments are about force and dominance. I used to argue a lot. I used to try to force my viewpoint into people’s lives. Yeh, I was on my soapbox! (Sorry everyone!) These days though, I don’t feel that I need to win the arguments anymore. (Although my kids might disagree).

Everyone sees the world through the vision of their own lens. Usually trying to force someone to see it through your lens will not only create resistance on their behalf, but also be a whole lot of aggravation that you just don’t need. This can be played out with couples, company’s, and even between countries as we are seeing on the planet right now.

So if you find yourself in a heated argument is it possible to step away and ask yourself what is your goal there? Is it to be a victor and win the debate? Do you really need that person to have your viewpoint? Do you really believe that the harder and louder you voice your perspective that you will convince them to see it your way? Or is harmony, happiness and love the ultimate goal in life?

We cover more of this in the Empowerment Series. This comprises 3 one hour audios on life purpose, attracting abundance and successful relationships from a soulful perspective. You can listen to these audios on your phone, laptop or in your car while driving. You’ll also receive the companion books and the books of the audios to go with it. Find out more below:

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