How to Cure Insomnia and Dive Deep In Meditation

If you are struggling to go deep in meditation or fall asleep at night it usually means the same thing…an addiction to thinking. I used to have the most chronic insomnia, taking me hours to fall asleep each night, and that changed dramatically to the point where I would fall asleep in minutes! In this short video I share some tips on how to fall asleep quickly and also go deep in meditation.

Going Deep In Mediation and Curing Insomnia

Are you struggling to go deep in meditation OR suffering from insomnia? Well in this video we cover both of these and how you can sleep better and go deeper in meditation.

Posted by The Stillness Project on Saturday, 6 July 2019


Tom is a meditation teacher, author, corporate speaker and personal coach. He provides one on one coaching as well as group coaching in his Zen Academy for Transformational Leadership. For his 21-day, meditation program Faster Deeper Bliss click here. To contact Tom about receiving his guidance or booking him to speak at your company click here.

How To Meditate When You Literally Dont Have Time To Meditate!

So a couple of weeks ago I wrote an article talking about how we often don’t make time to meditate because we have positioned something higher up as a preference than the deep fulfilment that comes from meditation. Usually it’s the case that we have the time to meditate but it’s just not as a high-priority as some of the other things that we are choosing to do. However there are circumstances where we literally will just not be able to find the time to meditate. Today I will share with you some tips and suggestions on how to meditate when you literally have no time to meditate. This was inspired by an inquiry I had from one of my students today, (thank you Beth) who has a newborn child and really is struggling to find time to meditate.

This is common now for many people as we take on more demands than ever before and there will be days where sitting in a chair and closing your eyes for 20 minutes to do a meditation may just not be possible. It is those days that we need to be adaptable and look at alternatives for a meditation practice.

Meditation doesn’t have to always be an eyes-closed, withdrawing-the-senses-from-the-outer-world experience. We can incorporate a meditation practice while we are driving the car, while we are pushing the trolley in the supermarket aisle, while we are preparing dinner, and while we are at kid’s sport. It just takes a little practice and a little tweaking on what our understanding of meditation is. Yes, sitting in a chair, closing our eyes and transcending deeply into the quiet inner world beyond thought and the senses is a very powerful and effective form of meditation. One that I highly recommend we do on a daily basis.

However being present in an eyes open state, and completely in this moment without the fluctuations of the mind traversing into the future and the past is also an effective meditation practice. Being present and mindful of being the embodiment of love in each moment regardless of your environment is also a meditation practice. Freedom from emotional fluctuations in the feeling body, experiencing the subtle and blissful state of Being is also a meditation.

This can all be done throughout your day regardless of how busy you are. So yes you might have a lot of things on, and you might have no time at all throughout your day to sit in a chair and close your eyes and dive deep into meditation, however that doesn’t mean that you’re unable to be blissfully present in each and every moment. That is your meditation on those days.

So here are some tips to meditate when there is no time to meditate:

  • In the shower, pick up the soap, smell it, assess what fragrance is in the soap, feel the warm drops on your skin, and have gratitude that you are able to shower with clean warm hygienic water. There are many people in the world right now that this is not possible.
  • While on the way to work, either on the public transport or while driving, take time out from listening to the radio or a podcast, don’t go on social media and don’t read the paper. All of that is mind wandering into other people’s thoughts. Sit and be present. Can you be there, and empty the mind of thoughts. This won’t be easy, but with practice you will have glimpses into a space with no thought, just Being present.
  • While at the supermarket, take in the sounds around you, what do you hear? Be aware of the smells around you, what do you smell? What do you feel on your skin, is it cold or warm in there? Come to your senses and just observe that.
  • When cooking dinner, prepare your meals with love and do it slowly. Be aware that the food you are preparing is to be consumed by you, your family or friends. Be mindful that the energy that you are preparing and cooking with will go into that food. Ask yourself am I the embodiment of love now?
  • Before bed, turn off your phone, turn off your wifi, turn off your TV and anything that is bright or noisy, and then sit at the foot of your bed on the floor. Just for a few minutes close your eyes, place your hands over your heart and repeat slowly five times: “I Am The Expression Of Love.”

So there you have some very simple suggestions to help you meditate when you have no time to meditate. Perhaps you have some suggestions that you might like to share with us? We’d love to hear them below!


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Why Most People Fail To Meditate and How To Get Around It

So you know you should meditate, you know it’s good for you, you have enough facts to support its benefits, but darn, you just don’t have the time to do it! Is this you? It’s ok if it is, and you’re not alone. In fact, it is the main reason why most people don’t start to meditate, or start to meditate, but then their practice drops away. Many people seem to switch their meditation mantra to a new mantra ”I don’t have time.”

So how do you get around this challenge? How can you find time in your day to meditate? There is a way to get meditation into your day and it does require only a slight tweak to make that happen. The thing is, no one has less time than 50 years ago. There’s still 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. We all still get up relatively the same time as we did 50 years ago and go to bed around the same time, maybe slightly a bit later but on the whole it’s probably not much different.

Life isn’t any busier either. We are still awake for two-thirds of the day and in a state of ‘doing’ for that period of time as we were 50 years ago. It’s not like everyone was just sitting around 50 years ago doing nothing all day…they still went to work, dropped kids off to school, prepared and ate 3 meals a day, had meetings, showered, went the toilet, took the garbage out, did the the grocery shopping etc etc. So why do we feel life is busier? Why do we feel more stressed? Why do we feel we don’t have time to meditate? One word….pleasure.

We are constantly seeking pleasure in our lives. We have an insatiable appetite for it, and in our incredibly savvy and smart way, we have been geniuses (or is that genuii??) at creating it. Everything that motivates us into action is the quest to find more pleasure and we will take the shortest and fastest route to it, usually with little disregard of the consequences. It’s in our programming as an animal. So when we say we are busy, what we are really saying is I’m flat out searching for pleasure in SO many places. Emails, Netflix, social media, work, shopping, sport, drinking, news feeds, texting, and devouring information. I asked a client why they spend many hours late at night scouring the internet, and they replied: “because I enjoy it.” Indeed, it’s why we do pretty much most things because in some way it brings us pleasure.

So why not just keep doing it? Why meditate when I can get so much pleasure from all of those other areas? Because when we derive pleasure from an external source, we are trapped in a dynamic of outcome-oriented fulfilment. This means that we are being affected by the outer world, we crave more from the outer world and our entire basis for fulfilment is sourced from the outer world. I’ve had to grapple with this for years because I struggled with many addictions and addiction is an insatiable thirst for pleasure that keeps you going back for more.

So if pleasure is sourced from the outer world, and the outer world is constantly changing, then we can also have our pleasure removed. If a form or phenomenon doesn’t meet our expectation or it is removed from us, then our fulfilment will be removed and we are now in the pain dynamic. Also, too much of an outer word pleasure can have a karmic consequence of delivering pain too. Just look at eating too many hot chips, sitting up all night on Facebook or spending all your weekly income on gambling or drinking. Goodbye pleasure, hello pain. Now the thing that brought us pleasure is the source of my pain. Recently Gallup released a poll of 155,000 people in 140 countries that revealed that we are now angrier and sadder than ever before even though we have created a life with more affluence than ever before.

To free yourself of this pleasure pain-dynamic is to find inner peace. Inner peace doesn’t depend on an outcome, it’s not subject to fluctuations and change, it’s not dependant on another human being, or the weather, or how many likes you get on a post. It’s a state of internal fulfilment that is sourced from within. Inner peace is an experience attained through regular contact with a non-sensory and non-thinking world. It’s deep within us beyond thought and feeling. It’s not a fluctuating high and low dynamic…its simple, subtle and steady. Its always there for you, regardless of what is happening in your life. It’s only a matter of asking ourselves how much time have we spent connecting with it?

The path to inner peace from my experience is through meditation. Meditation is a device or tool to get you to what you already are, only it’s just not as dynamic or immediate as a bowl of caramel salted ice-cream or an Instagram feed. Meditation is something like a long term investment, slow and steady, which pays off over time. So when you next say “I don’t have time to meditate” what you’re really saying is I’d much prefer to get some short term pleasure in my life and not invest in a state of inner peace. It is all a matter of preferences. Each day we make a multitude of choices based on preferences – one thing placed as a higher preference over another thing. That’s all. We can choose to do less, however, it’s not a high priority for most of us, me included! There are times I have to really force myself to pause from all my doing, find a chair, close my eyes and sit to meditate. When I do I always come out of the meditation full of gratitude that I did take the time out.

So if you are feeling too busy to meditate just ask yourself “Where am I at with my life?” If you feel ‘busy, stressed, anxious, can’t sleep properly or are one of that Gallup poll, angrier and sadder than ever before, ask yourself “what is another option to what I’m currently doing?” You might find that adding some meditation into your day could be the solution.


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Addiction – Another Way To Heal

Addiction is a very challenging issue to overcome. For some people it can be a life time sentence. I understand this as I have an addictive personality and have experienced addiction in my lifetime also. There is another way that we can reduce the addiction grip on our life by using meditation, which I have seen the results of not just in my own life but the lives of many students also. Only recently I received a message from one of my students who said they had noticed a significant drop off in their gambling addiction. In this short video I share why this is the case and how meditation can help people who are struggling with addiction. You may know someone that this video could help, so feel free to pass it on to them.

If you haven’t begun your journey into meditation, you might like to try our 21 day meditation program called Faster Deeper Bliss. In this program you will receive daily guidance from meditation expert, Tom Cronin, every day for 21 days. Plus you will receive 35 support videos to answer all your questions and there a few bonuses in their also that will help take your life to the next level!
Some of our members said:
“I just want to mention that Faster Deeper Bliss most definitely changed (& still is changing!) my life, so thank you” Lisa R
“I just completed day four of my Faster Deeper Bliss meditation.  I felt as if I had an out of body experience. The peace, love and serenity just made me cry. I didn’t want that amazing feeling to end. I never meditated before, but this program seemed to be a perfect fit for me at this time in my life. Thank you so much.” Rhonda 

How To Get Through A Dark Night Of The Soul

LightHave you recently been through a difficult time in your life, or may even be going through one right now? I have come across many friends and colleagues of late who have been experiencing something like this, myself included. 2017 was a challenging year and 2018 will be even more so it seems as we move through rapidly changing times. These dark days of suffering can be incredibly confronting, and they are experiences that all humans at some point face. The good news they will pass, and there are some things that you can do to move through them and that will help while you’re in it.
In the 16th century, a Spanish mystic called St John of The Cross wrote a book called The Dark Night of The Soul while he was in solitary confinement during the Spanish Inquisition. This was a revealing insight into his passage from the bind of his ego to the divine union (or as he calls it his “soul’s return to God”). During this process, he ventures through an emptiness beyond measure, a state of loss, desolation and darkness like never before. This emptiness is the no man’s land between the release of the bind of his egoic identity and the yet to be made union with the Divine or God. At some point, the union will be made, however it cannot be made while there is simultaneously the bond with the ego. So one must be surrendered before the other is discovered. He is neither John, the egoic identity, having already let that go, or at One with the Unbounded. Welcome to The Dark Night Of The Soul.

This is a process that we can pass through many times in our evolutionary path as we peel back layer upon layer of our false identity. Adyashanti, a revered Buddhist teacher says, “Enlightenment is a destructive process. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.” As each conditioned action, thought, or emotional pattern is dissolved and removed from your being, you can experience an identity crisis, a sense of loss from what you have become so accustomed to.

It’s a lonely, dark, hollow feeling, a feeling of being lost and empty. It’s a time where you question everything and have no idea who you are any more. Do you recall ever going through this?

Hey, well it’s ok…there is a way through this and beyond that is immense light and love. This is a transition point from one level to the next. You are levelling up, and as you leave one floor, know that soon you will arrive on another floor with more expansive views that is brighter and more appealing. As St John of the Cross says: “The endurance of darkness is the preparation for great light.”

Here are some tips to support you through a dark night of the soul:

1. Withdraw. Recluse. Pull back. Your dark night is there for a reason, it is part of your growth and it’s time for inquiry. Most of our lives we spend in enquiry, that is, looking at the world outside of us. We are distracted daily by the glamour and glitz of life. But now, it’s time to look within. It’s time to INQUIRE. So try to avoid social commitments, get off your phone, look within and as much as possible, be gentle, kind and quiet with yourself.
2. Part of this solitude is to sit in stillness and meditate. It is in these deep states of consciousness that we connect to a deeper Truth. It’s where we find the wisdom and solutions. It’s where we find our Being, beyond the conditioned identity, beyond thoughts. St John says: “It is best to learn to silence the faculties and to cause them to be still.” In these times I increase my meditations from 2 a day to 3 a day to move through the process more quickly and come out the other side.
3. Sleep. Never underestimate the power of sleep. Sleep plays in integral role in the stress releasing process that is part of the dark night. Staying up late distracting yourself on the internet, drinking, watching TV or partying is exactly that, a distraction from the purpose of the dark night, to discover more of your Truth. Sleep is a period of time for the body and mind to have reprieve, restore balance and purify. Go to bed early, have naps, sleep in.
4. Ground yourself in Nature. Go barefoot into the forest. Let your feet connect to the skin of Mother Earth. Lie on the grass and feel yourself being pulled in to her. Henry David Thoreau wrote in 1853, “As for the complex ways of living, I love them not, however much I practice them. In as many places as possible, I will get my feet down to the earth.” There is nothing as simple and yet powerful than this.
5. Nourish your body and brain with wholesome food. Often in our dark states, when we don’t feel great, we are drawn to having low-grade food and drinks. Sugary food, alcohol, fatty foods and drugs can all be used as poor forms to feeling elevated. These will be temporary and not beneficial to the process that you must and will pass through. Now more than ever your body and brain needs good quality minerals, vitamins and nutrients that will be the building blocks to your development. Your body is part of this upgrade that you are going through so look after it well.
6. Seek knowledge. I find its times like this that I devour books. Predominantly spiritual texts that are choc full of wisdom. Some of my favourites are the Yoga Vasistha, Baghavad Gita, Dark Night of the Soul, Play of Consciousness and The Science of Being and the Art Of Living. There is a Sanskrit phrase yad bhavam tat bhavati which mean ‘what we think we become’. So the nature of our mind transforms our reality and putting our mind on these profound insights and words in these books will help you through one of these dark nights.
7. Seek Counsel. There are many who have walked this path before us. They know the road and can support you as you take your turn to navigate it. Find someone that you can openly talk to. Not a friend, not a family member, someone who will non-judgementally support you through this challenging time. Be it a coach, mentor, counsellor, guru or guide. As the saying goes, “when the student is ready, the teacher will come.”
8. Know this will pass. One thing that you can absolutely be assured of, that time will pass everything. The dark night is not your punishment, it is not some random accident, it is not your life sentence… it is part of your journey to a better more enlightened experience in life. To move through it, be aware of what lies beyond. Have faith and a deep knowingness that on the other side you will feel clearer, more connected, more love, and lighter. When you know this and hold this vision, guess what? You will arrive there soon after. This is evolution and there is ONLY evolution.

You might have more tools and techniques that help you pass though these passages of darkness. Please, share them with us, we would love to hear about them. And if you feel challenged, lost or are struggling with things, there is a pathway forward and be sure to reach out to someone that will support you through it.


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A Video I’d Rather Not Have To Make

It is with deep regret that we recently see another member of our community take their life leaving behind very sad family, friends and colleagues. The ripple effect of this is huge. Their deep depression and ensuing action to end that pain spreads far and wide. This person had been using medication for depression and bi-polar however it wasn’t enough to remove the darkness.
Is there more we can do when we are faced with this dis-ease and dis-connect? What else can we do to support us through these dark times and help us come out the other side into the light?
Check out my short video…

If you are experiencing anxiety, panic or depression then here is my free book to help overcome these. This book reveals a wholistic approach to living a calm, happy and purpose-filled life.

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Why This Woman’s Body Dissolved In Her Second Meditation

There’s no doubting the explosion in mindfulness and meditation in the last 5 years. (Yes I know it’s unusual to use the words explosion and meditation in the same sentence but its true right?!) This is a wonderful thing to see, as the world seems to be in a space where a little more calm needs to be found. But it is also creating some confusion with many seekers. It’s like when you get to a restaurant and they have 200 choices on the menu, and you just get overwhelmed with the amount of choice! Eeek, where to do I start??

So today I made a short video for you, sharing why over 20 years of researching numerous meditation techniques, that I choose to not only use myself, but also teach a meditation technique that uses mantras or sounds in it. After you watch this video you will have a deeper understanding about how to get deep quickly, so much so that in this woman’s second meditation, her body began to dissolve!

Enjoy and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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The One Thing You Need To Do To Find Happiness

happinessYou want happiness right? Isn’t this what drives us in all of our actions? Well you’re about to find out the one thing that you need to do to find happiness and why for most people it’s incredibly hard to find.
It’s deeply programmed into our psyche that getting happiness comes from getting ‘things’. If we aren’t happy, then we need to get more ‘things’. If you have the ‘things’ you thought would bring you happiness and you still don’t have happiness, then you simply go out and get MORE ‘things’. This is what they called ‘shopping therapy ‘ right?

A while ago we surveyed our audience to ask them what they were looking for most. We had a huge response and what we received astonished us. Our audience mostly wanted to manifest more wealth, then after that they wanted to have healthy, loving relationships, then the next highest, in third place, was to find their life purpose and a successful career. In fourth place was happiness. WHAT??? FOURTH!??? Seriously?

Then we delved deeper into the psychology of this and we realised that those surveyed most probably felt that if they had 1, 2 or 3 then they would find happiness anyway. They no doubt thought getting those ‘things’ would lead to happiness, which is why happiness was further down the list.

The challenge with trying to get those things is that it can exhaust us. More and more in today’s world we are trying harder and faster to get those ‘things’ and in the process we are getting highly stressed. I presented a talk the other day in front of 220 people and I asked them to be very honest with me and put up your hand if you were stressed, tired, anxious, or depressed. Guess how many put up their hand? About 90% of the room!

Here’s the catch, in the process of trying to get the ‘things’ we have become exhausted and stressed, which ironically prevents us form feeling happy when and IF we do get the ‘things’. The greatest barrier to you feeling happy isn’t whether or not you get the things, its STRESS. Recently I had a stress response in my body because of some circumstance that I was facing. Immediately I noticed that my whole body shifted. The feeling of lightness and happiness dissolved and fear and anxiety kicked in as my body was flooded with biochemical’s of adrenalin and cortisol. It’s a beautiful design by our body to protect us from danger. Your body will shut down happy biochemical’s like serotonin and produce fight-flight biochemical’s like cortisol. WHOOSHKA…. there goes happiness. The two cannot co-exist. Nup, not possible. Unlike Abott and Costello stress and happiness don’t go together.

So if you are struggling to find happiness in your life, the first step would be to eliminate the stress response. Please note, I didn’t say eliminate the thing that you feel might be causing the stress. This doesn’t mean get rid of your partner, your job or your latest wardrobe, it means getting rid of the response that your body is having to the circumstance, whether it is the past, present OR future. Stress is a response in your body and it’s something that with mindfulness, strategies and vigilance, you can eliminate.

Here are some strategies that can help you eliminate the stress response in your body so that you can coherently and non reactively make smarter choices about the direction of your life.

1. Reduce the amount of screen time on your smart phone. (How can a smart phone create stress? Its constantly overstimulation your nervous system making it less resilient and more reactive to when situations arise that are challenging.)

2. Take time out each day to pause, and let your mind, body and nervous system recalibrate. This can involve sitting in the sun, lying on grass, being in Nature and just pausing

3. Being physically active. Burning up that adrenalin through a big work out, run, swim, or bike ride is a great way to eliminate stress. We are living very sedentary lives by sitting at computers all day and then going home and sitting on the sofa. This is a sure fire way to build up cortisol and adrenalin and increase stress. Daily physical exertion is a great antidote to stress.

4. Sleep. LOTS and LOTS of sleep! Yep we are so sleep deprived it’s just not funny. Most of my students fall asleep in their first few meditations because their bodies are SO tired. 7-8 hours a night minus and if possibly naps in the day or weekends plays a big part in eliminating stress. Ideally shut off all technology and get to bed by 10pm at latest for a good nights sleep.

5. Stretch. Stress tightens the body and this compounds the stress response in the body. It’s like a snowball effect. Stretching and yoga play a big part in opening up the body, releasing tension and overriding that fight flight response in the body.

6. Meditation. Whatever your practice of meditation is, doing something is better than nothing. Even if it’s for a few minutes throughout the day. Ideally if you can find a deep transcending style meditation with a mantra that will take your mind and body into profoundly deep states of rest will be very effective in eliminating stress from your life.

Happiness is available to you, however stress will be the greatest barrier to you finding it. You can have all the ‘things’ you ever wanted, but if you are stressed, forget being happy about it! It just won’t happen. Get rid of the stress response in your body and watch how much better you will feel in life. Small things like the warm sun on your cheek, a hot shower, a cup of tea or a hug from your kids will bring you sheer delight when there is no stress to impede it. Why? Because your happiness is inside you and those simple things remind you of it.


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7 Things You Need To Know About Spiritual People That You Won’t Read In A Spiritual Book

spiritualMany years ago I started on this path of ‘waking up’ and ‘becoming spiritual’. I learnt to meditate, attended numerous courses, retreats, workshops and devoured hundreds of spiritual books! I looked up in awe to masters, saints, sages and swamis to guide me to the light. I was inspired by their perfection and tried so hard to get to ‘their level’. Each time I would fall and make a mistake, I would beat myself up and drop into a state self-loathing at my ‘badness’. I so wanted to be like these holy men and women- pure, light, eternally loving and unflawed. Yet in my quest I found that my humanness kept coming through and getting in the way. I would get frustrated, sad, and impatient at my slow progress.
As time went by I started to find the gaps between being a stressed, anxious, negative person and feeling light, calm and positive started to get wider and longer. I started teaching and when I was in front of students or writing a book or blog, words would seem to come through me that at first surprised me. I would be like: ”Whoa, where did that come from?” It was like there was me, AND something else that came through me. Over time I realised this pattern, that when there was enquiry from someone, I (that’s me the Egoic identity) would simply get out of the way and then the knowledge would flow through me from Source to goal. But still, when that wasn’t happening, there was me, the bloke, the guy, the everyday human.

I started spending more time with other teachers, sages and thought leaders, speaking at conferences, yoga events and even interviewing them and them interviewing me. As I ‘hung out’ and researched more about these people I realised something very profound. When they weren’t writing, teaching or responding in an interview they were very much like everyone else. They had many of the flaws I still had that I was beating myself up over. Some things I found out about them I was like “SERIOUSLY?? You too??”

I wasn’t sure if I was relieved or disappointed. I wanted to live in hope that I would reach their level of perfection only to now find that it didn’t exist. I learnt that no matter how holy and ‘spiritual’ these people were they had a number of traits that I would never read about in their books and lectures. I stopped beating myself up so much and acknowledged that I am human and yep, so are they. So here are 7 things about spiritual people that you won’t read in a spiritual book:

1. They get impatient: In an interview with one highly respected thought-leader and best selling author he showed a great deal of frustration over the internet not working very well and the interview taking longer than expected.
2. They argue: I recall Esther Hicks sharing how she and Jerry (her late husband) would argue over what floor boards they were putting in their home. Being ‘spiritually aware’ doesn’t mean you agree with everyone and everyone agrees with you.
3. They get cranky: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a great holy sage, stormed out of a 60 minute interview, throwing his microphone head piece down on the ground when challenged about buying land for a TM centre in Sydney.
4. They get moody: I spent some time with a leading spiritual guru to find that he would fluctuate from light and bubbly to sombre and very quiet.
5. They have desires: Yup, if they are in a body, then there are desires. It could be desire to eat, desire to sleep, desire to have intimacy, desire to be more enlightened. Either way, there are desires.
6. They have fears: One great sage I know still had fear and wanted to conquer it. He decided to do sky diving to over come it. I couldn’t wait to hear how it went. “How was it?” I asked. “It scared the shit out of me and I will never do that again!”
7. Other than the 11 breatharians on the planet (i.e. people who live on air alone) everyone else eats food. Because they eat food, they have waste that has to be eliminated. And guess what, that waste doesn’t smell like roses!

So if you are on the path of ‘waking up’ and exploring ‘spirituality’ go easy on yourself when you screw up or don’t feel all blissed and enlightened. It’s ok. It’s a process that just keeps going and going. There are infinite degrees of refinement and making mistakes is part of the process. If it’s uncomfortable, then that’s a gift, because feeling uncomfortable is Nature’s way of notifying you about change. Enjoy the ride, it’s what you came here for yeh?


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How This Group Brought Stillness To The Heart Of The City

Two weeks before Christmas I led a group of people into a state of stillness right in the heart of Sydney’s Central Business District. There was a period of time during this Med Mob that meditators reportedly experienced a distinct drop of activity and a suspended silence and calm overcame them. This a phenomenon that occurs when groups of meditators come together in a collective calm, just as the opposite happens when a group of angry or excited people come together in riots or rock concerts. You can watch the video of this event below and to find out more about group meditation sessions like these in the Sydney area click here and enter your details.

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