The Top 5 Benefits of Positive Thinking

positive-thinkingThink back to the last time you had a bad day. Someone probably told you to “keep your chin up” or “look at the glass as half full.” Whether or not you took that advice, it is wise to try to maintain your sense of optimism in spite of obstacles or setbacks. Why? Because the benefits of positive thinking are far greater than you might think.

Positive psychology is a domain that has recently emerged within the field of psychology. It involves the study of the psychological and physiological effects of positive habits, thoughts, and behaviors. Currently, there is a wealth of research to suggest that positive thinkers are far better off than pessimists. When it comes to stress levels, psychological, and physiological health, optimists are ahead of the game. These are the top five benefits of positive thinking:

1. Better stress-coping mechanisms.
We all face stressful situations from time to time. Job loss, trouble at home, conflict with a co-worker, or having to give a high-pressure exam – these are only a few of the stressful situations that an individual might encounter at any time. However much stress there may be in your life, it’s how you deal with those stressful situations that matters. Researchers have shown that self-professed optimists are more likely to approach disappointment by identifying what actions they can take to ameliorate the situation. Instead of rueing what went wrong or wasting energy focusing on things they cannot change, they try to resolve difficult situations. Non-optimists take the opposite approach, by taking it for granted that they cannot change the situation.

2. Better mental health.
Positive thinkers are less likely to experience mental-health problems such as depression, anxiety, and in general, they enjoy better psychological health as compared to pessimists. While it is true that people suffering from mental illnesses such as depression can’t be “cured” by positive thinking, it does contribute to a healthy mind and positive emotions over the long term. When you learn to approach your life with a positive attitude and to explain events in a constructive manner, it becomes easier for you to deal with those events.

If you don’t see yourself as an optimist, you needn’t worry. It isn’t hard to overcome negative thought patterns and start experiencing the benefits of positive thinking. Stillness is one way to help you overcome negativity. Through meditation, you can learn to break away from the way that you have been conditioned to think. Take some time to find out more by clicking on the link below:

3. Better physical health.
It’s not certain whether people who are positive thinkers are more likely to engage in healthy behaviors such as getting regular exercise. Another theory that explains why optimists tend to be healthier is that they experience less stress or are better able to cope with stress, and thus the effects of stress on the physical body are lesser. Whatever the reason, optimists enjoy better health as compared to pessimists.

  • Optimists live longer.
  • Positive thinkers recover faster from injuries and illnesses.
  • Optimists have better immune systems – they’re less susceptible to the common cold.
  • Positive thinkers are less likely to die from cardiovascular disease.
  • Optimists experience overall better health.

4. Better social life.
This benefit is fairly intuitive. Think of the people you typically want to be around. Are they negative, always complaining, or frequently in a low mood? We’re willing to guess that’s not the case. It’s natural to want to be around people that are cheerful, upbeat, and optimistic. Therefore people that laugh a lot and tend to see events in a positive light are more likely to have more friends.

5. More success.
In general, optimists are more successful – making more money – at their jobs. In a study of insurance salesmen, optimistic salespeople sold 88% more than pessimistic salespeople. They were also less likely to quit their jobs, less likely to give up when they encounter work-related struggles, and more likely to describe a hopeful future when it came to their careers.

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This One Thought Could Change the Entire Direction Of Your Life

screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-11-29-51-amYadbhavam Tat Bhavati….what we think we become.

I’m sure you often ponder the life you are living and if its where you want to be. Whether its your job, your relationships, the city you are living in or whether you are living a life of relevance or not. The big challenge for many of us is having a vision for where we want to be that is NOT determined by where we have BEEN. Yes, sounds confusing I know but stay with me.

The choices we make today (which determine our future) are usually influenced by the perception we have about ourselves. The perception of WHO WE ARE is usually determined by our past. For instance if you had a very negative upbringing with lots of abuse, then this becomes your story that you identify with. This previous experience now defines the perception of who you think you are. I’m this person or I’m that person based upon my previous life experiences. This then determines the decisions that you make which determines your future. So your future life is heavily influenced by your past.

This is why we keeping going round and round in circles reliving the same relationships, financial situations and careers over and over again because of this story we have inside our head about who we are and what level of worthiness we feel about ourselves.

How do we break this pattern? This is the exciting part! What if you had a perception about WHO YOU ARE based upon your FUTURE experiences and not your PAST experiences? For instance if you saw yourself in the future as a best-selling author, award winning film-maker, leading CEO of a company, in a loving harmonious relationship, living with affluence, founder of a charity, working in an orphanage, creating a globally successful app or whatever you imagine yourself doing, then this would change the decisions that you make today.

Think of this, the canvas of your future life is blank, and you get to fill it in with whatever you would like!! When you hold that vision firmly inside your head, then this redefines the perception that you have of yourself. This then redefines the decisions that you make and this defines your future. So your new future perception of yourself that you hold today, leads you to becoming this in the future! How cool is that? Yadbhavam tat bhavati.

The big challenge now is to not only continue to hold that firm vision of your future self but to even see it in the first place! This is where the Zen Academy for Transformational Leadership comes in. This is a 12 month coaching program where we help you find that BIG VISION of your future self, hold that vision, and then make it become REAL.

This is what some of our members have said about Zen Academy:

“Thank you Tom, this session has been awesome. I feel back on track, motivated and energised.”

“Hi Tom, firstly I want to say a huge thank you for your responses to my challenges last month!!! They were absolutely on point and have helped me get through the month and move forward!! THANK YOU!!!!”

“I feel I have re-gained my personal power, and will not be shoved around any more. Again thanks for your wisdom!!!!!!”

If you feel it’s time for you to redirect your life then lets chat about the Zen Academy by clicking here.

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How To Get Unstuck When You Are Stuck


For a while now I’ve tried to sit down and write something and nothing would come out. Nope. Nothing, zip, zilch! I tried to force it and it just didn’t feel right and I felt this has to be authentic or not at all for you. So I decided to leave writing and just create a space and wait for when it flowed again.

And then this week I ran into a friend who shared with me the frustration he felt about a friendship that he wanted to develop further, however the other person wasn’t open to it. He tried for a long time to get it to where he wanted it to be and yet, he tells me, the other person time and time again said that it wasn’t going to happen.

“What do you suggest?” he asked.

I thought of my life and any time I try to force something I know it’s not right. Sure sometimes you have to put your head down and work at things, and not everything is a bed of roses all the time, but overall it is usually a good indication that if I am trying to force an outcome and it’s just not happening, then I have to assess if this is the path I’m meant to be taking. Often we head down dead end roads that lead to nowhere. When we get there we can stay in that cul-de-sac doing loop after loop going round in circles. This can consume all our attention and time, and it gets us bogged down in a rut. There is no flow, there is tension, friction and life becomes a chore.

There is another option….

We can turn around, head out of the cul-de-sac and find a more relevant and dynamic road to head down. I mentioned to this friend of mine that for every minute he was doing ‘loop-da-loop’ in that cul-de-sac he was missing out on heading down other beautiful pathways that will be more relevant, effortless and blissful.

Wherever our attention goes, there is a gazillion other places that our attention ISN’T going at the same time. So if you keep putting your attention in a place that is a dead end, then all those other open pathways are being ignored at the same time.

“Life is short mate”, I said. Do you want to spend valuable moments in toil, angst and frustration when there is rich experiences to be had elsewhere? Get in the flow, be open to other experiences and see what magic unfolds before you!

He nods his head, a light of anticipation shines in his eyes.

If you do feel a little lost and that life isnt seeming to work out how you planned, then my book Path To Peace will be the thing for you. This book explores the concept of change and how we can navigate through the forces of change so that we will live more successful and dynamic lives. Click here to receive the book straight away.


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How To Create A Vision Board And A Magnificent Life!


vision-board-2014-crossfit-round-rockFor the past few weeks I’ve been re-assessing my Vision Board. I visit this regularly and check it is up to date and aligned with my vision for life.

What’s a vision board did I hear some of you ask?

Some of you will not only know of them, but actually use them. One friend of mine told me that she manifest everything on her vision board this year!

So a vision board is a large board with affirmations or images of things that you would like to manifest in your life in the year ahead. Each morning and night, as you rise and as you go to bed, you look at this board, feel the energy of the images or affirmations and then let it go.

How does it work? Well by looking at the image and feeling the energy of it, this leaves an imprint of it embedded into your body. By letting it go and not being attached to it dissolves the neediness and the “wanting” which would normally push the vision further away from you. What’s important here is to not ‘wish’ for the outcome, but to feel what it feels like for the outcome to have already happened.

The laws of attraction will simply do the rest. You’ll be quite amazed at how Nature, The Universe, or whatever you’d like to call it, effortlessly goes about creating circumstance that enables the manifestation of your visions.

It can be anything from where you’d like to be in your career, relationships, wealth, living environment, level of consciousness, amount of love or happiness you are feeling, or state of health.

Think of it like the captain of the ship knowing which port he is going to before he embarks upon his trip.

So how do you want life to pan out? Where do you see yourself in 12 months time? How would you like your life to change? Because it’s going to change, that’s one thing you can be assured. It’s a matter of how much do you want to play a role in it ?

This is how we become Creators of our lives. This is empowerment. To receive ongoing assistance with realising your visions, you might like to consider the Zen Academy For Transformational Leadership. This is a powerful 12 month program that has been changing lives all over the world!

“There are no words to express how blessed I feel to be a part of this amazing group. Thanks Tom”- SC
“Thank you sooooo much, very excited and inspired to get this journey really rolling!!!!”- ZT

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This Man Was Asked How To Raise Kids To Think Like You…His Answer Surprised The Host

This video I’m sharing with you today is one of the most compelling pieces of parental advice I’ve ever seen. Even if you don’t have children, or have had children and they no longer live with you, it’s still worth watching because it’s one of those nuggets of gold that will resonate with everyone.

It’s an extract from an interview with Vishen Lakhiani about his soon to be launched book, Code of the Extraordinary Mind, where he untangles deep-rooted belief systems that can ‘clog’ up our lives.

I hope you enjoy it and resonate with it like I did.



Inspire your children to open their minds with my book Missy Moo Meditates. In this book you will embark on a journey with Missy Moo and her sister Boo as they explore the power of meditation. At the back of the book  is a bonus guided meditation that you can do with you entire family. Click here to get your copy straight to your inbox.


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This One Word Will Help You Through Your Next Challenging Experience


There is a word that has been hiding under rock for quite a while now. It’s a word that describes an essential part of our make up however this word has gone missing of late.

This was highlighted last week when my son mentioned that if they didn’t want to do sport at school they could just sit it out during that session and not participate. This was compounded when my daughter came home from the school swimming carnival and I asked her how she went in her races and she said, “Dad, I didn’t have any races. We just watched.”

“Eh??? You mean you don’t have compulsory races for everyone??”

“No Dad, it’s only for those that choose to”, was the response.

What happened to those days of compulsory sitting in your team line in your swimmers on cold wet grass for hours as you push through race after race on swimming carnival day?

Then a question popped into my head…is our society collectively making life soft and easy, as we constantly seek the most pleasurable, easy experience? Are we avoiding challenges and toil for the sake of an easier life? Of course why wouldn’t we, but is this coming with a price? I liken it to going to the gym and having someone lift your weights for you so you don’t have to strain. It’s an easier path in the beginning, but we reap no long-term rewards as a result. When we are finally confronted by a challenging experience, we are weak and soft and unable to persevere through it.

I’m just as guilty as anyone. I grew up forgoing daily treats during the 40 days of Catholic lent. Every weekend we had early Sunday mass in either a freezing church in winter at 7am or at times a humid hot mass in summer. We had daily chores to be fulfilled on the farm and then Saturdays it was no play until lunchtime after all the farm work was completed. We just got down and did the work, knowing this was part of life. Yet now, there’s no list of jobs on the fridge door for my children to fulfil before they can go out and have their play.

Times have changed, as they do, and knuckling down and doing the ‘hard stuff’ seems to be a thing of the past for many of us around the world, especially children. As soon as things get a little bit challenging we move on to the next job, relationship, or glossy thing that will grab our attention. We have filled our lives up with glamour and gloss and our attention will shift quickly looking for the next pleasurable thing to elevate us. We feel deprived easily and fall into a depression when the pleasure is unable to be found. There are currently 30 millions Americans on anti-depressants.

Is this partly a result of the ‘spiritual movement’? We are often told to take the path of least resistance and to flow through life with ease. All wise words for sure, but can it be taken too literally? Which brings me to the word of the week: GUMPTION

I asked some students if they’d even heard of this word and they thought it was a cleaning product! (Well they were technically correct, as it is a cleaning product, but that’s not the gumption I was speaking of.)

Gumption is grit, guts, and strength. The ability to overcome obstacles, put your head down and push on through the difficult challenges. This is where we find our resolve. It’s in those times that we tap into resourcefulness and inner strength. It’s in these times we embrace stoicism. Another rare word in today’s world.
Lebanese-American scholar and author of the Black Swan, Nassim Taleb, once said:
“A Stoic is someone who transforms fear into prudence, pain into transformation, mistakes into initiation, and desire into undertaking.”
Stoic: Strength Through Overwhelming Incidents of Challenge

An axe gets sharpened through the friction of grinding it against the stone. Diamonds are formed out of heat and pressure. An athlete achieves success through grit and toil.

We have a mighty strength within us that grows in those challenging times, just as your muscles grow under the duress of lifting the weights. Gumption is your teeth gritting, roaring lion of courage within you that will carry you through your next challenging experience and see you stronger and more powerful on the other side.

Are you ready to embrace the next challenge with a roar?

If you would like some assistance with gumption then the Empowerment Series is for you! Here you will receive 3 x 1 hour audios on living a life of purpose, manifesting abundance, and finding love. This is what a previous listener had to say about the Empowerment Series:
Your empowerment series talked straight to my heart and inspired me to be love.
So thank you, thank you, thank you for all your hard work and for putting all that knowledge in such a beautiful and simple way.” – Susana V.
You will also receive a companion book for notes and three ebook versions of the audios. Click here to find out more.


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10 Reason’s Why I No Longer Drink Alcohol

give up

Tonight I’m heading off to a bar to see a friend perform live on stage. Many years ago a night like this would entail getting drunk, staying up late, and waking up feeling like crap the next day. (Sound familiar?)

These days however, it’s a different story. These days, I choose not to drink alcohol.

At first, when I stopped drinking, admittedly it was socially challenging. I felt awkward when people asked me what I wanted to drink and I’d reply a water or that I was fine without anything. It felt like the entire bar would stop in silence and everyone would look at me like I had just grown another head on top of my shoulders!

Over time I became more comfortable with my non-drinking status and so to did my friends. Whenever I would arrive at a bar someone would invariably order a water for me without even asking. Now, it’s gone to the point where if I was to stand at a bar with an alcoholic drink in my hands, I’m sure my friends would again look at me as if I had just grown another head on top of my shoulders!

Choosing to not drink alcohol is not a strict rule of mine; rather it is simply a preference of one thing over the other. I used to love drinking alcohol however now I don’t. Is it right or wrong to drink alcohol? That’s not for me to say. I don’t have any judgment about it because I drank it for years and loved it. However I have another preference now. And here are 10 reasons why I prefer NOT to drink:

1. I can drive everywhere and don’t have to stand around waiting for cabs in the cold and rain

2. I wake up feeling fresh, invigorated and energised each morning

3. It saves me a fortune!

4. I drink water when I am out now so I rehydrate rather than dehydrate

5. Drinking alcohol blurs the clarity of my mind and senses after 20 years of meditating

6. Drinking alcohol reduces the bliss chemicals of serotonin and oxytocin in my body, making me feel flat and heavy

7. It affects my sleep patterns by a) keeping me out later than my 10pm bedtime mark and b) disrupts my deep sleep state

8. Alcoholic drinks usually have high sugar content, which can lead to diabetes and weight gain (1 pint of cider contains the same amount of sugar as what the W.H.O. considers the recommended daily intake of sugar!)

9. It reduces function of my frontal lobe of my brain, whereby I mainly operate from my rear reptilian brain

10. It has been proven to actually reduce the physical size of my brain (See image of child’s brain of an alcoholic mother) whereas meditation has been proven to increase the size of my brain.


So there you have it, 10 reasons why tonight when I am out I will choose to have a glass of water if I decide to drink anything at all. So if you’re heading out this weekend, you may want to weigh up the pros and cons of ‘getting wasted’ on alcohol. You’ll feel a whole lot better in the morning, your brain won’t have shrunk and neither will your wallet. Cheers!

If you are seeking some empowerment with overcoming the need to drink, you might like to check out The Empowerment Series. This contains three 1 hour audios on Love and Relationships, Life Purpose and Manifesting Abundance PLUS three companions to take notes and the ebook version. After listening to this you will be empowered to live a positive dynamic life in all areas.

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I Have An Apology To Make…


I have to apologize to you. You see I did something over the last few weeks that I really shouldn’t have done.  It wasn’t fair on you, me or the Universe.  I dimmed my light so that I wouldn’t make some people feel uncomfortable. Sound familiar? Do you shrink or align to other people’s darker state to try to make them feel more comfortable?

Happy people really annoy unhappy people. I didn’t want to make some people feel annoyed so I tried to fit in with them by dimming. Hmmm, interestingly it didn’t make them any happier but not only that, it certainly didn’t make me feel too good either.

That’s when I decided, dimming my light doesn’t serve anyone. Not me, you, them (the annoyed people), or the Universe.

It was a big lesson. There was only one option, burn it bright baby! Shine your light as bright as can be…this is the time for you to let your radiance radiate! Sure, its not going to please everyone, because some people love to play in the dark…I did for years. The darkness has its own lure, but I’ve played in the dark and I’ve played in the light. One sure feels a whole lot better than the other- give me LIGHT any day!

So that all sounds sweet and woo-woo but what does it actually mean and how do we switch from one to the other? Well, here are some simple tips to flick on your inner beacon of light:

– Firstly recognize whether you are playing in the dark or light. This is an important step of self awareness. It’s easy to simply be in a sleep state of numbness not even aware of our preference for dark or light.

– Then make a conscious decision, and state it everyday- IT’S TIME TO SHINE MY LIGHT. Hold this intention and make a commitment each day to yourself and the Universe that you intend to turn up the switch on your inner beacon.

– Meditate each morning and afternoon. When you quieten your mind in meditation you quieten the static of all the self doubt, the unworthiness, the fear, the guilt, the shame and open the connection to your unconditional heart center of love. In your heart center there is a fiery energy of love that is always burning.

– Open up your body with yoga. Our body becomes very immobilized with today’s lifestyle. We get stagnated energy blocks in our body by sitting in a chair all day on computers and transport. Yoga unblocks these points and allows the vital energy to flow through you like a river that has been cleared of rubbish.

– Regularly stop and pause through the day and marvel at the beauty of nature all around you. It doesn’t matter where you are, even in crowded cities, you will still be able to find a blade of grass peeking out of the sidewalk, or observe a fluffy white cloud floating high up above.

– Hug…..yep…HUG! Hug trees, animals, people….something magical happens when you hug, well it’s not even magical, its actually scientific- you produce more oxytocin, the love drug.

There you have it, 6 simple steps to fire up that inner light of yours for all the world to see. Yeah sure, some people won’t like it, but you get to choose, dark or light. What’s it going to be?

To support you on your path we have created The Empowerment Series! This powerful three part series on LOVE, ABUNDANCE & LIFE PURPOSE will bring you clarity, strength and support so that you thrive in these three key areas of life. You’ll receive three 1 hour audios, 3 books of the audio and 3 Companion books to write in. After you have experienced The Empowerment Series your life will soar to a new level of excitement and magnificence! Find out more here.

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How To Alter Your Past And Create Your Future


If you look back on your life are their experiences you wish you didn’t have?

Are their circumstance which to this day still have an effect on how you feel?

We’ve all made mistakes in our life. I’m sure there are times when you look back and think to yourself, “OMG, If only I could erase that moment from my life.”

I know I have and I’m sure you have also. But, we can’t. It’s there and it’s set in stone. Those moments will never be erased and there is nothing you can do about the fact that it happened. It’s ok though. What we are about to do is not change the event, as we know we can’t do that. But what we can do is change the way you relate to it. It’s your relationship with the past that is the only thing we can alter.

Imagine a line on a page. In the middle of the line is you right here in the now. To the left of you is your past. To the right of you on the line is your future. The past is set in stone. The future is yet to be created. The future you are about to create will be greatly determined by how you perceive your past from where you are now.

By looking back with regret, fear, shame, guilt or anger we project forward into our future all that negative energy which then changes what we attract in the future. However when you look back at your past with gratitude for the lessons that you have been served you’ll find that the future will be very different.

Your past is choc full of powerful information that is integral in your growth as a human being. Your past has the ability to guide you forward each day. It has many messages that are there for your own evolution. Sometimes those messages are painful and we have to learn through that pain to embrace forgiveness, love, empathy and compassion. When you shift your relationship with your past into a positive, you will alter future into a positive.

To support you on your path of creating a positive future, we have created The Empowerment Series. This powerful three part series on LOVE, ABUNDANCE & LIFE PURPOSE will bring you clarity, strength and support so that you thrive in these three key areas of life. You’ll receive three 1 hour audios, 3 books of the audio and 3 Companion books to write in. After you have experienced The Empowerment Series your life will soar to a new level of excitement and magnificence! Find out more here.

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