A Movement Of Stillness

How is your daily meditation practice going? It’s common for people to get distracted by life’s demands and let it slip.

So today I thought I’d share with you a short clip we made recently during a MEDMOB we held in Sydney. After watching this you will be motivated to put aside some time each day to sit in stillness and rebalance. You’ll hear from many attendees sharing how much meditation changed their lives for the better.

So please check it out here and feel free to comment below.

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How To Find Your Inner Sanctuary When Life Is A Little Crazy!

meditating-1024x682How’s your life right now? It keeps changing right, and no doubt it’s moving faster and faster? Sometimes it’s like the amplifier gets turned up really loud don’t you find?
I am noticing a lot of people around me feeling this myself included.

But through all that intensity, behind the constant movement and demands, there lies a sanctuary within us. There is a stillness and calm that we can keep coming back to that is like a sea of peace. It’s always there, only sometimes we disconnect from it or ignore it.

The overwhelm we feel in life is when we aren’t present and connected with it. This usually occurs when we are doing one thing and start to think about the other things that we have to do. This is when our nervous system gets overloaded. While I am painting window frames, cleaning the kitchen, or driving in my car, that’s all I need to think of. But when I also think of the workshop I have to prepare, the blog to write, the flights to book, etc etc, that’s when we feel that haste in our breath, our heart beats faster and our nervous system is processing more data than it needs to. Warning bells start ringing and we move into overwhelm.

So how do we stay calm amid all that change? How do we stay immersed in our inner sanctuary?

Yogastah Kuru Karmani

No, this is not a dish at a Turkish restaurant! It means ‘Established in Being, perform action.”

Being is the underlying essence of life. It’s the stillness at the bottom of the ocean. It’s the silence behind the thoughts.

We all have BEING within us. It’s who we are. However, we become so identified with our story, our mind, our reactions, that we have forgotten or become disconnected to the BEINGNESS. We are human beings, not human doings.

When I forget about my beingness I get flustered, overexcited, overwhelmed and attached. When I am in Beingness, I flow, my life is smooth, effortless, abundant. I feel joy, love, lightness.

How do I remain in beingness? Regular meditation connects me to my Source. When I transcend the field of relativity, the ego, thinking, I am Being. It’s the stillness of meditation that reconnects me to my Beingness. I recommend meditating twice a day for 20 minutes. This regularity helps stabilise the calm and sanctuary of Beingness amongst all the change and turmoil.

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Finding your Home by Pico Iyer

In an age where travel seems so easy we often find ourselves discovering that home can be more than where you come from. Can it be defined as where you were born? Where your parents came from? Where you feel most comfortable?

I often find myself in that situation where Sydney may be where I live but places like Bali or Hawaii have without a doubt touched me and opened my eyes to more possibilities that has brought me closer to myself.

In fact, Pico Iyer who is originally of Indian heritage but has lived in England and USA and traveled to various countries around the world can say that home is actually anywhere if we knew exactly how to find it. And believe it or not, he found home when he decided to get more involved in stillness. Find out more about his journey and watch this inspiring TED talk.

If you are curious about how to find your ‘home’ in the stillness then you may like to explore my yoga nidra meditation which you can find in our store page. This is a beautiful 20 minute guided meditation that will leave you deeply relaxed and nourished. Find out more by clicking below.



How To Find Some Silence In Your Day


When was the last time you had a bit of peace and quiet? Do you crave a little silence and solitude every now and then?

We talk a lot.

We probably don’t even realise how much talking we do. From the time that we wake up with our partner, kids, flatmates then onto workmates in the office, friends at lunch, after work drinks, then home to more family chatting. It’s a lot of talking and noise.

I recently was in Bali speaking at a conference called Awesomeness Fest when I came across a top guy named Rodolfo. We had some great chats and he was telling me about how he only recently returned to speaking after taking a year off in silence. Yes, 12 months in total silence! Amazing isn’t it? He exuded a very calm and serene aura, as you’d expect. He said the silence was very empowering and revitalising, as he had conserved all that energy that is usually spent on talking.

It reminded me of Nyepi, a Balinese day of silence held once a year. On this day all of the Balinese retreat into their houses from 6am till 6am the next day. Even the airport closes for the day, which is remarkable. This day is strictly followed and the only people walking the streets are specific officers who make sure the prohibitions are adhered to.

Embracing some silence in our life is a powerful thing. It gives us time to internalise, to check in with ourselves and ask us some questions. It’s easy to get distracted and continually look externally by engaging with the world around us. But with silence, there is no escape. It’s just you and that big spacious void! You can’t hide there.

How do you think you’d go a year of silence, or even a day of silence?

Here’s the good news. To embrace some silence you don’t need to close that mouth of yours for a whole year or even a whole day. Setting aside a little bit of time each day for silence is a simple and powerful thing to do.  I set aside moments of silence each morning and evening. Just 20 minutes each session.  This time of silence and solitude becomes the foundation for my day. It’s the silence that the noise is built on. Through a very long-term regular daily practice of silence, we are able to experience a duality of silence as well as the noise of your thoughts, words and actions. This duality is called Cosmic Consciousness, whereby the background silence of Being is simultaneously experienced with the foreground noise of thoughts and words.

Cosmic Consciousness is like the surface fluctuations of the ocean blended in with the deep stillness of the ocean being experienced as One. Activity and inactivity together. Impermanent and permanent together. It’s a very liberating state of mind as you are able to rise in the stillness and silence even while you are engaged in the world. Sounds too good to be true I know but it does exist.

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