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I Didnt Expect This To Happen When I Had A Phone Free Day

creativityI feel like Ari Gold from Entourage sometimes. Ari has an attachment to his body called a phone. He never goes anywhere without it. In every scene in every show it is in his hand. This is what my life is like at times. Now with new things like Instagram story being created, I’m being advised that I should be filming 6-7 times a day and posting it! Then there is Facebook, Facebook live, Twitter, LinkedIn, not to mention Whatsapp, emails, texts and Voxers to respond to.

Tired yet?? Welcome to life in the 21st century!

So feeling slightly overwhelmed by all this, I decided to research a day of completely not going near my phone to see how I felt at the end of it. What happened next surprised me.

See, what you are reading or looking at, like you are now, becomes the centre of your minds attention. It holds and owns your minds attention. You are reading these words that are coming out of my head, I type them into this blog and now your mind is placed upon them. So in effect, I have hijacked the centre of YOUR minds attention with MY thoughts and words. So while you are reading this, you are not reading or thinking about anything else. You are here with my thoughts, reading them. I have you. ?

This is happening all day long with our mind. While we read the paper, Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagram images, watching TV, even when chatting with friends. Our minds awareness has been occupied by something. So the question is, what if we remove all of that? What if there are no distractions like this for the mind? The mind will still be inclined to go somewhere; it will still feel compelled to be placed upon something. The mind is always looking for a focal point because this is what the mind does. So where to now for your mind?

Well this is what surprised me. Without something to distract it, my mind now had time and space to roam. There were no tight boundaries placed upon it like someone’s tweet or FB post. It could roam and wander wherever it wanted to go. And roam it did! I found that I had these very creative impulses and ideas bubbling up from that spaciousness. I had these great ideas for things that I wanted to do with my life. I cognised an entire teen meditation program which I called Chill Out Meditation, which I will be releasing soon. I had an idea for a book that I mapped out and then I cognised 5 out of 6 new modules for Year 2 of our Zen Academy For Transformational Leadership program. This was all in one day of not distracting my mind with somebody else’s thoughts!

Think of your mind like a little kid. These days we never let kids get bored. We are always distracting them with something, usually technology. When was the last time you heard a kid say “I’m bored.”?? We rarely do because we are afraid to let them get to that point. But look what happens when a child is in the bored state. Next thing you’ll find them building a cubby house out of pillows, or colouring in an old colouring-in book they found on their shelf, or making pretend mud pies in the garden. What happens? CREATIVITY. When there are no distractions, the mind will have the space to explore the infinite realms of creativity. The mind is no longer hijacked by someone else’s thoughts, it’s not pre-occupied by something else and is free to roam and explore the unlimited bounds of creative potential.

So if your life is directionless and lacking in spontaneity and creativity, perhaps give it some space for it to roam and be free. Don’t be afraid to let your mind be a little bored once in a while. You will be surprised by what happens next!

Here are some tips to help you create space for your mind:
1. Turn your phone off between 10pm and 7am
2. Leave your phone in your glove box while driving
3. Don’t look at your phone while walking
4. When in nature like the beach or park leave your phone in the car
5. If you are working out or exercising, try it without your phone
6. Try driving without the radio or podcasts on
7. Embrace silence rather than be afraid of silence.


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