Missy Moo Free Meditation

Congratulations on introducing your child to meditation!

Below you will find your free guided meditation which you can listen to by simply clicking play, or you can use the download link to save the file to your desktop or mobile device and play it from there. We recommend that children from the age of 3 years and up will be able to use this meditation to calm their mind and body. They can do it in the morning, evening or even before bedtime. If your child has had trouble sleeping at night, we recommend they meditate before bed to calm their mind. To meditate, the best recommendation is to sit upright in a comfortable chair, close the eyes, and listen to the audio. Ideally, turn of all stimulating noises, like TV, radio and phones. You may also like to turn off the lights and light a candle to create a nice atmosphere. Other than that, it’s super easy. Sit back, relax and enjoy your meditation!  

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