F2 Empowerment Series 47

It’s time to become EMPOWERED!

Break free from the blocks holding you back from experiencing Love, Wealth and Your Life Purpose.

The Empowerment Series is designed to help you make major shifts in these three main areas of your life.

Yes! Pivotal transformations.

One-hour audio recordings each on Love, Wealth and Life Purpose is all it takes – and they’re available exclusively to you as part of the Stillness Project Community for $47 (usually $197!)

PLUS your Companion Workbook for key insights!

PLUS the Empowerment ebook version of each audio for those who like to read!

Download, Listen and Flip the Transformational Switch.

Finding Love – Creating Extraordinary Relationships

Get ready for one whole hour of powerful revelations on matters of the heart.

Where you’ll affirm that Love isn’t a fairytale. What Self-Love loving yourself, you can experience

That Self-Love is the key to deep fulfillment and how to lift the veil of doubt and insecurity.

This is for you if… you want to change the way you love and are loved in return once and for all.

Magnetic Abundance – Attracting Wealth Effortlessly

Want to learn how to liberate yourself from generations of programming around money and power in just 60 minutes?

This is the mindset shift you that will INVITE abundance into your life.

This is for you if… you’re ready to embrace your birthright to experience true abundance and blast through all the blocks around money.

The Spiritual Journey – The Life You Were Born To Live

Experience the clarity and confidence that comes when you fine-tune your inner compass towards the highest vision for your life. Stop second guessing Nature’s divine cues.

This is for you if… you’re aching to do work that doesn’t feel like work; that allows you to make a powerful impact, and that fills you up with vitality and a sense of fulfillment every single day.

There is no time like the present. That’s why it’s such a “gift”.

Enhance your commitment to yourself right now. Get The Empowerment Series, your Companion Workbook PLUS your ebooks normally $197, for just $47!

* All prices in USD