Chill Out Meditation

The world’s first teenage meditation program that will deliver deep calm in your mind and body in just 14 minutes!

You will be guided by world meditation expert, Tom Cronin, how to meditate over 14 days PLUS, access to LIVE weekly group meditation sessions AND 6 bonus videos to take your life to a happy, successful and healthy space!

This course is for you if you are struggling the with pressures of school, social media, family, friends, self image and well…
just life itself!

From hotshot CEOs to world-class athletes to your next-door neighbor, millions of people agree that meditation is simply awesome. People like Lady Gaga, Hugh Jackman, Katie Perry, Russell Brand, Lebron James, Kristen Bell ALL MEDITATE. And for a very good reason…it works and it makes their life SOOO much better!
Not only does it help them feel better, think more clearly and have less stress in their life, but it’s scientifically proven to leave you feeling happier and healthier!


But the problem is…

Most people (possibly even you) may think that it’s hard or that you won’t be able to do it. Well, you’re about to find out that this is not the case at all.

What if you could learn from a world meditation expert how to meditate in just 14 minutes a day, over 14 days?

Some of the reasons why many people don’t meditate is:

– they think they wont be able to quieten their mind
– they don’t think they could sit still long enough
– they feel they don’t have time
– they are unsure of the benefits

This is all totally understandable however they can all be resolved with the right meditation method.

What Makes An Effective Meditation Technique?

1. It needs to be quick. Did you know that you have over 102 segments of 14 minutes in your day? We understand that you have many commitments in your day so to fit in a mediation practice it needs to give you results fast! Yes we are talking just 14 minutes!

2. It needs to give you a deep experience. To keep you going back for more you will want to feel something in your meditation. Without a deep experience, you won’t have a good meditation.

3. It needs to be blissful. Some meditations can be very uncomfortable and require long hours of concentration. To keep coming back to your meditation you actually want to feel good in it.

That’s why we are so excited about this meditation. This is a world’s first teenage meditation program that has all three of these elements in it!

It is called…

Chill Out Meditation and is a fusion of ancient meditation practices with modern day technology so that the youth of the world can now experience what monks in the Himalayas have had for thousands of years. Deep stillness.

With Chill Out Meditation, you don’t need any external technology, music, apps, awkward sitting positions, chanting, colorful pillows or a whale song soundtrack to find peace.

This is meditation for the youth in a modern world.

You’ll be taught exactly how to meditate; why not being able to empty your mind means you’re actually doing it right, and how to persist with and deepen your meditation every day. Plus, you’ll receive your Stillness Sound that will become your anchor in the storm of life.

You will learn to meditate over 14 days which is why we’ve structured the course to be exactly as you need it. Like any commitment, you’ll want to be as supported as possible, and Tom will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Here’s what you can expect when you go through the course:
A deep calm that comes quickly.
More energy to get through studies and sport.
Better self esteem and confidence.
Better friendships and family relationships.
• And so much more.

In plain English, that means exactly after 14 days from today, you will be able to enter and benefit from the deep stillness of your mind — in a matter of minutes, with ZERO struggle, and without hesitation.

Meet your meditation guide..

Tom spent 26 years as a high flying broker in finance trading inflation swaps and bonds for the banks. In the early years of my career his struggled with many addictions which led to anxiety, depression and panic attacks. After suffering a lot of stress in his job, he turned to meditation to help manage the symptoms. This was life changing for him! Only recently he walked away from the industry at the height of his 26-year successful career to fulfill his mission of spreading calm and stillness across the globe.

The portal to access this stillness is meditation. He has been teaching meditation for many years now and has inspired thousands of people all over the world as a teacher, author and keynote speaker to unlock their brilliance and calm with meditation.

Tom has been featured in The Sydney Morning Herald, Huffington Post, Vogue magazine, Conde Nast traveller, Qantas traveller, NineMSN, The Sunday Telegraph, on national TV in Australia, and countless blog sites.

Here you can see Tom has two beautiful teenage children. Taj and Lauren (yep over there on the left), and he believes in empowering the youth of the world to discover their greatness, understand the law of cause and effect and to learn to push boundaries but also respect them.

As seen on:


This is what people had to say about Tom’s work

“Tom really knows his stuff and is ‘one of a kind’! He teaches meditation in a unique, practical and really grounded way.”

– Sandra Wood 

“Thank you Tom Cronin for your vast generosity in sharing your talents with us. I remain most grateful. Your insight is amazing!”

-Tom Helms

Man, first up a MASSIVE THANKYOU! I cant even begin to describe the positive effects the meditation you taught has had on me so far. It’s really profound! I feel truly blessed to have been a part of this, you’re a good soul dude and I cant thank you enough! Cheers!”

-Cam Ward

And now lets here from some of Tom’s teenage students…

Tom has been a great influence, helping me maintain a strong, positive mindset and a healthy, fit lifestyle.


-Josh Lowinger

“Tom has been a guide and meditation coach in my life for many years. He really understands how the mind works and has been a great support for me.”

– Tara M.

“Tom has been an inspiration in my life with his wisdom and guidance.”

– Rhianna K.

“I’ve just completed days 1 and 2 of the chill out meditations.
Woah. I came out of that meditation feeling, well, high! It was extremely relaxing! I absolutely love The Stillness Project and everything you do, so thanks again”

-Jo Payne

Bonus Videos

Not only are you getting a world first meditation program that will alleviate your stress, increase your self confidence, improve your relationships and give you more energy, but you will also receive 6 BONUS videos!

In these bonus videos you will explore:

1.How to make empowered choices with technology and sleep

Bonus 1


3.How to master the law of karma

Bonus 3


5.How to upgrade the software of your mind and live a more positive life

Bonus 5

2.How to fuel your body so it runs like a powerful machine

Bonus 2


4.How to find your powerful inner leader

Bonus 4


6.How to find the ultimate source of love…

 Bonus 6

Course Information

Your program is specifically structured so that you will get the most profound experience in the shortest time possible

Chill Out Meditation is one of the easiest and most efficient courses in meditation around. Each day you will be guided by one of the world’s leading meditation experts into meditation and also receive practical tips on how to constantly improve your meditation practice over 14 days. Here’s how your program works:


Section 1

In this first week you will receive your ancient stillness sound or mantra. Tom will teach you how to meditate with this sound, what the sound is and how it works. You will also discover how to sit in meditation and how long you should be meditating for.


Section 2

This is a powerful week where you will discover why you are getting bursts of creativity, better brain functioning and feelings of bliss and happiness. You will also learn about the word moksha and why you will start noticing how you will become less stressed in life.

The science is in and it’s a huge YES to meditation!

A study done at Stanford University found that meditation:

Boosts your HEALTH

– decreases inflammation at a cellular level

– increases immune function


– decreases depression

– decreases anxiety

Boosts your SOCIAL LIFE

– boosts your emotional intelligence and confidence

– makes you feel less lonely

Changes your BRAIN

– increases cortical thickness in areas related to paying attention

– increases grey matter

As you can see there are numerous benefits to meditation that go way beyond feeling calmer. This is why its spreading across the world so rapidly into schools, prisons, hospitals, boardrooms and homes.

This is what some of Tom’s students had to say about his work:

“Learning to meditate with Tom has been amazing. It has changed my life!”

-Lisa Nichols

“Meditating with Tom has helped me achieve an amazing sense of calmness and clarity; with my loved ones, in my career and more importantly in my relationship with myself.”

– Aishah Sinclair

“Learning to meditate with Tom has been the single biggest catalyst for change in my life, period. I would never have thought that such a simple, effortless practice, could bring about such a huge change in all areas of my life.”

– Jared Pohl

Start Now!

As you can see there are a huge number of ways in which making meditation a daily habit through Chill Out Meditation can help you.

But that doesn’t mean it has to cost you a huge amount of money.

We have made this available so that it can get into the lives of teenagers all over the world!

And so your investment in Chill Out Meditation is not going to be $500, or even $200. It’s yours for just a one-time payment $47.

What if you could get the most out of meditation – without spending years in ashrams, or thousands of dollars on meditation coaches, or countless hours of daily practice?

Chill Out Meditation is yours for a fraction of the cost of a single meditation class in a city like New York, London or Sydney (where our instructor taught meditation for $1000 a class.)

Don’t Decide Now — Try the Chill Out Meditation For 30 Days

Group of teens walking in an urban area. Concept about friendship and youth

There are a million ways in which meditation can help you.

Everything from your stress levels, anxiety, focus, creativity and even relationships… everything stands to get transformed by it.

And with this 14-day Chill Out Meditation framework, it’s impossible for you not to see results. You will also receive weekly access to me as your meditation teacher and mentor through our LIVE weekly group meditations on Zoom. 

That’s why I want to give you an opportunity to see the results first-hand without any risk. I don’t know what results you’ll experience, but you’ll never know either unless you try it.

So you can enroll now for the Chill Out Meditation experience and try it for the first 30 days risk-free.

Yes, that’s right.

You can go through all the training videos during the first 30 days. And you only then decide whether to keep the program or not.

And if you’re not over-the-moon with your results, simply email our team via and your entire investment will be instantly refunded. It’s that easy.

So get started now. You have nothing to lose but a whole new world to gain.

Heres what you get when you order:

  • 14 day Chill Out Meditation program delivered straight to your inbox
  • Available on computer, smartphone and tablet
  • 6 bonus support videos to empower your life
  • Access to LIVE weekly group meditations and mentoring with Tom on Zoom
  • Top-class customer support to help you every step of the way
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

Save 30%!  Price: $69 $47

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