Man the Fuck Up

Are you ready to ‘Man’ the fuck up?

Break free from your blocks holding you back
from finding love, wealth and your life purpose.

The Empowerment Series will help you zone in on the three main areas of your life and shake things up.

We’re not just talking light bulb moments – we’re talking total mind

Listening to these one-hour audio recordings in partnership with your
Faster, Deeper Bliss meditations will set you on course to flourish in love,
wealth and life purpose, so that’s 3 power packed sessions to open up your life of abundance in all areas for just $197!

Download, pop in your earphones, and join the express lane to nirvana.

Finding Love – Creating Extraordinary Relationships

Get ready for one hour of powerful revelations on matters of the heart. Where you’ll affirm love isn’t a fairytale, but by truly loving yourself, you can experience deep fulfilment that’ll blow the notion of Sleeping Beauty out of the water.

This is for you if… you want to change the way you love and are loved in return.

Magnetic Abundance – Attracting Wealth Effortlessly

Want to learn how to liberate yourself from generations of programming around money and power in just 60 minutes? Money isn’t evil – and with a mindset shift you will invite abundance into your life.

This is for you if… you’re ready to take your finance bull by the horns, drop the stress and angst attached to the almighty dollar, and discover your own version of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The Spiritual Journey – The Life You Were Born To Live

You’ve been bobbing like a cork in the ocean for a while now – but within this hour of assertion, everything will change. When you find your purpose, it’s like hoisting the sail in a strong wind and soaring ahead with passion. So, are you ready to fly?

This is for you if… you’re aching to do work that doesn’t feel like work, that allows you to make an impactful change, and that makes you excited to jump out of bed every morning.

There is no time like the present.

Enhance your commitment to Faster, Deeper Bliss right now.
Get The Empowerment Series, for just $197.
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