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Faster Deeper Calm Bonus Video 1

The 3 gunas. Understanding these 3 forces of change are the key to knowing why you are experiencing anxiety or panic. After watching this video you will see your imbalance in a whole different light and be filled with a sense of hope and optimism.

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Faster Deeper Calm Bonus Video 2

How to move out of Shiva, the destructive phase of life, and into Brahma, the creative phase of life. These tips in this video will be the catalyst for anxiety and panic leaving your life so that you feel calm and happy.

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Faster Deeper Calm Bonus Video 3

How this one technique will be the most powerful tool for you to embrace to remove anxiety and panic attacks from your life. This was life changing for me, and here you’ll find out why.

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“Prior to attending the meditation course with Tom, I was searching for anything that would cure my anxiety. I was desperate but I thought I was incapable of living a life free of anxiety. Tom Cronin showed me that there was no need to live a life in fear. With the meditation and with Tom’s ongoing guidance and support I am now experiencing a life full of light and harmony.” -Brigette
“Hi Tom, I want to say a deeply heartfelt Thank you for the 21-day meditation journey. During the first days and weeks I felt a strong difference in daily life – I felt more at peace and even my anxiety was almost gone. The 20 minutes are peaceful and beautiful and they help me to calm down and I feel less energy rushes and anxiety/ restlessness. Again, thank you so much for the gift and the love.” -Sarah
“I purchased the 21 steps to Faster Deeper Bliss program a couple of months ago and have been practising meditation twice daily ever since. I am SO THRILLED with the difference it has made to me after suffering from post natal depression and anxiety for the past two years. I am finally enjoying life again.” -Clare J
“Your meditation program with Tom is an answer to years of prayers. Thank you!” -Thomas Helms
“It really is incredible just how much the meditation has helped me. Being just a teenager, I have experienced quite a bit of anxiety and stress. Meditation has stopped the anxiety, and is an amazing thing to have in your life that you can turn to whenever you are feeling overwhelmed. It has definitely improved my everyday life and I’m so glad to have discovered it at such a young age.” -Tara M
“Dear Tom
Just to say you have changed my life! I started meditating with your technique in May of last year. I have been religiously meditating every day. My life has been transformed. I am a better, more peaceful, thoughtful, nicer person. In my 59 years on this planet, I have finally found IT through you. Thank you.”
-Kate Kassam
“There is only praise for Tom’s manner and style of meditation guidance which has now allowed me to exit eating disorder therapy. Your program is helping me to reconnect and separate and redirect my energy into joy and health. No small feat. I was ready and your program entered. Thank you.” -Michelle Babian


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