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In these videos you will discover:

Faster Deeper Sleep Bonus Video 1

Here in this first bonus video we look at the root cause of insomnia. There is a reason why insomnia is an epidemic in todays world and discovering why we have insomnia is the key to being able to remove it from your life. Once you watch this clip you will understand the simplicity of why you are unable to sleep, and that is the first and biggest step to being able to fall into a faster deeper sleep each night.

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Faster Deeper Sleep Bonus Video 2

In video 1 we looked at the root cause of insomnia and in video 2 we will explore how we can reverse those symptoms so that we can experience a good night sleep. Here you will discover that your body has the ability to switch from fight/flight to rest and digest and there is one thing that will help you get there. You’re about to find out the key to deep sleep.

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Faster Deeper Sleep Bonus Video 3

In video 2 we explored the one thing that will be key to reversing the fight/flight stress state and in this video we will look at the different ways to meditate. Not all meditations are the same and in this video you will find out which ones will suit you. After this video you will be on your way to experiencing a Faster Deeper Sleep!

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“Your meditation program with Tom is an answer to years of prayers. Thank you!” -Thomas
“Tom Cronin! I just finished the Stillness Project course. I’m IN LOVE! I’ve tried meeditation several times and gave up on it EVERY time. Each day, I CAN’T wait for my next meditation. THANK YOU for taking the mystery out of meditation.” -Leslie E.
“Thank you for the energy and effort you put into this program. I’ve definitely noticed improvements in my creativity, sense of calm, and my ability to step back to observe a situation, rather than react impulsively.
Congratulation on a great program, and again, thank you.”
“Hi Tom, thank you so much for your great teachings. I have become so calm and collected since beginning your guidance to still my mind.” My wife has also been doing this with me and as a couple we see the difference in each other. Thank you so much Tom. My wife and I will be forever grateful for what this has begun for us.” -Brodie G
“I am just thrilled with your program and it’s changed my life. I have to tell others. You truly are an inspiration and I thank you.” -Terri M
“I wanted to send some lovely feedback to your wonderful program. I have the most joyous meditatin. In stillness, real stillness. I feel almost a little giddy afterwards, but amazing feeling, like I have nourished my soul. WOW!! What a truly wonderful thing. Thank you Stillness Project, thanks Tom. This is the start of something life giving for myself” -Tracey
“Learning to meditate with Tom has been amazing. It has changed my life!” -Lisa Nichols, CEO Motivating the Masses, best-selling author and speaker
“Faster Deeper Bliss has helped me achieve an amazing sense of calmness and clarity; with my loved ones, in my career and more importantly in my relationship with myself.” -Aishah Sinclair, TV Presenter and Actor
“Dear Tom, Just to say you have changed my life! I started meditating with your technique in May of last year. I have been religiously meditating every day. My life has been transformed. I am a better, more peaceful, thoughful, nicer person. In my 59 years on this planet, I have finally found IT through you. Thank you.” -Kate


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