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How To Find Your Light During Dark Times

LightOh the pain, the angst, the suffering.

Sometimes it can sweep over you like a long dark night that doesn’t want to end. I recall spending much of my life immersed in that darkness. How about you? Have you had times where it engulfs you? Even if it’s for a day or a night?

This darkness is your shadow side, and it’s ok. See for you to have a shadow there must also be light.

This week I picked up one of my favourite books, Emmanuel’s Book, off my bookshelf and opened it up on a page.

I often do this with books to see what it offers me for that day. I found this page so beautiful and inspiring that I wanted to share it with you.

“It requires an initial leap of faith to see another reality in the experience of pain.

Pain and darkness are extremely compelling.

You have physical bodies that ache and sometimes scream.

You have emotions that seem to tear you apart.

I urge you in those times of such stress, ask yourselves who is it that is experiencing this.

And the ‘who’ that is aware of the experiencing, not lost in it, but aware of it,

will be the bearer of the Light.”

Pain is a great force that is here to guide us to a new level in our life. It is our cue to shift our awareness, and see things in a different way. Of course, it is easy, so easy, to stay immersed in that pain and let ourselves drift further down into negativity. But when you find that courage to lift your awareness out of the “Why me?” and find a strength to envision a new reality of the future, then you will start to see a new reality unfold.

No, this is not easy, but it’s our work. As Emmanuel says, ‘It requires an initial leap of faith’.

You are the light. The light that is the observer of the shadow. Take some time to sit with this, meditate, contemplate, and develop your strength of being light. It will come.

What techniques do you use to help dispel the darkness and reveal your light? Please share with us below.

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