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Be inspired, encouraged and supported on your journey through life with real time Question and Answer Forum with global meditation expert Tom Cronin.

There are times in life where you could do with a shoulder to lean on, someone to talk to and someone who can listen and guide you without any judgement.

At times you may feel unsteady and lacking in inspiration, or simply have a question that you’re unable to ask any friend or family member.

Well, that’s where Tom comes in! Not only will these Q+A Club sessions lift you up and re-inspire you, but they will bring you right back on track to the awesome life you are here to live.

Every now and then you will hear or see something and go “Yes, that’s so true!” In these coaching sessions Tom will be reminding you of everything that you already know at a deeper level but forgot somewhere along the way. Think of him as your guide to assist you with gentle reminders along the way.

This is what other’s have had to say about these sessions:

“I feel abundantly blessed by being on this call… Gratitude”  LC

“Awesome questions and comments! Thank you Tom for your wisdom; and thank you to those of you on line – I am grateful to all of you. These sessions are awesome!”  BS

You don’t have to walk this path alone. Tom will be there to support you every step of the way. After these sessions you will feel lighter, clearer and more focused than ever before.

What you will get is a LIVE 1 HOUR coaching call each month with Tom! Inspiration, transformation and personal growth coming to you LIVE each month. All for less than the cost of your hour-long massage! So act now to lock in this exclusive offer. * All prices in USD

When you sign up for the Q+A Club Package you’ll have your peace posse on call – the real, nourishing friendship group you’ve been dying to connect with.

As a Q+A Club Member you will receive:

  • Access to LIVE monthly Q&A calls with Tom
  • Discount on all future product releases and training courses (and there are some epic launches on their way!)
  • On-going Guided Meditations
  • Ground breaking podcasts and videos from partners we 100 percent support and trust
  • Permanent access to all previous and missed coaching sessions.
  • Your deepest questions answered
  • Monthly encouragement, support and inspiration that will take your life to a new level

The BEST part is?

Tom’s a hard man to pin down. While he loves working one-on-one, his schedule just doesn’t allow for it – which means there are very limited spaces available and they come with a price tag to match. Corporates pay anywhere from $2000-$5000 for a one-hour presentation, yet you will receive a full 1 hour session with Tom for $9.90!

“I love the mentoring sessions.  This last one was very informative for me.” Sue

Right now you can receive a monthly 1 hour Q+A Club session to answer your most pressing questions for just $9.90.
* All prices in USD
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Learning meditation with Tom has been life changing for me. I have never experienced such feelings of inner calm and clarity of thought. With Tom’s mentoring, I have learnt the immense impact that sitting in stillness each day has on your life. The benefits of meditation have been immediate and I’ve been able to incorporate it into my life effortlessly. I can not recommend Tom’s mentoring enough, for learning how to relieve the stresses of modern life and to reconnect with yourself and the world around you. – Cindy Jansen