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How To Mend A Broken Heart

fiery-love_1920x1200_74489Oh the pain and the heart ache. The lost love, the broken heart, the emptiness. Do these lines sound familiar to you? How often do you hear these words when discussing the separation of relationships?

We even hear words like these in films and songs. You may recall (showing my age here!) Foreigner’s song with the lyrics “I don’t want to live without you” and Maria Carey’s melody “I can’t live, if living is without you.” Then of course we can’t forget The Notebook movie with lines like: “I want all of you, forever, everyday. You and me… everyday.”

Some of the greatest suffering in the world today is derived from relationships coming to a seeming end.

I’m sure you yourself have been through some of this ache at some point in your life. No doubt you have found love and then seemingly lost love. Did you experience that high of life when your heart opened up in love and then the pain when the heart seemingly contracted when the love was ‘taken away from you’?

Recently a student asked me if meditation could mend a broken heart.

My first response was: “You don’t have a broken heart.”

Yes, there was a mild state of disbelief and shock in her eyes!

However I went on to explain more deeply that her heart is fine. It’s an eternal flame of fiery love that actually never extinguishes. Its always there burning the bright light of love. It was her ego that was hurt. The heart is always simply love, but our ego, that thin layer of us that feels hurt when someone withdraws their attention from us, that’s something different altogether. Often we wrap our hearts in thick casing to protect it. But what we are doing here is smothering a heart that is seeking to shine bright and emanate love.

Love isn’t something that we ‘get’ or ‘give’, love is the essence of who we are. Of course lets not dismiss our humanity and ignore the sense of loss and feelings of missing someone. Pain is part of our journey. But the pain is also a reminder, to look within, to reconnect with that fiery heart centre and come back to being an expression of love.

Meditation will help you connect to that fiery source within you. It will help you penetrate that thin film of the ego and go deeper to this core of molten lava of inner love. When you daily transcend  the ego and tap into your loving heart centre you will find empowerment and freedom in all your relationships. They will no longer be the fleeting source of love rather they will be a space for you to express the love that you are.

To help you deepen your connection to your heart, I have created a Golden Heart Meditation for you to do each day. This short guided meditation will enhance those feelings of love in your body and free you of the pains of the past. After meditating on your heart each day you will feel more love in your life regardless of your past or your present relationships. That’s true freedom! Check it out in our store below:


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