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I Broke All My Rules And Paid The Price…

stillness-project_001I usually have set rules about my daily routine that I have in place because I know when they are there, life flows beautifully. But in the last few weeks I broke those rules and it was great research, because everything about my day changed. This was a great reminder about why I put those rules there in the first place!

Do you get those times when you feel overwhelmed, or that you just have so much ‘to do’ you are not sure where you’ll get the time to do it all? Or that things just aren’t flowing and there is friction and tension in your life? It’s easy to get pulled into the whole ‘doingness’ of life. For that reason we put aside very little time for the ‘beingness’.

What is beingness? It’s simply being present, in your inner stillness and calm, not needing identity, or definition from results. Its a deep comfortability in knowing that everything is going to turn out just right.

This is a very subtle experience and easy to ignore because the success of our results overwhelms the subtlety of the doing. Hence we will compromise important things like, meditation, pausing when eating, exercise, stretching or sitting on the grass looking up at the sky.

This is what happened to me lately. I bent my rules and paid the price. Some of my rules are:

– no technology after 10pm

– start the day with stretching and meditation (preferably at the beach)

– having a siesta and afternoon meditation

– being present throughout the day

– placing my attention on the single task at hand

– stretch and read before bed

– acknowledge the future will unfold gracefully and effortlessly

– eat slowly and consciously

I know that if I apply these simple guidelines, my days will be a blissful effortless experience that leads to more blissful effortless experiences under the laws of attraction. But lately I had some big deadlines and I was working till midnight then getting up at 5am to do more work. I skipped my morning routines, I ate food as if it was getting in the way of my ‘doing’, I was multi tasking like driving and checking phone calls, and I allowed my mind to project forward into ‘what if scenarios’.

What happened then was a series of comical events. Firstly small things like stubbed toes (sign of not being present), and not sleeping well, to eventually things like technological failures, missed meeting times and an over stimulated mind that starts to drift towards a negative forecasting. All this of course continues that snowballing effect of getting attached to your outcomes and the out comes then not gracefully unfolding.

When we entertain ‘neediness’ into our life, it totally changes the outcomes of your day. Sure, we need to perform action, but when you perform action from that place of peace and calm, then the results of your actions will be very different. There is a Sanskrit saying ‘yogasthah kuru karmani’ which means ‘established in being, perform action’.

When you do, life will be timelessly in the bliss of the present moment. Needless to say, after my research was complete I returned back to my rules and have a beautiful meditation by the sea this morning.

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