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This Man’s Life Changed Dramatically When He Decided To Do One Simple Thing

freedomIf you are facing a series of challenges in life and feel the Universe is going against you, then this story is one you will want to read. My mate Tony is a really good guy. He runs a burger joint in Bondi called Tony’s Burgers and is a very popular dude. I bumped into him down at the beach the other night and we got chatting about the challenging times he’d been going through.

See recently his life changed dramatically. There was a series of events, rather unpleasant, that triggered a flow on effect of mishaps and mayhem. It was an intense time and everything seemed to be going against him. As he said, even when he would go to sit and meditate, EVERY TIME a blow fly would come and start buzzing around him!

“GEEZ COME ON!! Give me a break!!” he yelled to the Universe.

He was progressively becoming more and more angry with the world. It seemed the more angry he would become, the more the world went against him. Finally one day he got to breaking point. He stopped one morning and said “Ok, I give up!” He threw his hands in the air and let go. He let go of his anger. He surrendered, softened and yielded. He decided he would stop the struggle and just accept everything that was unfolding around him.

Then something interesting happened. Once he let go of the need to control any outcomes, seek revenge or force different results, things started to flow more smoothly. The tension subsided, the anger dissolved and he was greeted with a series of successful and positive outcomes. He slipped into the Flow Zone. In the Flow Zone you move effortlessly through life, in tune with the subtle impulses of intelligence that guide you. You emit a needless energy that exudes a frequency of abundance, gratitude and fulfilment. When you are in the Flow Zone, because the Universe reciprocates what you send out, you will start to notice life unfolds very smoothly.

The Universe is always sending us tests. It is checking in with us to see how attached we are to our ego and if we are still caught in the illusion of needing life to ‘work out’ for our ego to feel satisfied. These tests aren’t easy, if it was it wouldn’t be a test. How would we ever learn if we weren’t challenged? There’s a beautiful sanskrit word called ‘nivartartvum’ which means to transcend where you are. Transcend implies to go beyond, beyond the ego, out of the duality of you and ‘other’. The ego thrives in the realm of duality. This duality gives the ego identity. “WHAT ABOUT ME” It cries out! The ego NEEDS life to work out. It NEEDS to seek revenge, to win arguments and have victory in battles. The ego NEEDS all of your expectations met to feel fulfilled.

The Universe is there to let you know you aren’t your ego. To do this it will challenge you, prod you, push and pull you, to see if you are getting it yet. These challenges are a guidance mechanism, as unpleasant as they are, to let go of our attachment to the ego. This is an intense process, as the ego will vehemently fight for its identity. It will scream out for recognition. Our journey is to transcend this ego, to leap into the Unboundedness of Self. Here we enter the Flow Zone and observe life with a cheeky grin and mild fascination. “I SEE! I have an ego but it’s not me.”

Some tips to enter the Flow Zone are:

1. Meditate. Transcending in meditation is a big part of the process. It frees you from the bondage of the Ego. It enables you to connect with that independent observer known as your Higher Self.
2. Observe. Take time to check in with yourself and see where and how you are being ‘charged’ emotionally by events around you. Simply observing this is an important step in the process of being free of the charge.
3. Ask. Ask yourself do you really NEED to win that argument, fight or situation just for the sake of winning it, or is your ultimate goal in life to feel love, kindness, gentleness and joy?
4. Breathe. Yes you are always breathing, but are you aware you are breathing? Stop, pause, and check in with your breath. Be present to the now.
5. Gratitude. This will be a tough one, but can you be grateful for the cause of your charge? Yes that annoying person or experience that has pissed you off? Why be grateful for that? Because they or it is your greatest lesson. What a gift! Thank you!

See how you go. Its not easy, but this is our journey. Please share with me below any thoughts that you might have on this. I’d love to hear from you.

If you need some support with learning to meditate then you might like to try my deep 21day meditation program Faster Deeper Bliss. Deep transcending meditations take you beyond the ego into a field known as Pure Consciousness. This is a wakeful awareness that the ego dissolves into like when a small block of ice melts into the ocean. If you are facing many challenges in life and feel your ego is yelling and screaming at you and you would like to feel it ‘melt into the ocean’ then try this 21 day meditation program by clicking below.




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