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My Meditation Student Nailed It When She Said This

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 10.50.19 amBoom! My student nailed it when she said this. It was like the penny dropped, the light went on and all the problems in her life went up in a puff of smoke!

See during a recent meditation workshop we were discussing manifesting outcomes in life. A few students were asking how to manifest in life. They wanted to know how they can create the life they want. Much to their surprise I said that they already were.

Gulp! “What? No that can’t be right. This is not the life I want!”

“Well why do you keep creating it?”

We explored how the human mind thrives on looking into problems and analysing them. This gives the mind purpose and pleasure. We are also deeply programmed that life isn’t easy…that it’s complicated. So it is very common for our mind to always be analysing our problems. The mind LOVES problems! If we didn’t love looking into the problems of life then the media wouldn’t be feeding you all those news stories everyday. Isn’t this what most of the media is all about? It’s problem after problem. We do this in our personal lives also. The water cooler gossip in the office, coffee catch up with friends, business meetings…so many of these sessions are delving into problems. I was noticing my mind this morning in meditation even wanted to spend a lot of its time trying to find a problem! Cheeky mind.

Some other examples of this are negative projections like:
“I am coming down with the flu”
“I’m going to fail my exam”
“I am poor”
“I can’t find love”

I mentioned this phrase before in a previous article, Yad Bhavam Tat Bhavati – what we think become. When we keep thinking of our problems and projecting negativity interestingly we remain in the cycle of manifesting problems and negativity. This is when it dropped for my student. She cried out:
“Wait, so rather than putting my attention on the problem, imagine the problem isn’t even there?”
This is a game changer! Imagine what life is like if the problem isn’t even there. Try it. Go deep into the feeling of what life feels like, looks like and sounds like if you don’t even have that problem.

So if you are feeling sick, imagine feeling healthy. If you are poor, imagine feeling wealthy. If you aren’t in a loving relationship, imagine being in a loving relationship. Then watch what happens over time. The Universe will start to organise things around you to make this real. You will have spontaneous events, random people coming into your life and impulses of intelligence to guide you to your destination. But if your destination is your problems, then that’s where you will keep arriving.

This is challenging because how we feel is a result of the past or current circumstances. And yet how we feel determines what we attract in the future. So to break this circuit we have to break the pattern of our thoughts and feelings. It’s so conditioned for the mind to play in the lower realms of negativity and it’s not a natural process for the mind to be clear, positive and free of negativity. I’ve had to work for years on reprogramming a naturally negative mind. And its not just my mind either, its the collective tendency of society.

Daily meditation and mindfulness has played a big part in this. Firstly I empty my mind of all the ‘problems’ as I dip into stillness. In effect my meditation is the absence of the noise. Then each morning and evening, when I rise and before I go to sleep, I sit in quiet contemplation assessing what I’m feeling and if it is caused by my past or empowering my future? I will hold the vision and feeling of the life without the problems and then surrender the need to make that happen and let the universe start to weave its magic. Of course, you still need to take action, but much of that will be guided by subtle impulses of creativity that fly across your minds cape.

So if you find you are bogged down with lots of problems, then pause, and really check in with yourself and ask, what is life like if I don’t have this problem. I assure you, you will start to feel lighter quickly.


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