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Why Your Nervous System Is Getting Battered And What You Can Do To Protect It

data-information-overload-ss-1920You’re nervous system is taking a battering. You may not even be aware of this but it’s happening right now. You can’t see it happening, and you probably can’t feel it happening, but it’s happening. It’s been a gradual process, one that over time your nervous system has normalised to. You’ve come to accept that this is how you feel every day. This is the new normal right?

I’ve just arrived at my villa, deep in the jungles of Bali, about to start our annual 6-day retreat tomorrow. All I can see for miles around are forests…lush, thick, dense rainforests (So no, not the heaving bars of Seminyak and Legian!) Immediately I can feel the calming, healing effect of this on my nervous system. I have something to compare it to as I’ve just come from a highly populated city of 7 million people to a thick jungle where I can’t see anyone or anything but trees!

What is most apparent is how highly stimulated and overworked my nervous system is right now. I can feel its jitteriness and there’s a buzz in my body. Why couldn’t I feel this before? Why am I only aware of this now? Contrast. In the city the whole ‘field’ is a highly stimulated matrix of pulsing technology and flow of information. All around us is a bombardment on our senses, and this is not just traffic, TV’s, radio, loud music, fluorescent lighting, air conditioning units, iPhones and computers. It’s the unseen that is a big issue.

Pull out your phone and check the source of your wifi. Depending where you live, you might find there are between 3 and 10 different wifi modems to choose from. Each modem is spitting out huge amounts of data. Have a look around many of the buildings in your area. You will notice mobile phone receptor towers on every corner. There’s electric cables, satellite dishes, white noise, and then there’s the electro magnetic field (EMF’s). Holy Moly…this is intense and all relatively new to the planet. The effect it’s having on us, especially the children is massive. The rise in anxiety, depression and ADHD with adults is exponential, but with young children, it is off the charts! (That’s Aussie slang for ridiculously high!)

Is it going to go away? Nope. If anything it will only intensify. Can we do anything about it? Yes!

We need to take action because this is going to really take its toll on us all if we don’t do something. So here are 10 things that can alleviate some of the impact this field of frequencies is doing to our nervous systems:

1. Get out of the city…regularly. Even if it’s for a day, go for an hour or two drive and spend a day in a forest.
2. Turn off all electrics and your modem before going to bed at night
3. Put your phones on airplane mode or turn them off when you are asleep
4. Dim all lighting and use blue blocking glasses in the evening
5. Get some EMF protectors (do your research as there are some good ones and some not so good ones!)
6. Block out sections of your day where you are not on either your phone or computer
7. Give your ears a rest, have silence (i.e. no radio or music) in the car or at home regularly
8. Give your nervous system plenty of rest by having a good nights sleep
9. Read good old-style paper books
10. Shut down your senses in daily meditation

You don’t have to get to the rainforests of Bali to start the process. We can take some of these steps (which are a reminder to me too!) straight away. The price to pay will be huge if we don’t. Fatigue, anxiety, depression, ADHD, poor digestion, migraines, insomnia just to name a few are becoming more commonplace than not these days and at some point we might want to ask why and what can we do about it?


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