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What Did this News Anchor Man Do After A Panic Attack On National TV?

If you’ve never experienced an anxiety or a panic attack, then you’re very lucky. They are crippling, dreadful, even terrifying experiences that you simply don’t want to go through. Now having a panic attack is one thing, but going through one on national TV must be a whole other ball game!

Dan Harris was a highly respected TV anchorman for ABC News in the USA. His life changed forever when one day, on national TV, he went through one the toughest moments of his life. He had a severe panic attack and had to go off air during a live segment.

For some this could be the straw that broke the camels back. However for Dan Harris, it was the biggest turning point in his life. He had a choice here to go one of two ways, breakdown or breakthrough. Fortunately for Dan and the many people around the world that he now gives hope to, he broke through.

What he did next is inspirational. Now he is changing lives all over the world. Check out from Dan Harris himself how this one thing has changed his own life.

As you saw, Dan Harris speaks so highly of meditation. He, like me, found a particular style of meditation that helped so much to remove the anxiety and panic from his life.

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