Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your support as a The Stillness Project affiliate! We appreciate all that you do, and are here to support you and all of our partners for the utmost success.

Please know that these rules are designed to support your best results, and to ensure a fair distribution of credit for all of our partners.

We ask that you promote our offers to your community only, and let us handle buying new traffic and promoting our programs to a wider audience. Rest assured, any google adwords, social media ads, etc. generated by The Stillness Project will not override your affiliate tracking.

As a The Stillness Project affiliate you agree to the following:

  1. As an affiliate partner, you agree to promote The Stillness Project’s programs to YOUR community only. YOUR email list, your social media community, etc. In other words, people that have opted in to your list, liked your page, etc.
  2. ALL PAID ADVERTISING using our promotional materials must be approved by The Stillness Project.
  3. No buying traffic or followers using any The Stillness Project copy, events or products. (A list of The Stillness Project events may be found here, and programs here.)
  4. In your promotions, it needs to be clear that you are a partner of The Stillness Project, and that you are not portraying yourself as The Stillness Project, or one of The Stillness Project’s members through your marketing efforts.
  5. No use of any kind of domains/URLs, including but not limited to The Stillness Project or its associated brands, or products.
  6. No use of any images of The Stillness Project, its associated brands, or products unless approved by The Stillness Project prior to use.
  7. You must follow and be in compliance with all of the FTC Guidelines for affiliate marketing. As an affiliate of The Stillness Project, you’ve read and fully agree to the terms listed on the Official FTC website:
  8. No review sites are allowed for any of The Stillness Project’s programs unless they are approved by The Stillness Project. (Including, but not limited to “Is this a scam?” sites, review videos and/or websites.)
  9. No “Launch Jacking” of any kind. Again, your sales should be generated from YOUR own community only.
  10. No cookie stuffing.

Any affiliate that violates any of the above rules & policies will forfeit ALL commissions earned, and will be under evaluation for future partnership.

Please reach out to us for any questions in regard to these policies at

Thank you for your partnership!

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