If you’re lacking inspiration or drive to keep up meditation, then this group is for you!

At times you may feel unsteady and lacking in inspiration, or simply have a question that you’re unable to ask any friend or family member.

Join our tribe and be part of live meditation and coaching sessions with Tom Cronin, Founder of Stillness project and the TSP community.

When you sign up for the Inner Sanctum Program you’ll have your peace posse on call – the real, nourishing friendship group you’ve been dying to connect with and give you inspiration to keep on your meditation and transformation journey.

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The Inner Sanctum includes:

  • Access to the members only section of the site
  • Live one hour group coaching call and deep meditation session each month with Tom for 12 months
  • Access to hours of previous coaching sessions available to listen to on demand
  • Podcasts and videos from partners we 100 percent support and trust
  • Monthly encouragement, support and inspiration that will take your life to a new level

How it works:


Get coached by Tom

Discover the power of meditation and its transformational effects that it has on the mind and body


Apply the framework

Put into practice what you’ve learnt and be supported by Tom and your TSP peers


Transform your thinking and approach to life

Experience a new way of life through consciously applying these principles and integrating them into your everyday life.

Meet Tom

Tom is founder of Stillness Project and has been a meditation teacher and life coach for five years. He’s taught thousands of people the power of meditation and shown them how beneficial including the practice in their everyday lives can be.

Originally in a high stress role as an inflation swaps broker for 26 years, Tom himself was transformed by practising meditation. Wanting to share the power of meditation with others, he has since founded Stillness Project and now teaches others about the power of meditation.

Be a part of the global movement and

start meditating with The Inner Sanctum.

Pay As You Go

9.90 per month

Annual Saver

97 annually with 2 months FREE
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