Wanting to delve deeper into meditation and your transformation journey?

Discovered the power of meditation and feel compared to share its power with others? Wanting to take that next step in your personal transformation journey to become a conscious leader that leaves an impactful mark on others and the world?

Zen Academy for Transformational Leadership is a 12-month program designed to help awaken your inner leader and realise your full potential as a leader and teacher.

This course isn’t for everyone. It’s only for those who have the courage, stamina and willpower to challenge themselves and transform into conscious, empathetic and powerful leaders. This program will stretch you, expand your potential, deepen your gifts to the world and explore ways in which you can bring your vision, mission and purpose to shape the world you want to live in.

Combining advanced spiritual teachings to inspire your awakening, along with practical grounded guidance on the ‘how to’, Zen Academy bridges the gap between these two worlds to help you live your fullest potential as a fearless leader in the world.

What you receive to help awaken your inner leader:

Monthly live coaching sessions with Tom Cronin, founder of the Stillness Project, speaker, author and producer of upcoming feature film, The Portal.

Access to private Facebook group where you have unlimited access to Tom and the support from the Stillness Project community.

12 video modules to support your awakening and transformation process.

Program Modules

  1. Awakening the leader within
  2. Finding our life purpose
  3. Expressing yourself grounded in love
  4. Understanding the mechanics of change and learning to be in the flow
  5. Navigating the integration of daily life as an awakened leader
  6. Finding the mediums for your leadership to shine
  7. Understanding the ancient ayurvedic science
  8. Meditation teacher training 101
  9. Exploring the 3 advanced states of consciousness
  10. Exploring the masculine and feminine dynamics
  11. How to eradicate the ego
  12. How to open up your unlimited potential

Meet Tom

Zen Academy is my life purpose – to serve at MY highest level – creating inspirational conscious leaders in the world just like YOU. I haven’t seen another program like this in the world today. I can’t wait to speak to you!


Love & Kindness,

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Numbers are strictly limited and you must first must pass an application process before being admitted into Zen Academy. After filling out this form the next step is a 45 minute phone call with Tom who will then personally decide if you will be accepted into the Academy. We hope to see you join the Zen Academy family!

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