Quick Start Guide


Welcome to the Zen Academy Members Area

We are an intimate group and we will be working closely together. Each and every one of you have been hand-selected from applicants, being those who are absolutely ready for the work we are embarking on.

A few guidelines…

  1. Make sure that you take care of yourself along the way. The work we will do together is transformational. This means that your stuff – those patterns and stories that you are in the process of reshaping – will come up, as we go through this process. Give yourself the time, space and support you need, to integrate the changes you are making. 
  2. Questions. If you have questions or challenges that emerge as you’re working with this material, please use the private Facebook Group to share them. Ask clearly for what you need and want. Offer support, insight and your own stories when you feel moved to, without guilt or obligation. I am always in the group and will jump in with responses. This is the only group that you’ll get this level of support from me. You have my attention!
  3. Group coaching sessions. Bring all your questions to the sessions with me. There is nothing off limits. I am always interested and ready to support you no matter what comes up for you in this journey. There are 2 sessions every fortnight…
    • Wednesday night 6PM (AET)
    • Thursday morning 7AM (AET)
  4. Copyright material. You are welcome to print out the handbook, write your own notes and of course you will have ongoing access to this material. For other uses of this material please contact me for permission in writing. The fundamental principle we are upholding is that “The Wise Do Not Bewilder The Ignorant”. That’s not to say that we are in a superior place. We simply recognise that this material is very advanced knowledge and can be cathartic without the proper support and counsel. Or taken out of sequence could be extremely bewildering for someone not yet prepared for this journey.
  5. Please respect other’s privacy. This is a safe space in which to reveal and explore your vulnerability and your strengths, your gifts and your challenges. You are welcome to talk about your own discoveries and experiences with anyone you wish, but please don’t discuss anything that’s shared by others in this program outside of class. Again, be mindful that “The Wise Do Not Bewilder the Ignorant”.
  6. We are all co-creators of this program. Your engagement, skills, knowledge and wisdom will shape your own experience over the coming weeks. This program will stretch you, expand your potential, deepen your gifts to the world and explore ways in which you can bring your own sacred mission and purpose to shape the world you want to live in.

My deepest gratitude to all of you for your presence and commitment to your divine purpose. Your contribution will enrich the program; and it will enrich us all.


Facebook Groups

If you haven’t done so already, please request to join the Zen Academy FB Group:

Click here to go to the Zen Academy Private Facebook Group.

This is the core Zen Academy group where Tom interacts frequently to add insights and provide responses to your questions. This is also where you interact with your peers who are also travelling on this transformational journey with you.

Once you are in this group and if you haven’t done so, please introduce yourself…

  • Tell us about yourself. What’s going on in your life, in your business or in your career?
  • What brings you to this program at this time?
  • Specifically what’s working well for you right now?
  • What would you like to create next, reshape or change?
  • What do you deeply want from this program? Allow your longing and desire to emerge through the Stillness. Establish in Being…


The Nature of Transformational Programs

Anytime you begin a transformational program, you are extending an invitation to your unfolding future (self) to come and meet you. You are inviting those experiences and situations that will help you grow and embody more of yourself, more of your capacities.

You’re inviting Consciousness to help you create what you’re here to create and to do what you’re here to do.

Because this is a transformational program, your stuff will come up; it’s part of the process. It’s helpful to stay aware that that’s what’s going on; so if you find yourself feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or with all of your internal critics turned on at full volume, know that this is part of the process you have invoked. Those aspects of your inner self that need to be heard, healed, and ultimately transformed, will show up in response to your invitation.

You don’t have to tough this out or go through it alone unless that’s what feels best to you. Ask for help when you need it. You will get better at connecting and communicating with allies and sources of support. Through this program, you will also learn what is truly safe and how to feel safe so you can take the risks that will enable you to grow.

Remember, it’s easier to create and grow when you feel safe and supported. Get to know what you need in order to feel safe, to feel supported. And then ask for what you need, and let yourself receive it. Remind yourself as often as you need to, that you have begun a journey. And as with any journey, you can prepare for it by eating well, getting plenty of rest and sleep, and moving in ways that help you stay present in your body – whether that’s through yoga, tai chi, dance or curling up on the floor and napping.

Pay attention to your physiology, because as you undergo big inner shifts you will need time and space to process these changes. When you consciously invoke transformation in a particular area of your life, keep the rest of your life as stable and predictable as possible. This provides a strong, grounded structure of safety and support, within which you can journey with greater ease.

Keep a journal, to record your travels and explorations. Use the Private Facebook Group to post your discoveries, questions, insights, and reports. We have an incredible wealth of skills and knowledge, wisdom and courage and love in our group to support each other through this process.

Everything we’ll learn here will be experiential, a journey of discovery. I am not here to tell you what to do but to offer you some practical strategies to uncover what you already know at a deep level.

My intentions for this program are:

  • for you to re-member your purpose
  • for you to awaken your fullest potential
  • to equip you with the tools that will help you transform the beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you and
  • to help you establish a structure that will enable you to create all that you desire with grace and ease in the outer world.

In peace and kindness,





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