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urban retreat sydney


20th July 2019



10th August, 2019


Ubud, Bali

16th-20thth May, 2020

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Byron Bay

15th-21st November 2020

Join the The Stillness Project Team on one of their deeply nourishing retreats in Sydney, Byron BayBali, or a tailor made Corporate Retreat! These retreats are rejuvenating, rebalancing experiences that will upgrade your mind & body. On these retreats you will be meditating, doing yoga, getting massages, receive powerful transformational coaching, swimming, resting, eating organic healthy food all in an exotic stunning location!

Whether you are new to meditation and yoga or an experienced yogi, these retreats are for you. You will receive a tailored program to suit your needs and be guided through your retreat journey by Tom and his retreat co-ordinator and wellness coach, Fiorella Kis-Major. You will return home revitalised, refreshed and feeling full of bliss and love.

Check out what others have had to say about their experience on previous retreats:

“10/10! I have had some spectacular and spiritual experiences in my 43 years on this planet but so far none has initiated the lasting, life enhancing, goose bumping change and connections like the One Life Retreat in Bali led by the awesome and inspirational Tom Cronin” -LR
“10/10! This retreat was fantastic! Two beautiful souls facilitating a deeply personal experience of meditation and self-discovery, set in a gorgeous and tranquil space in the ‘land of the Gods’. Thank you Tom and Soelae for a truly memorable experience reflecting light and abundance. Namaste.” -DE
“10/10! The ONELife Retreat I attended was life-changing in the best possible way. Six days of bliss; full of learning, release and joy. I feel like both my mind and my body have been purified. Since coming home I am sleeping better, laughing more and worrying less. Attending a ONELife retreat was one of the best things I have ever done. Drop everything and dive in – and prepare to be amazed!” -GM
“9/10! I thought it was fantastic! I started feeling happier in my mind and my body, it was like weight had been lifted and I wasn’t so bogged down anymore. My thoughts were clearer and more positive, I had gained a better perspective on my life. I simply just feel good about myself.” -JM
“10/10! The retreat wasn’t like anything I have ever done. I came out feeling like I have made one of the most valuable investments of my life in myself and my future. Everything from the fearless leader Tom to the detoxing food, meditation practices, knowledge, beautiful people I met, staff, pampering, location and venue were beyond belief. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to improve your quality of life”. -KC
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