Path To Peace Book

Every day you are faced with change. Some of this change is effortless, like missing your train and having to adapt to the new situation. However sometimes we face the challenge of major change, like relationships separating, or changing jobs.

The Path to Peace will help you realize how to live a blisssfully effortless life, flowing through the constant change each day. You were born to experience the magnificence of you. Your life here on Earth is a celebration! What remarkable serendipity that you were born into this world. It’s time now to reclaim what belongs to you— a life of bliss, love, and light.

The Path To Peace is your guide to it.

Here is what you will recieve:

  • A guide to living effortlessly through the constant change of life
  • Understanding the forces of change, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva
  • Why pain can be helpful in our lives
  • How to listen to our inner guide
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