Yoga Nidra Body Meditation Offer

Yoga Nidra Body Meditation

This guided relaxation technique by Tom Cronin will take you into a deep restful space.

With Tom’s soothing voice you will go on a journey across your body, and with each point, softening deeper into relaxation. By the end of this meditation your body and mind will be totally relaxed and feeling blessed out.

Here is what you will receive:

  • 18 minute guided meditation from world meditation expert Tom Cronin
  • An all over body deep relaxation
  • Remove stress and tension
  • Feel energised and clear
  • and much, MUCH more…

“Hi Tom, thank you so much for your great teachings. I have become so calm and collected since beginning your guidance to still my mind.” Brodie

“I want to pass on my profound gratitude. I am enormously grateful.” Julie

“Dear Tom, I am enjoying the daily meditations. The meditations have been lovely. Thank you again and I look forward to continuing this journey with your guidance.” Diane

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