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Experience the deep calm of a large group meditation session.
These sessions will leave you feeling refreshed, balanced, and with a calm mind.You will be sitting on chairs so no need to bring anything, or change
your clothes. If you have never meditated before then this is totally fine,
as you will learn a free guided meditation.
If you have your own meditation practice then please come and share the space of
stillness with our group and experience the deep dive of group meditations.
They are open to everyone, from beginners
new to meditation as well as experienced meditators.
And it’s totally FREE!

Join the The Stillness Project Team on one of their deeply nourishing retreats in Byron Bay, Bali or your own private couples retreat for just you and your partner. These retreats are known as One Life Retreats and are rejuvenating, rebalancing experiences that will upgrade your mind & body. On these retreats you will be meditating, doing yoga, getting massages, receive powerful transformational coaching, swimming, resting, eating organic healthy food all in an exotic stunning location!
Whether you are new to meditation and yoga or an experienced yogi, these retreats are for you. You will receive a tailored program to suit your needs and be guided through your retreat journey by Tom and his retreat co-ordinator and Tantra Teacher, Soelae Riley. You will return home revitalised, refreshed and feeling full of bliss and love.

There are times in life where you could do with a shoulder to lean on, someone to talk to and someone who can listen and guide you without any judgement.

At times you may feel unsteady and lacking in inspiration, or simply have a question that you’re unable to ask any friend or family member.
Well, that’s where Tom comes in! Not only will these Q+A Club sessions lift you up and re-inspire you, but they will bring you right back on track to the awesome life you are here to live.


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