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Bring to light your inner Stillness with this incisive audio especially created to bring you to your point of Zen in no time. Loaded with power insights and intuitive recommendations cleverly packaged into a 12-minute presentation for a profound meditation experience, Zen 12 is one powerful meditation experience!

Do away with anxiety and panic in your everyday life. Take charge of your anxious inclinations and take your life back by effectively reining in the emotions that have been causing you so much trepidation. Say goodbye to panic and put an end to the apprehension that surrounds you as our friends at PanicAway have the key to living a calmer, more tranquil lifestyle.

Take your passion from idea to business reality with the help of the truly amazing Melissa Ambrosini and her MA Academy Business Bootcamp. Melissa will show you the same strategies that she uses so that you can use them to bring your passions alive in a profitable business. Create a master plan that will ultimately take you from where you are to where you want to be.

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