What’s Your Love Language?

PastedGraphic-2How do you show your love for people?

Do you like to verbalize it by writing poems, love notes or telling people you love them?

Or do you like to buy the people you love lots of gifts?

Perhaps you’re a touchy type of person and can’t help but hug people?

Everyone gives and receives love differently.

Welcome to the 5 Languages of Love!

Understanding these 5 languages of love is the key to flourishing relationships.

You may have been receiving a lot of love from someone like your mother, partner or friends and not even realize it. If the way you like to receive love isn’t the same as the way your partner or friend likes to give love, then you could feel you are missing out on something very special even though they have been showing you their love all along.

These 5 love languages are:

1. Words of affirmation

2. Sharing quality time

3. Giving gifts

4. Acts of Service

5. Personal touch

So for instance, a very close family member of mine is the most amazing lady! She is a great cook and when you go to her house for a meal she puts on a lavish spread and you eat… and eat… AND EAT! When you have finished she says: “Tom, why have you hardly touched your food, please, eat some more.” (Meanwhile I am bursting at the seams!!)

When she does this I used to think, “Can’t she see that I’ve already eaten three platefuls of food!” But now that I understand the languages of love, when she does this I know she is simply showing that she cares for me, but in her own way, i.e. through acts of service (cooking food all day).

My love language is an equal combination of words of affirmation and personal touch. So I like to tell people openly how I feel about them and express that with a hug or touch on the shoulder. Of course if your love language isn’t personal touch and maybe it’s acts of service, then this might be uncomfortable for you to receive love this way. See not everyone likes to receive love how you’d like to show it. It gets complicate right???

When you discover what your love language is, be open and honest with your close friends and partner and let them know. Then get your friends and partner to reveal what theirs is so they will be clearer about it too. You may have to tweak the way you have been sharing your love slightly to suit your partners preferred way of receiving it.

Of course you’re never going to deeply know everyone’s love language unless we all wore badges on our lapels stating this. (*Bookmark- business idea!) But it is helpful to share this with people close to you as it will improve your communcation and deepen your connection with them.

Yes, love is love, but as diverse, multi-layered humans, we express how we like to give love and receive love differently. What’s your love language? Please do google the love language survey and let me know how you like to give and receive love.

You’re amazing, I love you….*hugs* 🙂

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