How To Avoid Angry Confrontations

It’s very disturbing when someone gets angry with you isn’t it? Almost immediately you feel that charge in your body, your blood pressure increases, you feel the flush in your cheeks, your heart starts pumping and adrenalin is coursing through your veins. Your first reaction is aggression. You rise up to meet your challenger and you defend your ground and force back on them with equal if not greater intensity of anger.

Now we have a collision of angry energy that usually escalates as each party unconsciously is vying for supremacy in this angry battle. Before long the entire episode, that can take literally a few minutes, can not only change your day or week, but can severely damage the relationship for good.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a way to be a part of that exchange that doesn’t involve you dropping down into a negative angry space. And there are two really good reasons why it’s important that we do our best to hold our own space and not get influenced by other people’s energetic states.

Firstly, holding our own calm and compassionate space is much healthier for our body. When we change our emotional state into anger our whole body changes. We are moving into sympathetic nervous system state as your body is preparing for a battle. Your blood pressure increases, your breath rate changes, your heart starts beating faster, your blood sugar levels changes, your brain starts functioning from basic reptilian rear lobe, and your biochemistry changes as cortisol and adrenalin replace serotonin and oxytocin. Now our entire state of well-being and happiness has been removed and it could take the entire day to reclaim it back.

Secondly, when we merge our angry state with the person who is projecting their angry state onto us, we have removed any possibility of inspiring them to another alternative. There is no backing out now and what was one angry person is now two angry people. This can then have a multiplying effect as we share our new angry state with friends and family who can then also join in the angry movement. “Oh that just makes me so angry!” they may reply to your sharing of the situation. Now two becomes three and so on it goes like a nasty virus of mediocrity and negativity spreading across society. By not having autonomy and sustaining our calm non-reactive state we have removed any possibility of offering the angry person any other option. We missed the possibility of inspiring harmony and unity at a much healthier level. This is disempowering for you and not great for them.

So how do we avoid getting pulled into those situations? Well this is the challenging part that requires constant vigilance and awareness. The ego of course thrives in angry confrontation; this really enlivens the ego and gives it a sense of purpose. The ego is like woo hoo! I love this stuff! And then the ego hijacks your state. The key to preventing the ego from disempowering you is constant vigilance and awareness of what’s ego and what’s not. We need to differentiate between what is ego and what is our essential nature because if we try doing this by suppressing emotions, (a characteristic of ego) then that suppressed energy will seek a release in some shape or form at a later date.

Behind the noise of the ego is a silent witness, a quiet awareness that simply is. In Vedic teachings they call it AMness or Being. Connecting with that is done though the deep transcending meditation techniques that take the mind out of duality and into the silence, where there is no thought, form or phenomenon. Regular meditation will over time enable you to sustain the presence of this quiet awareness through even the most testing of times. Then when a situation arises, you will have your default state prevail and no ego hijacking you out of it into a reactive emotional state. From here compassion, kindness, rationale and calm will be able to prevail within you. This may help diffuse the situation quickly and offer some inspiration for your angry attacker as another alternative. If not, then the next best outcome is that instead of two angry people we only now have one.

A little disclaimer…this process takes time and practice. It’s not an overnight shift that takes place. Be easy on yourself if you find yourself getting swept away by emotional reactivity. And if in doubt, seek out some support and guidance through these situations that doesn’t involve dumping more anger onto your Mum, brother, colleague or best friend.

Oh and one more thing, sometimes we may need to respond in a firm forceful way. Certain situations might call for this. Doing this mindfully and resetting quickly back to calm after the incident will dramatically affect how you feel and it will wash you of the negative charge quickly.


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Addiction – Another Way To Heal

Addiction is a very challenging issue to overcome. For some people it can be a life time sentence. I understand this as I have an addictive personality and have experienced addiction in my lifetime also. There is another way that we can reduce the addiction grip on our life by using meditation, which I have seen the results of not just in my own life but the lives of many students also. Only recently I received a message from one of my students who said they had noticed a significant drop off in their gambling addiction. In this short video I share why this is the case and how meditation can help people who are struggling with addiction. You may know someone that this video could help, so feel free to pass it on to them.

If you haven’t begun your journey into meditation, you might like to try our 21 day meditation program called Faster Deeper Bliss. In this program you will receive daily guidance from meditation expert, Tom Cronin, every day for 21 days. Plus you will receive 35 support videos to answer all your questions and there a few bonuses in their also that will help take your life to the next level!
Some of our members said:
“I just want to mention that Faster Deeper Bliss most definitely changed (& still is changing!) my life, so thank you” Lisa R
“I just completed day four of my Faster Deeper Bliss meditation.  I felt as if I had an out of body experience. The peace, love and serenity just made me cry. I didn’t want that amazing feeling to end. I never meditated before, but this program seemed to be a perfect fit for me at this time in my life. Thank you so much.” Rhonda 

7 Tips To Realize Your Goals

Girl-SilhouetteWant to get clear on your life and know where you are going? In today’s article I’ll share 7 tips on how to map and create your destiny. It was inspired by this recent conversation with a friend.

It starts like this…

Typical Instagram post by me of one of my stunning sunsets in Sydney. A friend replies saying:
“You’re so lucky. I envy your life.”
I reply:
“ What life would you like if not the one you have right now?”
To which they said:
“That’s the problem, I don’t know.”

Admittedly I do have a life I am grateful for…yes it has many challenges but it also has many beachside days, healthy living, a purposeful career and lots of love in it. But this wasn’t just an accident that it unfolded this way. My life didn’t just accidentally ‘happen’ and NO it was not always this way. It is a constant process of assessment and strategy to create (insert the word ‘manifest’ if you wish) something like this. Yes it sounds very calculated and technical but if you look at most successful, healthy and happy people they generally have a system or series of steps they took to get there.

In Tim Ferris’ book Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers he says: “The most important trick to be happy is to realize that happiness is a choice that you make and a skill that you develop. You choose to be happy, and then you work at it. It’s just like building muscles.”

So I’ve had to work to get to where I am and I have to work to get to where I am going to be in the future. There’s no end point, simply a process. Like I said before, beyond the Instagram posts of cleanly sliced avocados, turmeric chai lattes and gorgeous sunrises over a beach somewhere, everyone, me included, will still face challenges and difficulty. Don’t let that glossy facade fool you. So today I felt compelled to share with you some of my systems and strategies that I use to continually enhance my life and also move through those challenging moments to get to the other side of the difficulty.

  1. Vision Board. I’m a visual person so I need to see the images of the life I’m intending to create. This doesn’t mean that you’re not present and grateful for the life you have, but simply acknowledge that life is a sequence, there is a future and that you want to be creative and have some input as to how that will look and feel.
  2. Gratitude Journal. Each night before I go to sleep I write in my journal, that I keep beside my bed, 10 things that I am grateful for that day. It could be someone I met that day, the sun, fresh water, my family, and the food that I ate. So many things! When we are grateful and acknowledge the abundance in our life, the Universe reciprocates and sends us more abundance.
  3. Assessing my goals daily. Each day I write down my goals, financial targets for my business and steps I need to take to achieve them. You can get very specific and the more specific the better.
  4. Physical Regime. Looking after my body is essential. Daily activity of some sort from yoga, swimming, surfing, weights or a gym session are all part of my success strategy.
  5. Meditation. Yes this is key. Expanding the mind and accessing that field of infinite creative intelligence helps me find solutions to problems and impulses of creative ideas for my business.
  6. Self-Assessment. Hey, I can be my worst critic at times. Its often we tend to beat ourselves up and this keeps us in those recurring patterns of limitation and self-sabotage. So checking in with yourself regularly and remind yourself you are here to do great things, you are worthy of a great life, you have so much to give humanity and it’s time to let go of that fragile little kid inside and step up!
  7. Accountability and support. Having someone to guide you and support you on that journey makes a huge difference! This person will be able to see things you might not yet be able to see. They will encourage you in times of doubt, and push you out of your comfort zone when you are getting a little too…well…comfy!

For some, success and a dynamic life requires commitment and structure. Sounds very formal for some, and if it works for you to just wing it and see how it flows, then do that. But if that hasn’t worked for you then perhaps some of these steps above might help. You might have some other suggestions which I’d love to hear about! Please share if you do.

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4 Tips On How To Let Go Of 2016 And Soar Into 2017

2017How was 2016 for you?

Was it a year that you could look back on with pleasure or pain? Do you look back on it with smiles or sadness?

I know for some of our Tribe it was a very difficult year, and for others they had a highly successful year. Well regardless of what year you had, in today’s article I’m going to share some tips with you on how to make 2017 a wonderfully successful year!

Whether 2016 was a tough year or not for you, one thing is sure, that 2016 is coming to an end. It’s past, finished, history. DONE! Now what lies ahead is 2017. You have a year ahead of incredible possibilities. You have 365 days to wake up and live a remarkable life. Before you is a blank canvas and you get to create the life you intend.

To do this though you will need to have strategy. You need to have a plan. If 2016 wasn’t such a good year and you continue doing the same thing over and over again in 2017 will anything change? Or will it continue to be the same recurring experiences for the next 12 months? Einstein said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So what can you do to create a successful, healthy and vibrant 2017?

Here are some tips:

1. Gratitude: Spend some time to list as many things as possible that you are grateful for in 2016. If you really go deep into this you will be amazed at how many things you can find to be grateful for. For instance, loved ones who supported you, a body that carried you around, the sun that gave you warmth, rain that quenched your thirst, trees that supplied you with oxygen, a job that provided you with wealth etc etc. As you write this list you will notice how your body changes the way it feels. It will be lighter and you will feel more abundant.When you feel more abundant, you will attract more abundance.
2. Re-write history: Look back on 2016 and see where your pain points were. Where were there times that really challenged you and caused pain? Let’s not be afraid to look at those moments and see how we can find growth out of that experience. This won’t be easy to do, and it might not be something you are ready to do, and that’s ok. But if you ARE ready and willing, find courage to delve into that experience and ask how has this helped me grow and live a better life in 2017? Has it helped me discover compassion? Has it helped me cultivate Self-love? Has it helped me connect deeper to those that support me? Has it inspired me to learn to meditate, read books or attend courses that broadened my awareness about life? Can you find something to elevate you from that experience?
3. Revamp your health: Our body is a complex system that is completely interwoven. It’s designed to have numerous parts all working together efficiently and effectively. It’s amazing that it will do this for 60, 70, 80….120 years and more! AMAZING! But it does need the right fuel and maintenance to keep functioning optimally. It’s really simple though. This piece of equipment needs non-toxic living foods like fruit, vegetables and cultured foods that are packed with minerals and nutrients. It needs plenty of clean non-toxic water, good fats and oils, and proteins and carbohydrates (paleo’s would disagree about the carbs and that’s ok). Your body also needs to move and have good blood flow, so regular exercise which will also enhance muscle development and improve bone density. To counteract this it also needs to be stretched and be supple. (Did someone mention yoga?) As you can see, health is simple. Of course the body is fallible and has limitations, so perfect health is an ideal. I do all of these things and still have rotator cuff issues and a meniscus tear in my knee! It’s ok though, accepting the body has limits and fallibility is part of this process but my intention is to FEEL amazing in my body.
4. Upgrade your software: No doubt you have a smartphone. Yes? 🙂 How often are you asked to update the software by the makers of the phone? Every month? Possibly more often than that? What will you do in 2017 to update your software? In #3 we discuss the hardware, your body, well let’s now look at the software. Is it running with an old outdated operating system? Updating your software is critical to updating your life. Old thought patterns of self-doubt, fear, poverty-mindsets, unworthiness and limitation manifest into your health, relationships, wealth and spirituality. There is a sanskrit phrase ‘Yadbhavam Tat Bhavati’ which means what we think we become. To create a magnificent life we need to upgrade our thoughts and get clear on the life we intend to create. To do this you will really have to stretch your mind beyond the boundaries of what it’s conditioned to think. This will require regular attention on a daily basis and a daily meditation practice. In transcending style meditations your mind goes beyond the limitations of thought and dips into a field of infinite possibility. When the mind stabilises in this vast field you will be amazed at the thoughts that bubble up in your mind!
So the question is are you going to drift aimlessly into 2017 and ‘hope’ everything turns out ok or are you going to leap right in with clear direction and intention to create a sublime year. You are truly worthy of a magnificent life and it starts with this belief first and foremost. Make 2017 your year of transformation, growth and inner-love.

Happy New Year!

Love Tom

PS. If you feel 2017 is your year to step up as a transformational leader then you might like to consider the Zen Academy For Transformational Leadership. This is a 12 month coaching program that will inspire and support you in fulfilling your life purpose. You will receive training on how to get clear on your goals, expand your consciousness, learn advanced Vedic practices and philosophy as well as the practical application of all this like how to write books, present talks, grow your social media and run a successful business as a transformational leader. If you feel this is for you fill in the application form below and make 2017 a massive year!

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This Buddhist Saying Changed My Life!

No doubt you are, or have been, through some difficult times in your life. Often when we pass through these times a common question is “Why me??” and we slip into a deep malaise and heaviness in life.

Well I can certainly relate. However when I came across a Buddhist saying all of that changed. I started to see my difficult times in a different light. I could see a  pattern forming where I would be in a difficult period of my life and I would seek more answers, I would go deeper with my meditation (in fact it was a difficult time that even lead me to meditation!), I would read more spiritual and self-help books, and I would seek guidance from teachers. Once I was able to recognise this pattern and see how it aligned to this Buddhist saying I related to those challenges very differently. Watch this video and I’ll explain it further…


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How To Create A Vision Board And A Magnificent Life!


vision-board-2014-crossfit-round-rockFor the past few weeks I’ve been re-assessing my Vision Board. I visit this regularly and check it is up to date and aligned with my vision for life.

What’s a vision board did I hear some of you ask?

Some of you will not only know of them, but actually use them. One friend of mine told me that she manifest everything on her vision board this year!

So a vision board is a large board with affirmations or images of things that you would like to manifest in your life in the year ahead. Each morning and night, as you rise and as you go to bed, you look at this board, feel the energy of the images or affirmations and then let it go.

How does it work? Well by looking at the image and feeling the energy of it, this leaves an imprint of it embedded into your body. By letting it go and not being attached to it dissolves the neediness and the “wanting” which would normally push the vision further away from you. What’s important here is to not ‘wish’ for the outcome, but to feel what it feels like for the outcome to have already happened.

The laws of attraction will simply do the rest. You’ll be quite amazed at how Nature, The Universe, or whatever you’d like to call it, effortlessly goes about creating circumstance that enables the manifestation of your visions.

It can be anything from where you’d like to be in your career, relationships, wealth, living environment, level of consciousness, amount of love or happiness you are feeling, or state of health.

Think of it like the captain of the ship knowing which port he is going to before he embarks upon his trip.

So how do you want life to pan out? Where do you see yourself in 12 months time? How would you like your life to change? Because it’s going to change, that’s one thing you can be assured. It’s a matter of how much do you want to play a role in it ?

This is how we become Creators of our lives. This is empowerment. To receive ongoing assistance with realising your visions, you might like to consider the Zen Academy For Transformational Leadership. This is a powerful 12 month program that has been changing lives all over the world!

“There are no words to express how blessed I feel to be a part of this amazing group. Thanks Tom”- SC
“Thank you sooooo much, very excited and inspired to get this journey really rolling!!!!”- ZT

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How To Build an Abundance Mentality

Abundance-1“Yadbhavam Tat Bhavati”

This beautiful sanskrit phrase means “What we think we become”.

What is Abundance?
Abundance is that feeling you get when you are totally happy. It’s a no-worries, go with the flow, happy-go-lucky state of being. You know you feel abundance when you are actually grateful for your life and everything you have. The remarkable thing is that abundance is a way of living; it’s not reflective of what you have or don’t have. Moreover, it doesn’t mean you won’t face problems. Rather, the abundance mentality is a way of thinking and behaving that makes every obstacle you face more than manageable.

When you develop this attitude, you actually start to create and attract the kind of life you want. It’s based on the universal law of attraction; that is, if you are constantly positive you’ll also attract positive people, events, and actions. The premise is simple but the results are astounding.

The Elusive Abundance Mentality
But let’s be honest, does anyone actually have an abundance mentality? Maybe some grinning Buddhist monks? It’s only reasonable to wonder whether or not it’s actually possible to feel a sense of abundance all the time. After all, we all face problems and life will never be perfect. In fact, sometimes it’s downright disheartening.

The truth is that your mentality plays a huge role in how successful you are at overcoming whatever gets you down. When it comes to addressing your problems, the way you see things really does affect the outcome.If you have an unshakable belief in your ability to overcome, and if you act as though you’ve been blessed with abundance no matter what, you’ll be more likely to attract a solution.

The Stillness Movement
So how can a person develop this beneficial mentality? You have to learn how to change the underlying frequency of your being. Both your level of consciousness and your physiological makeup are involved in this transition – and you’ll go from feeling unlucky to feeling prosperous. It`s a shift that is accomplished through Stillness. In the act of meditation you will change how you feel as you transcend beyond the idea of your problems. In this stillness there is no longer right or wrong, good or bad. In this balanced state your feeling level changes. This in turn changes what you attract. We expand on this in great detail in the Empowerment Series. Here we have three one hour audios on Attracting Abundance, Living A Life Of Purpose and Finding Love. You can find out more about the Empowerment Series by clicking here .


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A Real ‘Wake Up’ Call


Do you ever feel like you’re sleepwalking through life? The truth is that we’ve all been conditioned to think in certain ways and act in certain ways. As children we ask questions to try to understand but as adults we get used to taking things at face value, without wondering why. We should buy certain products, we should care what others think – essentially we should conform. Do you ever stop and wonder if these messages are helping you? Are they helping the planet? The short video has a powerful message:

Want to wake up? I have three free videos for you that will reveal how you can emerge from this slumber,  click here to watch them.


5 Top Tips in Manifesting Your Dreams


Vision boards, goal setting, manifesting mantras, mind movies and more, are becoming ever more popular, and for very good reason.

The possibility for change, great change, amazing change is born through positive thought manifesting. When you manifest in a positive way you shift away from thought patterns focused on ‘what you don’t want’ (thoughts that are no longer serving you). Instead you invite in ‘what you do want’ a shift that can bring real and noticeable change.

Of course, there is a level of commitment and growth involved when it comes to manifesting. What a world it would be if we could quickly jot down all the things we want in life and suddenly they came true! Our beliefs about life and about ourselves greatly impact our ability to manifest our hopes and dreams. For example if we choose to manifest a new job that fulfills us creatively and rewards us financially yet are holding onto a belief that ‘Well paid work is never enjoyable’ this kind of belief can counterbalance your manifestation work. A huge part to successfully manifesting is a true belief that things can and will change.

Many years ago I was taught by my meditation teacher to ‘follow the charm’ in life and just let it flow. I did just that and manifested my dreams and followed those charms, yet as time went by with my daily practice I discovered that following that ooze of charm kept taking me off track. I became distracted by my ego that was searching down other pathways for fulfillment that weren’t necessarily doing my Higher Self a favour.

I since then discovered that as well as observing my beliefs, some will power is also required to keep me aligned and on focus to manifest those dreams. This means resisting some of those niggling desires that pull you into the decisions that have negative karmic consequences.

Life seems to be speeding up, the pace of life is increasing, the information flow is beyond anything we have ever seen before and many people are trying to keep up with it all. If you find ‘staying on track’ with your manifestations challenging and you get pulled of course, you aren’t alone.

Revisiting your goals and your dreams can help to keep you on your chosen pathway. Your ego can distract you at times, so if this has happened to you, without judgment, simply go back to stillness and remind yourself where you were heading.

If you are new to manifesting, you don’t need to wait until next January to start. You can begin to manifest your future at any time.

Here are my top 5 tips:

1. Create a vision board and place it in your bedroom or desk at work. (Somewhere you will see it everyday).

On your board stick words and images that will represent what you’d like to create, i.e. your hopes and your dreams.

2. Write a list of 5-10 inspirational books that you would like to read.

I recommend Philosophers Notes where they condense some of the most inspiring books! Look at areas in your life you feel you could use some extra guidance and seek out knowledge in this area through reading.

3. Keep a manifesting journal or write a list of areas you wish to manifest great change.

A good friend of mine, Melissa Ambrosini suggests writing a letter to yourself today and then open it in December before the new year. Mel suggests starting the letter something like this:

Hi, Gorgeous,

WOW! Wasn’t this a kick ass year? Your book was published. It was an instant, massive hit, becoming a New York Times bestseller.

Then Melissa says…

Your letter can be one page long or ten. It really doesn’t matter. Get as specific and creative as you want. GO nuts! Dream big and do NOT hold back, beautiful. The idea is to paint a BIG picture of how you want 2014 to pan out.

4. Take some time to sit quietly, and be totally honest with yourself about where your pathway has lead you and where you had wanted to be at this time in life.

Observe if any unpleasant sensations come up? Use those feelings to inspire some change. Often we can do things we don’t like for long periods of time without really being honest with ourselves. You are worthy of living an amazing life. Step up and embrace the change to do something incredible!

5. Make a commitment to yourself to put aside time each day to nourish yourself in stillness.

Opening life up ‘to the possibility of change’ really speeds that change up. Can you feel it already? To help you through this create spaces in your day for stillness in meditation. Take time out to BE and to feel. If meditation and stillness is on your to-do-list, make a commitment to put this to action.

So it’s time to pause, re-assess, check in with yourself and ask if are you still aligned with your hopes and dreams. And if you haven’t moved towards them, it’s not too late. There’s plenty of time to set your visions and create something truly beautiful for yourself. Why? Because simply you can, and you’re worth it!

If you need assistance with this then come and join our monthly live global meditation sessions and training. here you will be uplifted and re-inspired each month to stay on track with those visions and all for less than around 2 cups of coffee a month! Find out more below or click here.

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Wise Words From Deepak Chopra On How To Meditate


So you’re constantly looking at your smartphone, you’re up all night on social media, you’re low on energy, you have a busy mind and you’re considering doing a meditation course to find more balance in life. You’ve heard a lot about meditation but you’re just not sure what it’s all about. The thought of sitting there without thinking sounds totally impossible to you!

Well let me debunk some myths you might have about meditation. There are many meditation techniques. Some are easier than others and it’s not all about sitting in lotus position with your eyes closed and no thoughts. Some meditation techniques you focus on the breath moving through the nostrils. Some you focus on your third eye, which is that space between the eyebrows. Some techniques you would focus on the heart centre. Some techniques you are guided by a voice that you listen to.

Then there are techniques where you use a sound or mantra. These sounds are used as a vehicle to still the mind. In Sanskrit the word mantra is where we derive 2 words in our English language. Man- mind and tra- truck. So mantras or stillness are mind-vehicles that lure the mind from the active thought state into deeper quieter states. The gentle repetition of this sound has a very calming effect on the mind. Some of these techniques are known as Transcendental Meditation, Primordial Sound Technique and Vedic Meditation.

In this clip, Deepak Chopra explains in great detail how to use a mantra to meditate. If you haven’t yet received your mantra for meditation, you can learn how to meditate using by clicking here or emailing me here about the next weekend workshop in Sydney.