Why Did This Student Feel Rage After Meditating?

When we think of meditation we think of calm, peace, and happiness. So why was it that this week I received an email from a student who felt a ‘rage’ after their meditation and wanted to punch their computer?!

How can something so relaxing make someone feel so angry?

How can the practice of sitting in a comfortable chair, closing your eyes, and quietening the mind with the repetition of a sound create a feeling in someones body that they wanted to punch a computer??

Well there is a very good explanation for this and it’s not only testament to the power of meditation, but also the key to you feeling light, happy, and calm. Find out not only why this occurred, but also how to release this anger safely so that you don’t destroy your computer or start a huge fight with someone.

This video is key to understanding your meditation practice, your body, and how to live life peacefully.

Click here to watch it:

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