How To Reverse Your Age Without Botox!

Girl in a grass (medium format image)Let’s face it, we are all keen to slow the ageing process down right? No one is going to a beauty salon and asking to have more wrinkles added to their face or their hair dyed grey are they?. It’s in our nature to preserve life. So what if there was a way to do this that didn’t require injecting something under your skin or or making a trip to Thailand to see a cheap plastic surgeon?

Well here’s some good news.

You actually have an anti-ageing enzyme in your body which is for a specific reason. It’s part of your self preservation design and very powerful at keeping you feeling and looking young, vibrant and healthy.

Let me introduce to you telomeres. These enzymes are little rippers, and if you can keep a decent supply of them in your system then you’ll not only save yourself a fortune at the beauty salon but also possibly increase your life span.

So how do you make sure you have a good supply of telomeres?

Recent studies have shown that meditation actually increases your telomeres count. Stay with me here because I will share with you in a minute how this was actually proven in my life when I had a biological age test done. But first back to telamorese and how meditation helps increase your supply of them.

The one thing that creates wear and tear on our body is stress. The impact of this fast-paced hectic life of ours is it leads to many distortions within our body from high blood pressure, cholesterol, irregular sleep patterns, blood sugar levels, anxiety and depression. But one thing rarely talked about is how it decreases our telamorese count.

It’s in the deep levels of rest achieved in meditation that we being restore balance and dissolve stress. Part of this restoration of balance is your body increasing it’s telomeres count. So to clarify it’s not that meditation increases your telomeres count it’s that it reduces stress in your body because of the deep rest achieved when your mind and body is still.

So let me share with you an example of how this was the case in my life. At the age of 29 I’d spent a good 10 years living a very wild and crazy life with very little sleep and lots of stress. Part of my employment policy as broker was they offered free life insurance for their staff and to qualify we had to have medicals. Part of that medical was to get a biological age test done. Now these tests will determine how old you’re body really is rather than your chronological age which is how many candles you put on your birthday cake each year. (You can get one of these tests done now at most naturopaths or doctors.)

So at 29 my test results were not good. I had a print out of 37 years old! At 29 I was 25% older biologically than I should be? Yikes! At the age of 42 after meditating twice a day for 13 yrs I had another test done. This time things had improved remarkably. At the chronological age of 42 I was now 34 years old biologically. Now that brought a smile to my face 🙂

So not only are studies proving that meditation will increase the anti-ageing enzyme telomeres but my own experience will validate it. If you want to have a shiny glow, feel vibrant, jump out of bed each day and look younger as you get older, then it’s simple…add meditation as part of your daily schedule.


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