My Body Gave Me A Message, And I Listened

How do you feel when you are tired?

How about when you are swamped with deadlines?

Or perhaps you are trying to do a million things all at once?

One of the key teachings in the Zen Academy for Transformational Leadership is the importance of maintaining a space of tranquility, compassion and love in everything that we do. Often leaders become so caught up in their mission, in the DOING, and the end goals, that they become fatigued, stressed and overwhelmed. When we slip into this state – fatigue, stress and overwhelm – we lose the foundation of what it is to be a transformational leader. We no longer embody the energy of that which we intend to inspire in others.

It was for this reason I headed west…away from the city, to be amongst nature, surrounded by trees, and still water and quiet. I could feel my body tiring, and I was swept along in the DOING of life, and although I have a daily practice that takes me into the stillness, every now and then I need a booster. Think of it like a stillness injection! So I headed to the amazing Billabong Retreat for a dose of Tom-Time.

Whilst there I made you a little clip 🙂


Love and peace



Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 11.12.39 am