10 Reason’s Why I No Longer Drink Alcohol

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Tonight I’m heading off to a bar to see a friend perform live on stage. Many years ago a night like this would entail getting drunk, staying up late, and waking up feeling like crap the next day. (Sound familiar?)

These days however, it’s a different story. These days, I choose not to drink alcohol.

At first, when I stopped drinking, admittedly it was socially challenging. I felt awkward when people asked me what I wanted to drink and I’d reply a water or that I was fine without anything. It felt like the entire bar would stop in silence and everyone would look at me like I had just grown another head on top of my shoulders!

Over time I became more comfortable with my non-drinking status and so to did my friends. Whenever I would arrive at a bar someone would invariably order a water for me without even asking. Now, it’s gone to the point where if I was to stand at a bar with an alcoholic drink in my hands, I’m sure my friends would again look at me as if I had just grown another head on top of my shoulders!

Choosing to not drink alcohol is not a strict rule of mine; rather it is simply a preference of one thing over the other. I used to love drinking alcohol however now I don’t. Is it right or wrong to drink alcohol? That’s not for me to say. I don’t have any judgment about it because I drank it for years and loved it. However I have another preference now. And here are 10 reasons why I prefer NOT to drink:

1. I can drive everywhere and don’t have to stand around waiting for cabs in the cold and rain

2. I wake up feeling fresh, invigorated and energised each morning

3. It saves me a fortune!

4. I drink water when I am out now so I rehydrate rather than dehydrate

5. Drinking alcohol blurs the clarity of my mind and senses after 20 years of meditating

6. Drinking alcohol reduces the bliss chemicals of serotonin and oxytocin in my body, making me feel flat and heavy

7. It affects my sleep patterns by a) keeping me out later than my 10pm bedtime mark and b) disrupts my deep sleep state

8. Alcoholic drinks usually have high sugar content, which can lead to diabetes and weight gain (1 pint of cider contains the same amount of sugar as what the W.H.O. considers the recommended daily intake of sugar!)

9. It reduces function of my frontal lobe of my brain, whereby I mainly operate from my rear reptilian brain

10. It has been proven to actually reduce the physical size of my brain (See image of child’s brain of an alcoholic mother) whereas meditation has been proven to increase the size of my brain.


So there you have it, 10 reasons why tonight when I am out I will choose to have a glass of water if I decide to drink anything at all. So if you’re heading out this weekend, you may want to weigh up the pros and cons of ‘getting wasted’ on alcohol. You’ll feel a whole lot better in the morning, your brain won’t have shrunk and neither will your wallet. Cheers!

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