We Have A Problem..But There’s Good News TOO!


After my recent travels of late, and meeting a diverse cross section of Australia’s population, it became more apparent to me than ever that we have a problem. A BIG PROBLEM!

In numerous conversations with people in the last 2 weeks, it was revealed to me the extent of how many people are relying on drugs for sleep, anxiety, depression, cholesterol and countless other imbalances. When I asked them what they were doing different other than taking the drugs to remove the imbalance they looked at me with rather bewilderedly.

It’s not their fault, just as I had once done the same. Why? Because I relied on the perspective of the ‘authorities’ that told me this was the best thing for me to do. These guys had done 6 years of medical school right? So they knew what they were talking about. Right?

You have high cholesterol…take a pill.
You have insomnia…take a pill.
You are anxious….take a pill.
You aren’t happy….take a pill.

I even met one woman whose 19 year old daughter was on three different medications for anxiety!

Then I started thinking, if I met this many people in the last 2 weeks that are like this, then how many more are like this across Australia, Canada, USA, UK, China and on and on? It dawned on me that we have a major problem that is perpetuated but the medical and pharma industry. The exciting thing about problems though is that there is always a solution. All that is needed is a little creativity.

I once suffered with many of these imbalances myself, and I discovered that the solution required adaptability. I had to change the model to change the results. I learnt that if I did the same thing over and over again, took a pill, and expected a long term sustainable change, that I was kidding myself. I had to make wholistic changes to my life to expect different results.

My major discovery was that I had simply become imbalanced in my lifestyle, and this resulted in an imbalanced biochemistry and body. When I rebalanced my lifestyle I rebalanced my biochemistry and body. It was simple. I see this time and time again with students of mine. Like Claire who was suffering post natal depression and anxiety for 2 years. Once she changed her lifestyle slightly, the post natal depression and anxiety went away.
She says:
“I am SO THRILLED with the difference it has made to me after suffering from post natal depression and anxiety for the past two years. I am finally enjoying life again.”

So what changes can we make to bring balance back to our mind and body? Here are some tips that could help you get back on to the road of a drug free life that is light, happy and calm:

1. Meditation. Yep this is the biggest and most effective change I’ve seen in my life and my students lives by far once they embrace twice daily meditation. If you aren’t meditating yet and would like to learn then click here.

2. Diet. Our brains are being starved of nutrition because we eat so much food that is devoid of nutrients and minerals. It doesn’t have to be fancy or have any labels to it like ‘paleo’’, ‘vegan’ or ‘raw’. I just keep my eating simple. Wherever possible I eat organic, free of dairy, processing, sugar, gluten, alcohol and caffeine.

3. Strengthening and stretching. Every day I’ll either stretch (yoga) or strengthen (gym workout). Admittedly a most yoga classes will combine both, however I do love my yin yoga which is more stretching.

4. Upgrade your software. Buddha once said “What you think you become.” If you have negative, fearful, angry, or sad thoughts, then this will transfer into your body. Read inspiring positive books, attend positive inspiring talks and workshops, be around positive inspiring people.

5. Be with nature. Every week I will take time out to spend time in nature. Either by the sea, in a forest or in a park. Even just lying on some grass and feeling the support of the Earth below me and looking at the sun and clouds above me creates a huge shift in how I feel.

This is a great foundation for bringing balance back into your life. It never ceases to amaze me how simple it is. But one thing I realized is, it’s requires a holistic approach. If someone tells you they have a magic bullet, the solution to your problem, (and admittedly, many doctors currently believe their little pills are it), then do a little more research. Because we don’t want you ending up like the lady I met last week who was taking sleeping tablets for the last 8 years as prescribed by her doctor!

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