Breaking News! New Cold And Flu Cure!

“Breaking news just at hand, it has been reported that Tom Cronin has recently experienced cold and flu like symptoms. At first this was thought to be merely rumors however it has since been verified that yes, he did have a flu.”

This may not seem such big news to many, as surely it’s quite normal for people to get a flu once a year or more, however being a representative of all things healthy and natural and not having a cold or flu for over three years now it is big news for me. So how have I prevented having colds and flu for so long and why did I get it this time?

Balance and Imbalance.
Health is a state of balance and I have to tell you that the last few weeks I was wayyyy outta balance! A combination of lots of flying, limited sleep, poor diet, lack of routine, compromised meditation routine and 2 rock concerts in 5 days (but insanely awesome concerts!) and you have a seesaw that is heavily weighted on one side.

It doesn’t sound like much but this is the nature of this fragile eco system called OUR BODY. It’s a very complex biological system that requires the utmost care and respect for it to operate at the highest level. When this level of care is maintained, the body will function with vitality, zest, youthfulness and strength. However if that level of care and attention isn’t taken, then imbalances will be present and finally, symptoms of the imbalance will manifest.

Sickness and disease is the last of 5 stages of an imbalance being present in the body.
Interestingly western medicine is only interested in treated the final stage of the imbalance which is the symptom, not the cause.

So to rebalance and repair naturally and quickly the steps I took were:

  • Early to bed each night.
  • Drinking lots of warm lemon water
  • Warm baths
  • Increased supplements of vit b + c, acai powder, astragalus, olive leaf extract, Echinacea
  • 2 green smoothies a day
  • 2 full days of rest at the beach and in the National Park among nature
  • Increased my meditations from 2 to 3 day
  • Extra kefir and probiotics
  • Cut out exercise for a couple of days to let the body heal

A few days later and I’m fully realigned and ready for action (this time with a little more balance to it!) No doctors, no Codral, no pseudoephedrine, no antibiotics…simply the bodies healing code and few natural assistants. .It’s really simple. Your body will heal, and recover very quickly. When I say quickly, I mean within a few days, instead of weeks. All it needs is some balance restored through rest, lots of fluids, healthy food and a positive mindset.

I’m always searching for other alternative methods to healing during times of colds and flu. Do you have any other suggestions that you could share with us?

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