Tips on How to Boost Your Creativity


Have you ever told yourself that you’re just not a creative person? Have you experienced mental blocks, or periods where you just didn’t feel creative? If you’re wondering how to boost creativity, the following tips can help you.

1. Change your definition of creativity.
Creativity is the process that leads to the development of something totally new. That thing could be a novel, a work of art, an idea, an invention – it could be almost anything really! There are no limits on where and how you can exercise your creativity. Boosting creativity also requires that you change up your process from time to time. For instance, if you’re trying to think of an innovative solution to a business problem, spending time reading about mathematical theory or going to an art gallery might help your cause. Although these things may seem unrelated, you never know where you’ll take inspiration from.

2. Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm.
No idea is a bad idea! If you’re trying to approach something creatively, try a brainstorming exercise where you write down anything and everything that comes to your mind. You’ll find that when you turn off your mind’s natural filter, you open yourself up to new possibilities and out-of-the-box thinking. You might see some of the items on your list as impossible, but being creative means not being afraid to take risks.

3. Open and clear your mind.
Meditation and creativity go hand in hand. By making your mind Still through meditation, you give yourself the opportunity to move beyond your normal boundaries. Filtering your thoughts allows you to put an end to limiting thought patterns and open yourself up to pure creativity. When you practise meditation on a regular basis you sharpen your mind by learning how to focus your thoughts on one thing. You eliminate distractions and you open yourself up to receiving inspiration from different sources.

4. Fight negativity.
Studies have shown that a positive mood can help you think more creatively. Finding innovation solutions to your problems and coming up with new ideas requires a certain amount of optimism. If you want to increase your creativity, you should try to eliminate negative self-talk, criticism, or defeating thoughts. Surrounding yourself with positive people is also a good idea. Smiles are contagious, and you’ll feel more ready to tackle problems and projects when you have a positive outlook on the future.

5. Don’t be afraid to take risks.
Being creative is about doing things that have never been done before. It’s about pioneering a new way or seeing things in a new light. And whenever you break off on your own, it takes a lot of trust in yourself and an ability to take risks in order to see your dreams fulfilled. Risks are a by-product of creativity – people who are creative are used to forging forward on their own and standing tall in the face of adversity, obstacles, or struggles. If innovation was easy, everyone would be doing it.

6. Immerse yourself.
Surrounding yourself with books, art, music or other examples of creative thinking is a great way to “soak up” creativity. You can also try to surround yourself with creative people, and attend workshops, lectures, festivals, and fairs to help yourself step into a creative frame of mind. Sharing your ideas and looking for feedback from other creative people is also a great way to refine your ideas. Remember that seeing other creative things and hearing other creative people isn’t going to take away from your potential to be creative.

7. Access the universal creative potential!
When you use Stillness to quiet your mind, you give yourself the power to dip into a source of universal creative potential. We all have the power to access this source, but not all of us make use of it. When you practice quieting your mind and forcing yourself to be Still, you open yourself up to the truly limitless creative power within the universe. You don’t need to learn how to boost your creativity because it comes naturally. To find out more about how to learn to meditate, please enjoy these three free videos from Founder of The Stillness Project by clicking below:




Discover The Answer To All Your Problems…

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 7.32.34 pm

Recently at my Monday Night Meditation session in Sydney, we had a huge crowd that was spilling out the door. I’m currently seeing a big shift towards the need for meditation as everyone’s lives become busier and busier. This is very apparent by the crowds that are turning up each week to feel some stillness.

I sat down to start the evening’s talk, the crowd settled into quietness and said “We don’t really have any problems….”

….silence……I could feel jaws dropping. Some people were squirming, and others looked aghast.

I finished the sentence “…what we have is a lack of creativity.”

As many of you may know my life was pretty crazy and messed up many years ago. Let’s just say it wasn’t as extreme as Jordan Belfort’s life in The Wolf of Wall Street, but it wasn’t too far off it for a while! Things turned pretty bad and yes, I was facing some serious problems. But going about doing the same thing day after day and expecting a different result is Einstein’s definition of insanity, and that’s what I was doing.

The problem arose because I lacked any level of creativity. There was a static mindset that had me doing the same thing over and over again not finding a solution. It wasn’t until I embraced some creativity that led to a different outcome. Things changed and the problem went away. Yes, the problem simply dissolved.

For every problem there is a creative solution. Some problems can be physical, like how to fix a leaky roof, how to get out of a crappy job or fix the printer when it’s jammed. But some problems are much bigger. I was very moved by the inspiring story of Yale Alumni Jim Maclaren. He was one of Yale’s star students that excelled at nearly everything. He was highly respected in the drama class and was in the Yale football and lacrosse teams. Then one evening he was hit by a car and lost his leg. Problem! This didn’t stop his amazing achievements though; he found a creative solution and embraced life. He went on to win the world record for the fastest Boston Marathon with one leg. Then while competing in a triathlon he was hit by a support van and became a quadriplegic.


He spent 2 years in a cocaine-addicted spiral into darkness. Up until this moment his life had been defined by his successes and accomplishments. But now, everything changed. He was left with seemingly nothing. In his darkness Jim did a lot of introspection and deep meditation. He was drawn to Buddhism and searched for the meaning to life. He realized one day that the path he was on wasn’t going to kill him but rather lead him down a path of misery and destitution. Another option was to “embrace life”. He says: “as long as we accept what happens and move forward, we are always going to be okay.” He looked for creative solutions to what was a massive problem. Today he has no regrets. He sees these experiences as opportunities to grow, learn and evolve. Today he has a mission to “utilize all my abilities to spread love and compassion throughout the universe”.

For every problem there is a creative solution. The challenge is how to get beyond our limited mind and access that creativity. When we are stressed we use a very limited portion of our brain. The brain operates from survival mode and is very limited in its creative capacity. This changes dramatically when we meditate. Meditation opens up the brain and in transcendence you access an infinite field of creative potential.

Jim Maclaren wisely said that humans should try to avoid the temptation to negate themselves. You have access to infinite creative potential in a boundaryless realm found in transcendence in meditation. As Oprah Winfrey says, “From that space will you create your best work, and life.”

Whatever your present problem is, sit in meditation, let you mind dip into that vast creative field and then from that space, let your intelligent impulses guide you through the problem to find a solution. It might be a physical solution, or it might require a tweaking of your consciousness regarding the problem. Each seeming problem is a wonderful opportunity to evolve and express your inner creative potential.

If you’d like to learn how to meditate then explore my 21 Steps To Faster Deeper Bliss. It’s changing lives all over the world! People like Terri said:  “I am just thrilled with your program and it’s changed my life. I have to tell others. You truly are an inspiration and I thank you.”

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“I am just thrilled with your program and it’s changed my life. I have to tell others. You truly are an inspiration and I thank you.”
Terri M
“Hi Tom, thank you so much for your great teachings. I have become so calm and collected since beginning your guidance to still my mind:) My wife has also been doing this with me and as a couple we see the difference in each other. Thank you so much Tom. My wife and I will be forever grateful for what this has begun for us.” 
 Brodie G

“Thank you for the energy and effort you put into this program. I’ve definitely noticed improvements in my creativity, sense of calm, and my ability to step back to observe a situation., rather than react impulsively. Congratulations on a great program, and again, thank you.” Christie 


“Tom Cronin! I just finished the Stillness Project course. I’m IN LOVE! I’ve tried meditation several times and gave up on it EVERY time. Each day, I CAN’T wait for my next meditation. THANK YOU for taking the mystery out of meditation.” – Leslie E. 

The One Question To Ask Yourself Each Day

Simon Sinek Sinek TED TEDtalk awareness inspirationNO! Not that ‘why’!

The ‘WHY of life’ is a whole new blog and conversation for another time.

This WHY is the why do you go to work? WHY does your business operate? WHY write, create, build, sell, and do the things you do?

Why do you get out of bed each morning?

Most people and businesses look at the WHAT and the HOW, but how often do they ask themselves WHY?

Simon Sinek calls the WHY of business the “golden circle” that is at the centre of the HOW and the WHAT.

The WHY is what motivates you, what drives you; it’s your mission, your inspiration, your life purpose. Your business and your drive will take on a whole new momentum when you place the WHY in the centre of your focus.

Sinek explains a whole lot more about this and how Apple and the Wright Brothers were both so successful in his inspiring TED talk because they focused on the WHY.

I highly recommend putting aside 18 minutes in your day to watch this amazing TED talk, and then share with us what your WHY is down below.

Being aware of your WHY is a big part of our attention in the Zen Academy For transformational Leadership. This is a 12 month coaching program that is to give birth to your inner leader. Like an acorn has a giant oak tree in it so to do you have a great leader within you. the Zen Academy will help you find that leader and nurturing it into REALITY. Find out more by clicking below.

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