The Last Thing You’d Think Would Help With Weight Loss

If you’ve tried various diets, personal trainers and detoxes trying to lose weight and just don’t seem to have any success, then you might just find the answer here in this video. This is possibly the last thing most people would think of when it comes to weight loss, and understandably so.  When it comes to weight loss most people think of reduction in food, hard physical exercise and detoxes.

In today’s clip I will share with you how STILLNESS could be the answer to weight loss.

Sounds bizarre I know. How can sitting around seemingly doing nothing help you lose weight? Well as Mr Han says to young Dre in the Karate Kid movie: “There is a big difference to stillness and doing nothing.”

Find out more in this clip and if you’ve had any success using meditation to help reduce weight, please share this with us below.

We’d love to be inspired by you.

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Again, thank you so much for the gift and the love.” -Sarah


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